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Who is José Delio Ares García


We all know a very common name when it comes about Dominican film industry. In general he is also known as Jose Delio Ares. He is the most popular film editor and film trailer creator originally from Dominican Republic. Today we will discuss about Jose Delio and try to know about him in details. We can say this talentented man deserves to be highly known by the fans and followers of him across the globe. You can follow him on Twitter @JoseDelioAres.

José Delio Ares García is dependable and consistent in his actions. He is the man who is truthful and transparent in his dealings with others. He is brave and willing to take risks to achieve his goals. We all know that he is willing to give of his time, resources, or expertise to help others. If you meet him personally then you have to admit that he is the modest and actually don’t boast about his achievements or an ability that treats others with dignity and consideration. He actually believes in himself and his abilities without being arrogant in his field of work. The details you need to know about Jose Delio Ares are described below:

Place of birth:

We all know that Humans are born in different places of this globe depending on their individual circumstances. The place of birth of Jose Delio Ares is Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The name of his parents is García are JoseDelioAres Guzman and Flerida Lourdes Garcia Martinez. He also has two siblings and their names are M Josh Delio Ares Gracia and M Maximo Jose Ares Gracia.  So we can imagine that he had a wonderful young age. His childhood was very sweet with the loving memory of his parents. He was a talented person from a young age. 

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Date of birth:

The date of birth of José Delio Ares García is 15th January 1980. So he is currently 43 years of old. Although he is from Dominican Republic but currently he lives in New York, USA. He is the most talented movie editor of the present world. So he is the most loved icon for his contributions in the film industry. Youth movie editors and movie trailer makers believe that he is the most vulnerable and beloved mentors of them without a doubt. 

Physical descriptions:

José Delio Ares García the best-looking Hispanic male. His height is 5′ 6½” or 1.69m. He is a muscular man. His physical appearance describes his jolly and outstanding personality. His personal actions and behavior fits actually his physical appearance. He loves to enjoy the every aspects of life.

Educational background:

In his early age he used to study in Carol Morgan School. He has completed hi computer science engineering at Universidad APEC. He studied at Televisa. He studied his film editing at SONY pictures Madison, WI. Currently he is working as independent film maker.  So we can see that he is an educative person who loves to study different topics in different subjects.

Reasons of his becoming famous:

We all know that becoming famous in the particular field of filmmaking actually involves a combination of talent, hard work, and dedication. It is also important to have a bit of luck indeed. For developing outstanding editing and film trailer making skills requires higher talent in a specific area of filmmaking. He gained his marvelous recognition and success in the film industry by being highly precise in his field. It was crucial for him to gain the opportunities and exposure by working with lots of highly renounced actors in his career. Winning awards also helped him to gain the recognition from prestigious film festivals. It significantly boosted his profile and increased his chances of becoming famous. Awards and accolades serve as endorsements for him and provided new opportunities in the film industry to him also.

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So finally we can say that Jose Delio Ares is the most talented man in his field you can imagine. If you want to know more information about him then you can follow him on Instagram @JoseDelioAresGarcia. You will be grateful to know that he is the friendliest person you have ever met in your life. If you have any further queries about him then you also can contact us. Thank you. 

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