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What You Need To Know About Obtaining A Turkey Visa From Sri Lanka

Turkey Visa
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In order to obtain a TURKEY VISA FROM SRI LANKA, travelers must first complete an online application form on the Turkish Embassy website. After submitting the form and paying any applicable fees, applicants must then provide proof of legal residence in Sri Lanka and submit supporting documents such as a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining validity, two recent passport photographs, flight itinerary/hotel reservations for their stay in Turkey, bank statement showing sufficient funds for their stay in Turkey (minimum $50 per day) and travel insurance. Applicants may also need to provide evidence of employment or enrollment at school if they are not retirees.

Once all documents are submitted, it will take approximately 3-5 days to process the visa. Upon approval, applicants can pick up their visas from one of the designated Visa Application Centers located throughout Sri Lanka.

If you’re a citizen of Sri Lanka looking to travel to Turkey, you’ll need a visa. Before applying for the visa, make sure you have all the relevant documents and information needed for your application. The Turkish Embassy in Colombo is responsible for issuing visas to citizens of Sri Lanka.

You will need an invitation or supporting document from someone in Turkey, such as an employer or family member. Additionally, be prepared to provide proof of financial ability and onward travel plans when submitting your application form. Once approved by the embassy, your passport and visa should arrive within two weeks’ time.

Do Sri Lankans Need Visa for Turkey?

No, Sri Lankans do not need a visa to travel to Turkey. • Citizens of Sri Lanka are eligible for the e-Visa program and can obtain a visa online prior to their departure. • The e-Visa is valid for 90 days with single entry permission and it takes only 3 steps to get an e-Visa.

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• It’s important that travelers have all required documents when entering the country. The ease of obtaining an electronic visa makes traveling from Sri Lanka to Turkey simpler than ever before.

What are the Requirements to Apply for Turkey Visa?

The requirements to apply for a TURKEY VISA FROM YEMEN depend on the country of origin. Generally, applicants must provide: * A valid passport with at least six months validity remaining

* Completed application form * Recent photograph meeting the Turkish Embassy specifications * Proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses during stay in Turkey

Additionally, other supporting documents may be requested depending on individual circumstances.

How Much Bank Statement is Required for Visit Visa Turkey?

The amount of bank statement required for a visit visa to Turkey depends on the duration and purpose of your stay. Generally, applicants must provide 3 months worth of statements showing proof that they have sufficient funds available: * Statements must be in English or Turkish.

* They should include account number, balance and all transactions from the last three months. * The account owner’s name should match the applicant’s name on the visa application form. Applicants may also be asked for additional documents such as letters from employers confirming employment status or income tax returns proving income levels.

Do I Need an Interview for Turkey Visa?

No, you do not need an interview for a Turkey visa. In order to apply for a Turkish visa, the following steps should be taken: • Fill out and submit the online application form

• Pay the corresponding fee • Submit required documents such as passport copies and travel itinerary Once these have been completed, your application will be processed without an additional interview.

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Documents Required for Turkey Visa

When applying for a Turkey visa, you will need to submit several documents as part of your application. These may include a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining validity, two recent passport photographs, proof of accommodation in Turkey such as hotel reservation or an invitation letter from a host family/company in Turkey, travel itinerary and return ticket details, bank statements showing sufficient funds to cover your expenses during the trip and other relevant information.


In conclusion, when considering whether to apply for a Turkey visa from Sri Lanka, it is important to understand the requirements and process involved. It is also beneficial to be aware of other options available such as e-visas or visas on arrival. The application process can be complicated but with proper preparation and planning, it can be completed without any issues.

Ultimately, obtaining a Turkey visa from Sri Lanka is possible if you follow the necessary steps diligently.

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