What Type Of Clothes Do Pakistanis Wear?

What Type Of Clothes Do Pakistanis Wear?

The culture of Pakistan is rich in traditions and represents the history of the subcontinent. The people of Pakistan and the Pakistani society are unique in their way of ethics, ideas and life. Pakistani clothes reflect the culture of Pakistan and the culture of all the provinces and areas of Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, KPK, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir. 

The clothing culture of Pakistan is enriched by different influences of hundreds of years of old heritage. Clothing can be called the identity of a nation. The dress code in each culture reflects the climate, specific style and lifestyle that gives it a unique identity in all cultures. Here are the types of clothes Pakistanis wear!

Shalwar kameez

Shalwar Kameez is one of the most commonly worn traditional Pakistani clothing that is popular throughout the subcontinent. Based on the areas it is worn, the kameez also comes in different styles. A kameez and a shalwar are part of the outfit. If you explore clothing from Pakistan, you will find out that Pakistani women often wear a scarf with it. The legs of salwar are broad at the top and thin at the ankle. The kameez is also a long shirt or tunic with a western style collar for men and different versions for women. For fashion or comfort, the native Pakistanis wear a kameez with the pajama. 


When considering traditional Pakistani men’s clothing, sherwani is an essential. We are all familiar with the wedding customs in pakistan. Any wedding is incomplete without the groom wearing a sherwani. Even the guests of the groom join in on that, wearing embroidered sherwani for a traditional appearance. To get a rigid form, sherwani is fashioned of somewhat heavier fabric. It looks like a long shirt with a unique collar. Sherwani, for instance, is one of the different types of traditional Pakistani attire with only a single pocket. The bottoms of sherwani are tighter pants, and a few individuals like wearing them with a shalwar.

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Pakistan often experiences scorching temperatures for the entire year. But, most parts of Pakistan are quite chilly. Pashmina is a fantastic fabric that is produced traditionally in Kashmir. It is sold and purchased throughout the country. Everyone tends to adore Pashmina since it keeps them warm throughout the freezing months of winter. Pashmina is made in Pakistan but is sold in Europe as well. Because of its high worth, it is also great in demand in several regions of the world. It is preferred by many royal families and popular people across the globe.

Balochi Dress

Balochistan is one of the provinces that make up the country. It is also a diverse country as far as culture is concerned, with a great range of clothing and food. Balochi needlework is known all over the country, and perhaps many buy these traditional clothing. Exquisite thread work and mirror work are used in embroidery as well. So, these are some of the types of clothing that Pakistanis wear.

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