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What You Need To Know About Australia Working Holiday Visa?


Travelling to a place is all about learning and experiencing new adventures in life. Australia is a place full of the oldest rainforests and hidden laneways. One can learn about rock art, native wildlife, and Aboriginal culture.

To visit Australia to explore life there and enjoy the scenic beaches, deserts, and forests, a person will need a working holiday visa subclass 417. Visa Subclass 417 is a temporary visa for young people whose age lies between 18 to 30 years. Working holiday visas are-

  • visa subclass 417
  • visa subclass 462.

The subclass of visas depends on their citizenship. But both visa subclass allows a visitor to travel to Australia for a specified period and to work to support their stay with short-term employment. 

A person is eligible for a working holiday visa if- 

  • He is of age between 18 to 30 years (visa subclass 417) and 18 to 35 years (visa subclass 462)
  • He has a valid passport from an eligible country. It will remain valid till his stay in Australia.
  • He is outside Australia at the time of the grant of a 417 visa Australia. 
  • He has proof of English proficiency.
  • He has met the education, health, and character requirements.
  • He has enough money to support his visit and stay.

Perth (a city in Australia) has many migration agencies to assist a person with application and legal proceedings. A registered migration agent in Perth will handle the end-to-end legal workings of his client relating to a visa. He will also serve as a visa consultant in Perth.

Procedure Of Application For Working Holiday Visa 417 

Here are some steps for applying for a working holiday visa 417-

  1. Opening ImmiAccount – Fill in the application form by opening an ImmiAccount. After opening the account, select the category of visa for which a person wants to apply. 
  2. Fill in the details and attach a soft copy of the documents – When the applicant click “apply now”, an application form will appear on the screen. He has to fill in all the personal and other details. He also has to upload a digital copy of all the documents required in the form. 
  3. Payment of fees-  The application will proceed if the applicant has paid the applicable fees and other charges.
  4. Issuance of Visa- After payment of fees and submission of the application form, the Australian embassy takes processing time and will issue visa 417. 
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Processing Time

417 visa processing time is approximately 75% of applications in 10 days. This global processing time varies case by case. It depends on the circumstances, such as health and policies, government regulations and norms, supporting information, etc.

FAQs Regarding 417 Visa

  1. Which “specific works” include in this visa?

A person will be eligible for a second working holiday if he works in Australia for at least three months. He will become eligible for a third visa 417 if he works for at least six months. Now a question arises which works are specific? Here is the list of some of them- 

  1. Animal and Plant cultivation
  • Harvesting and packaging of fruits and vegetables
  • Maintenance of crops
  • Maintenance of animals to sell and manufacturing of dairy products
  • Propagating fungus and their products or parts
  1. Construction
  • Construction of buildings for residential and non-residential purposes
  • Structure, completion, and installation services of buildings
  • Land development and site preparation
  • Heavy and civilian engineering construction
  1. Mining
  • Mining of coal, metal ore, and mining support services
  • Mining of construction materials
  • Mining of non-metallic minerals
  • Extraction of oil and gas
  1. Fishing
  • Catching fish and other aquatic species
  • Directly taking fish and other water creatures
  1. Pearling
  • Culturing pearls or pearl shells
  • Directly taking pearls or pearl shells
  1. Tree farming and felling
  • Planting and tending of trees in forests or plantation
  • Felling trees in a plantation or forest
  • Transport trees or tree parts that fell in a plantation or forest to a place where they are to be processed
  1. Whether an extension of visa 417 is allowed?
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Extension of visa 417 is not permissible by the Australian embassy. If a person wants to stay further, he has to apply for a second working holiday visa. After the expiry of that, he should apply for another one.

  1. Can a family member/ spouse/ friend accompany a person to Australia?

A family member/spouse/friend can accompany a person on his visit to Australia, but they have to apply for their visa individually.  

  1. What to do to clear doubts about application procedures and other formalities?

A person can contact a migration agent who will guide him in applying and submitting documents. According to the conditions of application for working holiday visa subclass 417, a person should be outside Australia while applying for a working holiday visa 417.  In case, a person can connect with a visa consultant in Perth. He will guide you throughout the process of applying. 

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