What We Know About Veibae

Veibae face reveal has become so famous that fans are curious about her personal life. They want to know more about Veibae’s family, education, and relationship with Rob ‘Roflgator’ Johnson. Here, we have listed down a few things we know about Veibae.

Veibae’s real name

Veibae is a virtual YouTuber from England. She joined the Japanese VTuber community on 9 April 2021, and has a large following of 630k followers. Her real name is not public, but she uses her Twitter alias “Vei VSHOJO”. While her real name is unknown, she is well-known for her blue eyes and long straight hair. Her horns are dark red in three-dimensional form, and are black in two-dimensional models.

Veibae’s real name is Veibae, and he is 24 years old. He was born in Japan, but his real parents are unknown. He went to a private high school during his senior year and completed his senior year. He is unmarried and has a large fan base on YouTube and Twitter. Veibae also does not have an Instagram account, but he does have a Twitch streamer account.

Her family

Although Veibae has not revealed any information about her parents, the family is reportedly Christian. She grew up in Santa Barbara, California and does not disclose her zodiac sign or hometown. She has only been identified as “Vei” on social media. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius and she was born on December 10, 1988. She is of British descent but does not reveal her parents’ names.

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Veibae is a British vlogger and social media influencer. She is in her late 20s, stands 5’6 inches tall, and speaks English and Japanese. Her social media profiles do not reveal her age, but her fans follow her closely. Although she has not revealed her family, she has been seen wearing various outfits, including a pink jumpsuit.

Her education

Veibae was born in the United Kingdom, and she holds a British nationality. She is of mixed ethnicity, and her education has not been disclosed. She may have gone to an English or Japanese-language school, but we do not know where she was educated. Veibae also has not revealed much about her family or early years. Her social media presence is limited to using the moniker Vei.

Veibae was born in a small town, Birmingham, England. Her parents are Japanese, and she was raised in her hometown. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches, and she weighs 55 kilograms. Her hair is naturally blonde, and she has blue eyes. Her ears are black, while her horns are red and dark. She wears a variety of clothing, and her twitch streams are rated 18+.

Her relationship with Rob “Roflgator”

Veibae and Rob “Roflgator” met on the Discord chat room Parasocial. They later became good friends and started spending time together on Twitch. The pair tried to date in March, but soon after Veibae revealed she was seeing someone else, they broke up. It’s not clear if Veibae is the one who caused the breakup.

Veibae met Rob “Roflgator” while on Discord and was surprised when he joined. They began spending time together, but quickly became more than friends. The two started spending time together on Twitch and Discord, where Rob is a Twitch streamer. They even hosted a dating show on VRChat and began communicating with each other there.

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