Which Country Is Best for Your Hair Transplant: Is It Mexico Or Turkey?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure to treat hair loss or baldness. Significantly, hair transplant surgeries are expensive in Europe and the United States; thus, people from these regions contemplate traveling to other nations for this procedure.

Turkey and Mexico are excellent candidates for hair transplants in terms of procedure quality and cost. When it comes to hair transplant surgeries, both Mexico and Turkey have excellent success rates. However, if you are wondering how to choose the best country for a hair transplant, there are various aspects to consider to find the ideal option. These criteria include hair transplant prices, safety, and success rates.

In this article, we will compare the hair transplant in Mexico vs. Turkey and conclude where best to get one based on the outweighing advantages.

Costs in Mexico vs. Turkey

Both countries are noted for their low-cost hair transplant procedures, as their per capita income is around US$9,000 annually.

In general, hair transplant expenses in Mexico start at $3,000 and can reach $4,000, similar to one of the less popular competitor countries, India. Add flights, lodging, and food to it, depending on where you are.

On the other hand, the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey typically ranges between $2,000 and $3,000, making it a substantially more inexpensive location.

Remember that the cost will vary based on the number of grafts you must place. A hair transplant in Turkey costs $2,200 for 4000 hair transplants, or 55 cents per graft, whereas it costs 80 cents per graft in Mexico.

Surgeons in Mexico vs. Turkey

Turkey is well-known for having highly skilled, dedicated, and friendly surgeons. Despite lower salaries than in developed countries, medicine is a respected profession. However, this does not affect the quality or success rate of hair transplant operations in Turkey.

On the other hand, Mexico appears to shine brighter with various cosmetic treatments. However, it does not display the same level of experience or ability regarding the doctors accessible in the country.

Expertise in Mexico vs. Turkey

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Turkey has more hair transplant patients than Mexico, and the majority of hair transplant surgeons in Turkey specialize solely in hair transplants. Hair transplant is not an academic subsection of cosmetic surgery; thus, it is a skill that surgeons must learn through experience and supervision.

Reputable hair transplant clinics in Turkey provide some of the most excellent hair transplant doctors in the country, with thousands of hours of hair transplant experience and a very high success rate.

Significantly, a generalist surgeon can do a hair transplant in Mexico at a cosmetic surgery facility. In any case, it is critical to conduct thorough research and question your clinic and surgeon about the hours of experience they have specialized in hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Results in Mexico vs. Turkey

According to statistics and search engines, Turkey is the most popular location for hair transplant surgeries and other medical and aesthetic treatments. The main reason is that this country’s before-and-after hair transplant results are superior to those in any other country.

This is partly due to a synergy of exceptional customer service, highly rated customer feedback, ongoing medical support, and inexpensive expenses. Also, most clinics in Turkey place a high value on customer service and provide packages that include luxury accommodations, VIP transport, doctor consultations, all essential prescriptions, and aftercare goods.

However, in Mexico, you may need to hire a specialized agent to arrange everything for you, and the clinic’s quote will only cover the procedure.

Safety in Mexico vs. Turkey

Although it is better to compare safety by identifying the cities in each country, Turkey looks to have a considerably higher ranking than Mexico, based on the crime index. However, both countries appear to be less safe than other developed countries. Staying in a secure hotel and hiring a VIP driver will ensure your safety throughout your trip.

Why Turkey for a Hair Transplant?

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You may ask why Turkey is the most excellent location for hair transplants. To summarize, Turkish hair transplantation employs the FUE technique, an expensive treatment requiring the surgeon’s expertise. One of the primary reasons it is used in Turkish clinics is that it leaves fewer scars and recovers quickly.

However, many people in their nations cannot afford a hair transplant due to the high expense of surgery and transplantation. Most clinics in Turkey provide all-inclusive hair transplant packages to their clientele. In short, one of the primary reasons for the popularity of Turkish hair transplants is the low cost of hair transplants in Turkey.

Another reason for the popularity of Turkish hair transplants is the availability of qualified and skilled specialists at clinics. Before any treatment, every hair transplant operating surgeon in Turkey must undergo extensive medical supervision and obtain specific authorizations. As a result, you will be in good hands in Turkey.


Turkey is the place to go if you want a low-cost and high-quality hair transplant, especially an afro hair transplant. On the other hand, Mexico is cheap compared to other countries in the Americas and Europe.

Considering that Turkey is the destination of choice for tens of thousands of hair transplant enthusiasts, offering the highest success rates globally and the best customer care.

By Hammad Hassan

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