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Why Is Employee Engagement So Important in 2023?

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Employee engagement is more important now than ever before as the nature of work has changed so drastically in the last decade. In the midst of a global pandemic and an increase in remote and flexible working, employers must take extra steps to ensure that their employees feel valued, connected and productive. A lack of engagement can lead to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, decreased customer satisfaction and soaring turnover rates. Keeping employees engaged and motivated is an important part of maintaining a healthy and successful working environment in 2023.

Implement Team-Building Events

“Employees should be given the opportunity to engage with each other and to build stronger relationships outside of the workplace. Events such as virtual happy hours, online team-building activities and companywide challenges can help to foster connection and a sense of community. Employers should prioritize activities that promote collaboration, trust and support,” says Lily Zay from Hihello.

“Using a professional company to help with your team-building events can lead to both engagement and productivity,” notes Lilian Chen of Bar None Games. “Experts in the niche can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, helping to create an exciting and effective team-building environment tailored specifically to your team. Additionally, professional team building can also give your team members a chance to bond and build relationships, which can contribute to team morale and high employee retention rates.”

Encourage Open Communication

“Feedback is essential for fostering a productive and engaged workplace. Employers should create a culture of open and honest communication, allowing employees to voice their ideas and concerns without fear of repercussion. Leadership should be transparent, providing employees with access to relevant information and progress updates. Regular check-ins and one-on-one meetings between managers and employees should also be encouraged,” shares Jessica Shee from iBoysoft.

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Provide Flexible Work Options

“A flexible and accommodating approach to work can make all the difference when it comes to employee engagement. Giving employees the autonomy to manage their own time and to make decisions that best suit their individual needs and interests can inspire creativity and boost morale. Employers should also consider offering flexible scheduling, remote working options, and other forms of work-life balance to keep their employees motivated and engaged,” says Tiffany Payne, Head of Content at PharmacyOnline.co.uk.

“The bottom line is that happy employees will be more productive and in tune with their roles and responsibilities,” states David Hatfield of Body and Soul Personal Training. “And the best way to provide an unforgettable client experience is to show up well-rested and looking forward to sharing your time with your next appointment. Flexibility can be a factor that not only adds to your own success, but can also be instrumental in filling your customer’s needs when appointments need to be rescheduled or other unexpected situations arise.”

Start an Employee Mentorship Program

“By creating an employee mentorship program, employers can help employees to gain new skills and to develop professionally. Mentors can serve as valuable resources, providing guidance and support throughout the onboarding process and an employee’s career. This can help to increase motivation and job satisfaction, as well as enhance employee engagement and productivity,” adds Carl Panepinto,  Marketing Manager at  Tiling Courses.

Promote From Within for Open Roles

Providing employees with the opportunity to grow and advance in their careers can be a great way to keep them engaged. Promoting from within may also serve to reduce hiring costs and to ensure that internal candidates are given the same chance to apply for open roles as external candidates. Employers should set aside time to develop their current employees and make sure they are aware of available promotion opportunities.

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“Companies that post jobs without first looking at their pool of qualified talents can foster negative feelings and even resentment, says Victor Mathieux of Miracle Brand. “But the key thing to remember is that if you don’t value your employees, chances are that someone else will. So, always be on the lookout for team members who show signs of possessing leadership skills, or who are always looking for growth opportunities within the company.”

Key Takeaways

Employee engagement is essential for fostering a healthy and productive workplace in 2023. Employers should prioritize activities that promote collaboration, trust and support, such as team-building events and open communication. They should also provide flexible work options, start a mentorship program and promote from within for open roles. By taking these steps, employers can help to keep their employees engaged and motivated in the coming year.

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