Wholesale Marijuana Packaging – The Best Way to Increase Profit

When selecting custom printed boxes for marijuana, keep in mind the size and weight of the packages. This will reduce production time and shipping costs while minimizing the footprint. Also, choose the correct base materials for your packaging. The wrong base material can require additional interventions and tertiary packaging.

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Marijuana regulation is a complicated topic. While the government wants to make sure that marijuana is produced with the highest quality, it is also concerned about ensuring the safety of consumers. Some of the issues the government has to address include the regulation of production methods and ingredients. Other concerns include the use of pesticides and mold. There is also a need to regulate the amount of THC in products. Marijuana can be sold at a very high level of THC, but it should be regulated.

Marijuana packaging should also meet government regulations. The packaging used should be opaque so that no one can see the product without opening it. This is because a government store could eventually be established and sell generic marijuana that doesn’t carry the brand name. This would detract from the incentive for producers to promote their product.

Cannabis packaging has undergone several changes in recent years. While California briefly used metal “tuna” cans to package eighths of flower, the trend has since changed to mylar. Other popular options include sticker bags and direct printing on packages. A growing number of companies are trying to develop their own proprietary packaging for cannabis. In fact, Twin Falls, Idaho-based N2 Packaging Systems has created a nitrogen-sealed can, which is more effective at preserving the flower than traditional cans.

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Moreover, implementing regulations is a good way to ensure that your products are safe and clean for consumers. Many countries have implemented measures to restrict marijuana packaging. The Cannabis Control Division, for example, regulates retail display. The agency also works with local governments to ensure compliance. The cannabis control division also regulates couriers and testing and research labs. Regulatory divisions work to improve the safety of the cannabis industry and promote social equity.


Many marijuana dispensaries use hundreds of plastic containers and double-zippered bags for packaging. Changing to more eco-friendly materials can be expensive and not all marijuana businesses can afford the costs associated with environmental sustainability. However, there are ways to increase profits by recycling marijuana packaging. Primetime Buds, for example, used to give a discount to customers who brought their own empty containers. The dispensary even had a recycling company that picked up used plastic pop-tops and containers at no cost. After several years, this recycling program was discontinued.

Dispensaries can also offer loyalty points for customers who recycle their packaging. Cannachange is one company in the United States that is working to make the cannabis industry more environmentally friendly. The company, which was founded by a Black LGBTQIA+ woman, offers incentives for consumers to recycle their packaging. Its app uses QR codes to track waste impacts. It also sells reusable cannabis packaging.

The company has also started manufacturing custom weed bags that are biodegradable. Marijuana packaging companies are now using sustainable packaging materials like biodegradable joint tubes and recyclable glass jars. These environmentally-friendly options are 15% to 20% more expensive than standard marijuana packaging, but their cost is offset by the increased consumer demand for sustainable marijuana packaging. Marijuana packaging companies will use recycled glass to create packaging, while some companies will use reclaimed steel to produce cans.

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Recycling marijuana packaging is the best way to increase profits in the cannabis industry. However, the process is expensive and can become a challenge for marijuana businesses. Cannabis companies must comply with stringent state regulations and laws, which can make recycling difficult. In addition, the company will not be able to guarantee that recycled materials will meet strict standards, a huge problem for a marijuana company.


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