Why Is It Important to Investigate a Franchise Before Entering a Business?

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Buying a franchise allows the investor to be their boss and have the backing of a trusted and reputable brand. Also, the risks are minimal because you’ll be adopting an already tested and successful business model.

Franchising can be lucrative and you do not have to start your dream business from scratch. But to succeed in this business model you must investigate what you’re getting yourself into beforehand. The advice of an attorney for a master franchise can come in handy, particularly if you’re considering a master franchise.

How do you investigate a franchise? Read on to learn why you should investigate a business, and how to gain information.

Why You Should Investigate a Franchise

Partnering with an already established business comes with certain advantages. For instance, your business gets the support of a larger, well-established, and reputable corporation. Even with those advantages, you should do due diligence and ensure your goals and visions align with those of the franchise. So, how’s the investigation done? The best approach is to ask the following questions:

1. What are the Values of the Franchise?

If your values and the company’s do not align, you shouldn’t look any further–that’s a clear sign that you’re bound to fail. For instance, if your dream is to transform society positively, you should look for a company with similar values. You may also discover that the financial policies of the franchise do not align with your values, meaning it’s time to look elsewhere.

2. How Much Capital is required?

It’s important to research the initial costs of establishing the business. Also, ensure you understand all about: 

  • Franchise fee;
  • Monthly royalties;
  • Cost of supplies and equipment;
  • Marketing expenses, and other costs.
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Although most of these fees and costs are unavoidable when starting a franchise, you’ll want to review them beforehand and understand the financial expectations.

3. Is the Company Reputable?

You’ll be trading under the name of the franchised business (the franchisor’s trademark). This means that you should know whether the franchisor is reputable as it will impact your reputation. The truth is that you’ll be better off investing with a reputable brand.

4. What are the Expectations of the Franchisor?

The franchisee must know what the franchisor expects them to do. For instance, most companies work with deadlines, targets and other benchmarks. This means that the mother company will expect its outlets to meet the necessary standards. That said, the franchisee (buyer) must decide whether they can meet the expectations and make informed choices.

5. What’s the Workplace Culture of the Franchising Business?

You’ll undoubtedly spend a significant portion of your life at work as long as the franchise agreement is active. With that in mind, it’s important to learn and understand the workplace culture before committing yourself. Know how the company deals with vacation time, employee medication, and other benefits. Understanding the company’s culture is the first step in evaluating your future in the company.

How to Investigate a Franchise

Asking the above questions is a good place to start, but how is the investigation done? The following tips can help you learn much about a company before committing yourself to sign a contract.

a) Read and Review the Franchise Agreement

A franchise agreement regulates the relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee. The law requires franchisors to make certain disclosure to prospective buyers before any financial commitments are entered. For instance, the franchising company must disclose finances in addition to the rules and regulations of the franchise.

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b) Consult Other Buyers (Franchisees)

Visiting other franchisees will help you know whether the deal is worth the time. Experienced franchisees can advise you on the best way of breaking into the business.

c) Attending a Discovery Day

After applying for the role of a franchisee, you’ll be invited for an interview by the franchisor. The interview day is also called the “discovery day” and it’s typically the best opportunity to learn how the franchise work. In simple terms, the discovery day allows a prospective franchisee has a taste of the expectations.

 d) Read Online Reviews

Online reviews help businesses understand their customers. In other words, an online review is a measure of customer experience and a company’s reputation.

Your Freedom and Security

You likely understand the benefits of starting a franchise by now. As aforementioned, franchising comes with the advantages of owning a business while trading under the name of a reputable brand.

How do you go about this? Conducting online research is the best place to start if you’re considering a franchise opportunity. Always remember that franchising is an ingenious way of owning a business without having to start from scratch.

If you’re considering starting a franchise, it’s always important to do due diligence and investigate the franchise opportunity. 

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