What must I Know Before applying for a Single Status Affidavit?

What is a single status affidavit in simple terms?

A single Status affidavit is a legalization of document that tells the foreign country about the bachelorhood of a person. When a person wants to get married in a foreign country. Then the country demands a single status affidavit to know the marital or single status of a person. 

The single status apostille is a legal proof that clarifies the status of a person. The affidavit of marriage certificate was issued at a place where a person is born or residing. The documents also tell if the person is widowed, divorced, or single. There are several authorities involved in the attestation process. 

What are the other names for single-status affidavits?

A single status affidavit is needed in the foreign country to prevent any kind of illegal marriage abroad. The other popular names of a single status affidavit are:

  • Unmarried Certificate
  • Certificate of Freedom to Marry
  • Certificate of No Impediment for Marriage
  • Marriageability Affidavit

What documents are needed to get a Single Status affidavit in India?

There are many documents that a person needs for a single Status affidavit.

  • Singlehood/Bachelorhood Affidavit (Original) to know the status of the applicant.
  • Passport copy (only front and back page of the passport). 
  • Aadhar card photocopy (needed as address proof)
  • A birth certificate or a school certificate of the applicant is required as proof of birth.
  • A letter from parents. The letter tells that the applicant is single. Moreover, a photocopy of the Aadhar card is attached along with the letter.
  • A death certificate (Original) of the partner is needed. In case the applicant is widowed.
  • A divorce certificate (Original) is required. This is for the applicant who is a divorcee.
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Details that are present in a single status affidavit

  1. Certificate No: A unique number is added
  2. Certificate issued Date: 00/00/0000 date and time are added
  3. Account Reference: ALPHA CODE
  4. Unique Doc. Reference: ALPHANUMERIC
  5. Purchased by: NAME
  6. Description of Document: ARTICLE 4 AFFIDAVIT
  7. Description: AFFIDAVIT
  8. Consideration Price (Rs.): ZERO
  9. First Party: NAME OF PERSON
  10. Second Party: N/A
  11. Stamp Duty Paid By: NAME OF PERSON
  12. Stamp Duty Amount (Rs.): AMOUNT

The time that is taken to get the Single Status certificate India Apostille

The single status certificate attestation is a long process. There are several steps that a person needs to perform to get an apostille certification. Generally, it takes near about 7-10 days to get the apostille stamp. The time is the same for both personal documents and educational documents. 

However, the time may increase in case of any uncertainty. Moreover, the time may extend if there is a heavy rush of applications. An apostille service provider can tell the exact time for the attestation of documents. 

The cost that a person has to pay for attestation of a marriage certificate

To get the attestation of a single certificate a person has to pay certain costs. The cost depends on multiple factors such as if the documents are more in number, then a person has to pay more charges. 

Moreover, some charges need to pay at specific levels so the amount also depends on that. Additionally, every apostille service provider takes different charges. So, to know the accurate amount contact a reliable person who can safely attest to your documents in less time. 

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What is the procedure that a person has to follow to get a Single Status Certificate in India Apostille?

There are some simple steps that are important to follow to get a Single Status Certificate in India Apostille. 

  • Notary Attestation: Firstly, the document that a person wants to attest to is shown to the notary. The document tells that the person whose name is mentioned is single on this particular date and time. All the documents are verified by the notary. After complete verification, the notary attests the document. Further, the document is sent to SDM or State authority. 
  • SDM/State Attestation: There are two options for attestation of a single certificate in this stage. The documents are either sent for state attestation or SDM attestation. Select the option that is suitable for you. The working of both the authorities is exactly the same. 

The time that is taken for SDM attestation is around 7-10 days. However, state attestation takes more time. This might be due to a large number of applications received. The time taken for attestation at the state level is approximately 3-4 weeks. It is better to choose SDM attestation. Although if the country has made it compulsory. Then a person has to choose state attestation only. 

  • Ministry of External Affairs: The major and supporting documents are presented to the Ministry of External Affairs. The MEA checks all the documents carefully. While taking care of all the details the documents are examined. Once the MEA founds all the documents accurate. 

The documents are ready for MEA attestation. This is the final step for all the countries that are a member of the Hague Nations. Moreover, in the case of the Hague convention abolishing this is not the last step. Embassy attestation is required for that.

  • Embassy Attestation: This is the final step for all the person who does not want to show documents in any of the member countries. The single status affidavit is handed over to the embassy along with other documents. The embassy fees are also sent for certificate attestation. After the documents are checked, a stamp and seal are placed. Now documents are ready as foreign public documents. These can be shown anywhere abroad now. 
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A single status certificate is included in which category?

There are generally three categories. All the documents are classified in one of these categories. Let’s have a look:

  • Personal Documents
  • Commercial Documents
  • Educational Documents

The single status certificate is included in personal documents. 

What are the steps involved in the Ministry of External Attestation?

There are 4 steps that a person needs to adopt for the MEA attestation.

  • Collection of documents
  • Deciding the apostille service
  • Registration
  • Submission of documents
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