Why Are Entrepreneurs Willing to Get Multi-service Solutions For Their Ventures?

Entrepreneurs Willing

Our experiences over the last decade have been diverse on all levels. Also, many innovations took place in businesses and their operating methodologies. Their modernization has been extensive. It is due to the constantly upgrading requirements of users who use different applications on a day-to-day basis.

As a vendor, you should keep your enterprise updated so that you do not disrupt the progress of your venture, and if you are an entrepreneur who is unsure of how to start an innovative business, then you can read some tips which might help you to succeed. The super apps are the latest solutions on people’s tongues among all solutions launched so far. The purpose of this blog is to inform you as to why entrepreneurs are willing to get multi-service answers for their ventures.

Moreover, factors that assist businesses to receive growth from multi-service solutions, some companies offering those solutions, and elements that appeal to entrepreneurs to get super apps are also discussed. So let’s get to know them one by one.

By Which Factors do Ventures Gain Rise Through Multi-Service Solutions?

Nowadays, there is a huge preference of users for super apps, as they get all the services from one stop on their devices. At first, these solutions were not much popular as they are now. Later, with a rise in demand for these platforms among people from all over, there are many companies from different nations that launched multi-service applications and which resulted in a disruption of the app market considerably.

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It includes Rappi, Careem, Gojek, Grab, and others from other countries. Now, despite many digitized solutions being introduced in the market, the super apps achieved a massive lift. Amongst them, Gojek achieved a significant rise in almost all entire Southeast Asia. So, what are those elements pushing Indonesian Unicorns upward? Consider each of them stated below:


It is a normal tendency of people that they get attracted to the solution that offers the utmost convenience. The same reason exists behind the rise of Gojek. It is because a company allows users to access all services under one roof as there are numerous business sectors integrated within, and that’s a point when it becomes a sweet spot for people and helps them to visualize the difference between other applications.

Lesser Storage

Previously the users needed to install different applications to gain various services, and that used to occupy their phone’s memory in large proportions. As it’s not the same case with Southeast Asian Giant, consumers just need to download a single application to access multiple services, which helps them to reduce issues regarding storage considerably.

Unique and Helpful Features

Alongside receiving access to numerous services, the users also get unique features that assist them in satisfying their needs accordingly. Hence, users’ lives are streamlined to a great extent with different services and useful attributes offered by Gojek.

Thus, by observing a rise of ventures through super apps due to the aforementioned elements by which, the users get attracted to use these platforms. The entrepreneurs are excited to build their multi-service apps like Gojek, and the below-stated section might help them to get these applications ready for their businesses.

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Few Multi-Service Solution Providers

Due to the current ongoing trend and less preference for offline business by people, the businessmen are compelled to get their Gojek-similar multi-service platforms developed by communicating with the technology partners listed below:

Elluminati Inc

Elluminati Inc is a leading Gojek like multi-service solution provider, offering prominent solutions to business admins for their ventures to rise in the market. Moreover, the firm has an experience of over 10 years in the industry and has satisfied 800+ clients by delivering strategic platforms helpful for their enterprise. Furthermore, they are also known for serving cost-effective applications to their customers.


ValueAppz offers a profound multi-service Gojek-like app-building service to entrepreneurs for their enterprises to earn decent fame. In addition, they possess a team of developers who are committed to delivering the desired solution to their customers in the minimal time possible. Besides super apps, the company also serves platforms for many other market segments.

Suffescom Solution

Suffescom Solution is a renowned firm developing a super app similar to Gojek that helps startup owners to raise their enterprises to a significant level. Moreover, the company has 600+ satisfied customers and completed over 3000 projects, as it possesses 11+ years of experience in the industry. Furthermore, they are also available 24/7 support to solve the problems of their clients.

Thus, vendors can contact any of the aforementioned Gojek similar super app providers. But, which are the factors that force them to build these platforms for their enterprises are described in the following section.

Which are the Elements That Attract Business Owners To Get Multi-Service Applications?

Online multi-service solutions seem to be the best pick for vendors as they can build them at a quite reasonable cost of development. It is due to they receive a super app at the same cost as individual services. Besides the creation costs, they are attracted by 2 other reasons listed below.

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Lower Maintenance Expense

As compared to the conventional approach, there is a very minimal need of maintaining multi-service platforms for ventures. It is because there are fewer scopes for the occurrence of any glitches or errors during execution, and whenever entrepreneurs face such an issue, they are just required to pay nominal charges for solving the problems occurring on those solutions.

Multiple Revenue Channels

The startup owners can earn decent money by enabling their businesses with a multi-service solution. As there are various streams for revenue implemented into a platform for its different stakeholders associated. Thus, entrepreneurs raise their possibilities of generating high income.

Thus, due to immense user needs for these applications, you as an entrepreneur can receive an immediate boost in your venture and turn into a bigger brand very soon. If you want to know how to transform an enterprise into a renowned organization, then you can follow some steps which would help your venture to stand out from the competition.


Therefore, from the above post about why entrepreneurs are willing to get multi-service solutions for their ventures, one can easily derive that getting a super app platform like Gojek is the best choice he/she as an individual can make for their enterprises as there are several reasons and beneficial points existing behind that.

By Nadeem Basheer

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