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Why Do Relocation Agencies Prefer Furniture Rental?

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Furniture rental is one of the many services offered by relocation agencies to expatriates, impatriates, people in a situation of geographical mobility and Home Relocation Services Company Dubai UAE. This simple and flexible layout solution is aimed at individuals and professionals. It allows the latter to rent furniture, household appliances under warranty throughout the rental as well as crockery or household linen, crockery or household linen, in particular when leaving abroad or of a return from expatriation. 

When to use a furniture rental service?

A furniture rental service meets the needs of individuals and professionals. Depending on the profiles, different expectations can be met by this relocation service.

Expatriates and impatriates

Furniture rental is a simple and economical solution for expatriates and impatriates who wish to facilitate their installation in their new host country or their return to their country of origin. It represents an ideal alternative to the purchase of furniture or the transport of furniture which generally mobilizes a lot of time and organization during a move. In addition, furniture rental is an ecological solution compared to a move.

Furniture rental simplifies the transition from the country of origin to the country of destination in several ways. Expatriates and impatriates can rent furniture for:

• avoid resorting to temporary hotel accommodation in the country of origin or in the country of destination;

• limit the budget allocated to moving in the event of temporary stays abroad;

• reduce the stress of the move by delegating the interior design phase to a third party.

The delivery of the furniture can take place before the arrival of the expatriate and his family, which is a greatly appreciated service. And when leaving, the expatriate leaves the country leaving the furniture behind. The return of the furniture is organized by the furniture rental service, which simplifies the departure from the country of expatriation.

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HR managers

Concrete solutions exist to make the mobility of your employees a success. The furniture rental service is one of them. When an employee is transferred abroad, the purchase, delivery and installation of furniture is particularly time-consuming. When it comes to a mission limited in time, the question of what happens to the furniture at the end of the mission arises. Relocation services offer furniture rental packages including delivery, installation and removal of furniture as well as after-sales service in the event of a breakdown. This is the preferred solution for serene mobility. Another advantage: the duration of expatriation being random, the rental of furniture makes it possible to return the furniture at any time. It is therefore a flexible solution.

Real estate agents

Real estate agents are led to use a furniture rental service to develop their real estate portfolio and facilitate the sale of an apartment or a house.

Nowadays, the practice of home staging is becoming more widespread to make real estate put up for sale more attractive. It is proven that a home sells more easily and at a higher budget after home staging work. Furthermore, for customerslooking for furnished accommodation, this makes it possible to offer empty accommodation and to satisfy their requirements by renting furniture.


Real estate investors, owners of furnished apartments or property for sale, you can meet all your needs in terms of furniture and household appliances by betting on furniture rental. This service offers a complete service that takes care of the entire process of fitting out your property: selection of furniture, delivery, installation, maintenance and change of part of the furniture between tenants.

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Furniture rental is ideal for comfortably starting your studies away from home. Buying new furniture or moving abroad is particularly expensive for a fixed-term stay. Renting your furniture and household appliances for the duration of your student stay is a solution that is both economical and practical. The furniture pack is delivered and installed in your student room or apartment by interior design professionals. You benefit from student accommodation that is operational upon your arrival. At the end of your studies, you can choose to keep your furniture by purchasing part or all of it or having it removed at the end of the contract.

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