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What should be the daily timetable of Class 1 students?

Every student must have a healthy daily routine. This helps them stay active and achieve academic goals and targets easily. The daily routine will also help students to study at a particular time which will help them complete their syllabus on time. Most of the students don’t make their routine which later hampers their studies and makes them study late at the time. Late-night studying should never be an option; for class 1 students, it can be very unhealthy. Online tuition for class 1 teaches students how to make their routine. A proper routine will help students follow a repetitive cycle which will help them to avoid distraction.

Here are the five perfect routines for school-going students.

Wake up early in the morning

Ask your child to wake up early in the morning by setting the alarm. 5 am is the best waking time for the students. It can help children plan their entire day in advance. Many parents help their kids with this. Moreover, the sunlight in the early morning can give your kid many vitamins. There are many benefits to waking up early. Let us look at it.

  • Children won’t feel sleepy or tired during their morning classes or lectures.
  • It will gradually help increase the focus and concentration level.
  • It will also help them boost their health and fitness.
  • It can give them some extra hours to work on their daily life.
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Exercise daily in the morning

Ask your kid to exercise after they wake up from their bed. They will feel more energised as a result. It will be even better if you also participate in their physical activity. Additionally, you can go for a walk, do jogging, or do yoga. Become your kid’s ideal by teaching them how to live a healthy life. Moreover, yoga can be the best option as it will help your kid to silence their chaotic mind.

  • Daily morning exercise can help your kid to stay active throughout the day.
  • Doing yoga will help your kid be productive. It will help them keep their mind at peace.
  • It will help them fasten their metabolism and improve their digestive system.
  • The sleep cycle and eating habits will also improve with the help of daily exercise.
  • Daily exercise will also help students to improve their overall temperament.

Revise chapters before going to school

It’s crucial to integrate active learning into children’s daily lives. They should go through the lessons they learned the previous day and the lessons taught in school. Their daily revision will help them retain the best memory throughout their life. This step of the daily routine will help your child understand the lessons easily. Moreover, revising chapters will help them become more active in their class. Let us look into the benefits.

  • The daily revision will help kids easily resolve their doubts.
  • It will help them grasp complex concepts easily in the classroom.
  • o Students will be able to accomplish their academic objectives and significantly raise their academic performance.

Have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner

You have a duty as a parent to give your child a healthy food. This is crucial since it will improve their general health. Maintaining their daily eating habit will improve their health which will help them continue their day without feeling sick. Teach your kids to avoid fast foods because it will make them sick. Instead of giving them packet juice, buy fresh fruits and give them to your kids. The advantages of providing youngsters with healthy diet are described below.

  • This habit will change your kid’s immunity system and develop their brain.
  • They will have an active lifestyle and reduce lethargy.
  • This habit will protect them from many unwanted viruses.
  • There will be no health issues in your kids’ health.

Study maths multiplication tables every day

Studying multiplication tables every day can help your kid to retain the table easily and faster than others. Parents should help their kids in remembering tables. Moreover, they can recall tables with their kid as a game. Learning tables from 1-10 can help kids develop their foundation of maths. It will be better for your kid if they learn multiplication tables till 20. This will help them put out a good maths performance in class. There are many benefits to this exercise. Some of them are:

  • It will improve the accuracy of solving math problems.
  • Daily table practice can help your kid to retain the table easily.
  • Your kid will be able to calculate math quickly and easily.

Parents can also enrol their kids in online tuition classes where they will get excellent guidance from the world’s top tutors. The tutors will help your kid fix their daily routine and develop their personality. Get in contact with any online tutor and get guidance for your kids.

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