What type of web hosting do I need?

When you decide to put your website or application online, it will drown you under the different formulas of web hosting, VPS, cloud, dedicated,… We talk to you about space, bandwidth, forwarder, or even info management. All these formulas have different high prices and sometimes require a significant level of personal investment (in time). You will then have to make a choice. This will be beneficial for future developments if sized correctly.

In this article, we will help you lay out your needs and guide you in what you are looking for: The best solution for your project!

Shared Hosting

Traditionally, when we talk about Web Hosting in Lahore, we talk about shared or even shared hosting. It is the cheapest and easiest formula to use.

The host sets up a machine on which he places many clients. So everyone shares the same processor, memory, and web server. Each of the client sites on the device then enters into competition.

Each time a page is seen on your site, with each image displayed, your host’s server is requested. Therefore, a significant amount of resources are required when you have a slightly more complex site or application, such as WordPress.

Stay calm because your host servers are not simple office machines. On the contrary, these robust and powerful professional servers are cut out for this heavy task. Therefore, it is up to your host to be responsible and place only a few sites on a machine to guarantee your site’s performance. Performance is the first argument between a low-cost host and a quality host.

Another problem comes from shared hosting: each client shares the same server, often using the same IP. When a client does not behave correctly (site hacking, bots, content), it can be banned and have repercussions on the sites on the same machine. Loss of performance, security problems, or even access to data by third parties. It is then the host’s responsibility to ensure the sites’ legitimacy and to put in place containment solutions between the different accommodations.

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 A good host puts the security of the hosted sites as the number 1 priority.

The most significant advantage of this solution is its ease. Indeed, you have to order hosting with a domain, and your site will be online within 5 minutes. In addition, you have simple tools to place your data or install your WordPress CMS in 1 click. Plus, you don’t have to worry about server updates or security. A set of tools to make your website work is already in place. In short, no technical skills are required.


·        Ease of installation and use

· The price varies from

· 3.95 € HT/month for our Community hosting, showcase site, and CMS with little traffic ;

· 6.45 € HT/month for our Professional formula, showcase site, CMS with average traffic in professional use and advanced messaging;

· at 17.95 € excl. VAT/month for your high-traffic e-commerce site requiring high performance;

which is inexpensive compared to the services included.

The disadvantages

·        Performance compared to other types of web hosting;

· The machine settings are not accessible, so installing other services or modules is impossible. Reference should be made to the standard configurations offered;

·        Security: your site can be attacked by other hosted sites or by the bad reputation of your neighbors.


·        Sites with low to medium traffic: < 4000 visitors per day;

· Site with standard technology: PHP;

·        Showcase site (a few pages) up to a flourishing e-commerce site;

· A non-technical webmaster: no need to manage a server;

Unlimited or Reseller shared hosting.

This hosting is identical to classic shared hosting, except that you can create as many hosting accounts as you wish. You are then billed as you use the resources. Since you pay for the help you consume, Tinycluster guarantees them.

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You can therefore host sites a little larger than those offered in classic shared hosting, and you can place as many sites as you wish with the ease of management from a single interface.


·        Entrepreneurs with several web projects who can have a heavy load at any time;

· Small web agencies wanting to rationalize their hosting: having all their customers in the same place with a single contact for support greatly facilitates the management of the site portfolio;

· Developers wanting Web Hosting in Karachi with a lot of autonomy;

Dedicated servers

Renting a dedicated server gives you access to a machine entirely reserved for you. This solution is the most potent and permissive but also the most complicated and expensive.

Indeed, since you have direct access to the machine, you must install the operating system, programs, web servers, and applications you want. You can do whatever you want with this machine, which requires considerable technical skills and responsibility.

The management of a dedicated

Since you are managing the machine, you must put a point on security:

· By regularly updating all programs and sites;

· By scanning the data regularly to be sure that no malware or malicious script is there;

· Be careful about the information you share. If you share illegal content or if your server sends SPAM following an attack, you risk having your dedicated server blocked or suspended;

· Make regular remote backups so as not to lose any data.


· Companies with special needs: atypical applications;

· Entrepreneurs with a high-traffic web project ;

· Web agencies who want to rationalize their costs ;

The policy of Tinycluster wanting to offer quality hosting pushes to offer only tailor-made hosting based on managed dedicated servers. Indeed, we are adding a support package containing all the necessary management assistance services. We take care of setting up and managing your infrastructure.

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Virtual Private Servers or VPS

For many, hosting through a Virtual Private Server or VPS combines the best of both worlds. Both the price of shared hosting with the performance and flexibility of dedicated hosting.

In this model, you own a private server, which is almost identical to a dedicated server, except that it shares a machine’s resources with other customers. Each VPS operates entirely independently of the other on the same system. You, therefore, have total control of your server without the hardware problems of a traditional machine and the associated maintenance, which is for a fraction of the cost.

In its quality approach, Tinycluster aims to allocate dedicated resources to each VPS. So, for example, 100% of RAM and disk are reserved for your use only. Indeed, low-cost hosts excessively oversell server resources by betting their customers will only use some of their resources simultaneously. Unfortunately, this happens very often, and the performance of their machine is significantly impacted.

Due to specific features inherent to virtualization (almost instantaneous backup, VPS migration to another almost immediate machine, snapshot, etc.)


· Companies with special needs: atypical applications;

· Entrepreneurs with a high-traffic web project ;

· Web agencies who want to rationalize their costs.

What web hosting do you need?

Depending on your profile and the considerations listed above, we advise you:

· You are an individual, blogger, or association: shared web hosting;

· You are a professional with a business site: professional shared web hosting;

· You are a professional with an e-commerce site: business shared web hosting. If your site has more than 4000 visitors/day, you are an entrepreneur with a high-traffic web project;

· You are an entrepreneur with a high-traffic web project: custom hosting;

· You are a web agency or developer: Reseller web hosting (unlimited) and VPS Agency;

If you do not find yourself in one of these profiles, do not hesitate to contact us with your questions; we will find the best offer for you!

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