What Should I Gift To Someone Who Comes Back From Umrah?

What Should I Gift To Someone Who Comes Back From Umrah?

What Should I Gift To Someone Who Comes Back From Umrah

The chances of Umrah and Hajj are blessings of Allah. Allah only invites those who are His beloved ones. Sometimes He gives this opportunity to those who have no money, and sometimes millionaires cannot gain this chance. So it only depends on your deeds and acts. We visit those relatives who offer Umrah and request them to pray for us. It is our tradition to bring gifts for these people. Some people cannot decide what gifts are beneficial for them. This article will help you in this regard.

1. Cake

Sweets are the best option to give Muabark to someone after Umrah. You can carry a cake when you visit someone after Umrah. The cake will show your affection for them, and they will pray more for you.

2. Bouquet

People consider flowers as Umrah gifts. They are the best choice to celebrate someone’s happiness. Furthermore, flowers are the best source to freshen a person’s mind after a hectic flight. Flowers broaden the love line between two persons.

3. Sweets

Sweets are in tradition, and Pakistanis have been using them to celebrate special events for a long time. Relatives carry beautiful boxes of sweets when they visit someone who offered Umrah recently.

4. Prayer Mat

People after Umrah try to offer five prayers a day. A beautiful gift of a Prayer mat will amuse your friends and relatives. They will offer five times prayer and remember you in their precious prayers. 

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5. The Picture of a Verse

For their beautiful homes, you can buy a portrait of verses. It will enhance the positive factors in their homes and protect their homes from negative energies. Chocolates

6. Sweets

You can replace sweets with chocolates. It is a new trend and most people love chocolates. Chocolates would be the perfect gift to give as an Umrah gift.

7. Customized Box

If you want something different for those who have done Umrah recently, you can carry some customized gifts. A customized box can contain a prayer mat, a counter, an Itter, and some sweets.


You can also buy bedsheets as an Umrah gift. It will help your relatives to make their rooms neat with beautiful bedsheets. Likewise, there would be more need for a nice bedsheet because all relatives visit those who fulfill the Sunnah of Umrah.

Amuse Your Friends and Relative by Sending Them Umrah Gifts

If you cannot visit your relatives after their Umrah because you live in another country, you can send them gifts through TCS Sentiments Express. They have a variety of Umrah gifts you can order for your dear ones.

  • Cakes
  • Sweets
  • Prayer mat
  • Tasbeeh
  • Soan halwa
  • Flowers

Sentiments Express gives delivery services in different countries, including Pakistan, Uk, China, Australia, and Denmark. You do not need to worry because they promise their customer to deliver fresh and quality products. You can transfer money via Jazz Cash, Master Card, or Visa Card. You can apply for their return policies in case of any damaged products.

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