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Where to Buy Abaya in Dubai

Where to Buy Abaya in Dubai

As a global retail destination, Dubai draws tourists from all over the world. In this shopping paradise, you may find almost anything. And when it comes to women’s traditional wear, Dubai’s abundance of abaya shops guarantees that you can find any brand or style at any price point.

Dubai is known for its fashionable clothing and accessories, including traditional Arab garments like the wedding abaya. The abaya is a loose-fitting garment worn by Muslim women as a form of modesty, and it is an essential part of the local culture. If you are looking to buy an abaya in Dubai, here are some places you should check out:

Balqees Fashion Abaya:

Balqees Abaya was established in 2013 by Badrya Asjad as a Dubai-based fashion house. Their patterns combine elements from the Middle East and India, such as ornate embroidery and a magnificent Moroccan motif, to create a look on our own. Balqees is the go-to destination for fashionable women searching for modest clothing, including the abaya, sheila, and jalabiya. Contemporary versions with bright colors sit alongside traditional black abayas, giving you plenty of options. While keeping the highest standards of quality, we are dedicated to providing our services at competitive rates. 

Balqees Fashion Abaya is a luxury brand specializing in high-end abayas from premium fabrics like silk and lace. In addition, they offer a more affordable range of abayas that are still stylish and well-made. 


MOiSTREET, a modest clothing label founded in the United Arab Emirates, is popular with fashionistas worldwide. The name “MOiSTREET” comes from the French word “Moi,” which translates to “I.” These designers built an abaya-friendly neighborhood with the idea that everyone should feel comfortable expressing themselves via clothing. 

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MOiSTREET has enhanced designer abaya fashion by expanding the availability of various modest options, allowing you to show off your style confidently. The sole purpose of their range of clothes is to broaden women’s choices in how to wear the abaya. Buying an abaya and making unique fashion moments has never been easier than with the MOiSTREET range. They’re pioneering by providing a variety of vibrant hues and patterns for abayas, which has been sorely lacking up until now. In addition to brightening your day, these thoughtfully curated patterns will give you fresh avenues for expressing your humility.


Abaya Mall offers a wide selection of goods. Abaya Mall, found in Mirdif, is home to a wide variety of abaya stores, both large and small. Abayas, both casual and elegant, may be found in a wide price range at this three-story shopping center. The mall even has tailors on staff who will make you one to order. While Abaya Mall primarily focuses on traditional wear, the mall also features wedding dress shops, hair salons, jewelry stores, and other retail outlets.


Mauzan is one of Dubai’s most excellent abaya retailers because they create designs that honor the culture and the abaya as a strong representation of the modern Arab woman. Grace and delicacy are the foundation for this label’s creations, which are then elevated with delicate beading, drapey fabrics, and sophisticated silhouettes. As a result, you may discover anything you need to update your wardrobe, from one-of-a-kind designer pieces to simple abayas for everyday use.

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Effa is the place to go if you’re looking for high-end abayas in Dubai. The high-end label expertly blends style and sophistication into cutting-edge ensembles using sumptuous materials and skilled craftsmanship. Ultimately, you will receive a product that is finished to a high standard and possesses subtle femininity and polished refinement to complement your outfit. Choose an abaya that expresses your individuality from the many design, color, and cut options.

In conclusion, Dubai offers diverse shopping destinations for those looking to buy a wedding abaya. From luxurious abaya brands like Hessa Falasi and Dar Al Yasmin to traditional abaya shops on Al-Fahidi Street, there is a store for everyone’s taste and budget. So whether you’re a resident or a tourist, visiting one of these top abaya shopping destinations in Dubai will surely be a memorable experience.

Salman Ansari