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Which Is The Most Suitable Treatment For Undescended Testes

Undescended Testes

An overview of suitable treatment for undescended testes

Undescended testes are the commonest genital malformation in baby boys. This involves various factors such as endocrine, genetic, and environmental. Proper treatment of undescended testis begins when the baby is six months old. The world has a general consensus about the need to raise awareness. And also inform parents about the importance of timely management of undescended testis. Mainly there are two types of treatments: hormonal and/or surgical. 

Furthermore, if the undescended testis is left untreated, then men suffer from impaired fertility at a later age. Therefore, early treatment is recommended as it can potentially minimize the risk of infertility. If it is not treated timely, it can raise certain health issues. Also, if surgery is performed after the age of 13 and even if successfully treated, it may have long-term consequences on testicular function. In some cases, if parents delay the treatment, then there is a risk of developing testicular cancer.

The surgical purpose of treatment is to move the undescended testis to its right position in the scrotum. So, treatment before one year of age lowers the risk factors of undescended testes.

What are undescended testes?

An undescended testis is a condition of the testis that hasn’t moved into its proper position. The actual place of the testes is in the sack of skin hanging below the penis. This hanging sack-like structure is the scrotum, which develops before birth. Mostly this condition affects only one testis. But in 10 per cent of cases, both testes are undescended. Although this abnormality is uncommon in babies born at a mature age (in the 9th month) common among baby boys born prematurely.

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Usually, the undescended testicle moves into the proper position on its own. However, if it doesn’t, then parents should consult a urologist. In Lahore, Dr Muhammad Mohsin, a renowned Pediatric surgeon, is an expert in the treatment of undescended testes through laparoscopic surgery. So, if your son has an undescended testis that doesn’t correct itself, visit ALSA, Pakistan. Thus, choose an economic surgery for the undescended testis to relocate the testis into the scrotum.

What causes undescended testes? 

The exact cause of undescended testis is still unknown. But according to some researchers combination of genetics, maternal health, and other environmental factors may cause it. The reason might be disrupting the hormones, physical changes and nerve activity. These causes influence the development of the testes.

When the baby boy grows inside his mother’s womb, the testes form inside his abdomen and move down into the scrotum before birth. However, in some cases, they do not move to the right place, and the baby is born with one or both undescended testes. This condition occurs in premature birth.

The function of the testes is to make and store sperm. The undescended testes move down to their right position on their own. This happens by the time they’re six months old. But if they don’t move down in the scrotum, getting proper treatment is important. And if they don’t descend to the right position, then they may get damaged. Hence, it could affect fertility later in life or cause other medical issues.

So, the cause is not exactly why some boys are born with undescended testes. Because most boys with undescended testes are otherwise completely healthy, but the only known factor till today is premature birth (before the 37th week of pregnancy). Or having a low birth weight and a family history of undescended testes. Thus, these causes may increase the chances of a boy being born with the condition. And treatment for undescended testes is necessary.

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Risk factors of undescended testes

There is a direct link between undescended testes and when a mother conceives a baby. An excess of maternal estrogen in pregnancy can be a reason. Therefore, this excess causes extreme nausea, vomiting and hypertension in mothers. Also, mothers who had a history of miscarriage or decreased fertility. So, it leads to changes in fetal testicular function. As a result, baby boys born with undescended testis face illness in the first three years after birth. Mainly, they have asthma, eczema, jaundice and feeding difficulties. Thus, factors that increase the risk of an undescended testis in a newborn include Low birth weight, premature birth, and Family history of undescended testes. 

Most suitable surgery for undescended testis

If the baby boy has an undescended testis, then the doctor might recommend treatment for undescended testes. After the diagnosis, if the doctor finds undescended testes palpable, then the surgeon performs a surgical procedure called an orchiopexy to reposition them. In this surgical procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision in the groin and frees the testes from their surrounding attachments. However, if a baby’s undescended testes are not palpable, the surgeon will use a laparoscope to locate the testes. There are mainly two types of treatments after diagnosis.

1: Laparoscopic treatment
This procedure inserts a small camera tube through a small incision in the baby’s abdomen. Laparoscopy locates an intra-abdominal testicle. So, during the treatment for undescended testes, the doctor can fix them during the same procedure. But in some cases, the surgeon may perform additional surgery. Thus, laparoscopy might visible a small remnant of nonfunctioning testicular tissue that is also removed.

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2: Open surgery
In this surgical procedure, doctors explore the abdomen through a larger incision. When the child is born and if the doctor can’t detect any testes in the scrotum. Then he suggests further testing to determine if the testes see the problem. If, in some conditions, testes are absent, then it can cause serious medical problems if left untreated. Doctors do not recommend imaging tests, such as an ultrasound or MRI, to diagnose an undescended testis.

To conclude

Hence, treatment for undescended testes is a must because it may not make sperm. Also, an undescended testis is more likely to develop a tumour. When the testis is inside the scrotum, a doctor can feel it to check for a tumour. This leads to early detection and treatment of testicular cancer. And the most suitable treatment for undescended testes is through laparoscopy. Because the incision is smaller and recovery time is quick. Also, the Undescended Testis Surgery Cost is very reasonable in Lahore, Pakistan. If your child is suffering from undescended testes, visit ALSA Pakistan today for treatment.

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