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Why does Influencer Engagement Rate Matter?

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Influencer marketing has indeed become one of the most preferred marketing strategies among brands who desire to increase their online presence and achieve high ROI. There was a time when brands heavily relied on social media posts and digital ads, but have not realized the benefits of influencer marketing to drive high traffic and attain brand recognition. Collaborating with recognized influencers can help brands to access a built-in audience of potential customers. 

There are various metrics in influencer marketing – one of them being influencer engagement. This metric helps brands in selecting the right influencers who have showcased quality work on their social media handles. Additionally, this helps brands in identifying the relationship between influencers’ followers and the brand content. But before we dive deep into this topic, let us clear our basics. 

What is the Influencer engagement rate? 

Influencer engagement rate is a metric used to analyze the effectiveness of brand campaigns. These rates show brand partners, account executives, and everyone in the world of digital marketing that consumers are actively engaging with their content. Simply put, influencer Influencer engagement rate tells you how engaged your audience is with your content.

How are engaged consumers interacting with your brand through the content you promote? Actions like likes, comments, and shares are good examples. When customers interact with videos, blog posts, social media posts, photos, infographics, or other valuable content that encourages communication, they are more likely to convert to paying customers.  

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Why is influencer Influencer engagement rate important? 

Influencer engagement rates are important because they are used to analyze your brand’s social media. A metric that helps you evaluate your competitors and perform the necessary analysis. It is also ideal for evaluating social media advertising campaigns.

Influencer engagement rates are calculated based on the number of social media followers a company has, so you can compare the percentages between small and large companies. High consumer engagement indicates that you are posting great value content. Influencer engagement rate shows how many and how often people are connecting with your brand. Higher influencer engagement rates mean more people are commenting, liking, sharing and mentioning your brand and its content. A high influencer engagement rate means a much higher potential reach for your brand. 

5 ways to calculate influencer engagement rate

Brands need to understand what is the engagement rate on posts of influencers. We have listed below 5 ways to calculate influencer engagement for your perusal: 

  1. Interaction rate by reach (ERR): Calculating engagement rate by reach is the most commonly used method when researching potential influencers. Measures the percentage of viewers who decide to take action after watching your content.
  1. Interaction rate by post (ER post): This method is similar to his ERR, the only difference is that it measures the percentage of influencer followers who engage with their posts. This is the preferred method many influencers use to calculate their engagement rate.
  1. Interaction Rate by Impression (ER Impression): Impressions are the number of times your content was displayed on a user’s screen. The audience doesn’t necessarily have to deal with the content. In this way, comparing impressions to reach can help you understand if your post is clickable. 
  1. Daily Interaction Rate (Daily ER): In some cases, you may want to know how your followers interact with influencers daily. However, keep in mind that daily engagement rates can vary depending on how often potential influencers post new posts and the days of the week.
  1. Interaction rate by view (ER view): Social media platforms that allow video content can also measure engagement rates based on views. Note, however, that the calculation treats full video views and partial views the same. So I don’t know if the majority of viewers watched the video for only 1 minute or if he watched the full 10 minutes.
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Final thoughts

As you can see, many things affect engagement rates. Mastering this metric and learning to analyze influencer profiles, in general, can seem like a daunting task. But don’t despair! With practice, you’ll be able to use engagement to take your Instagram campaigns to the ‘next level’. 

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