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Why Manufacturers Struggle to Produce plus Size Bras


Manufacturers often face challenges when producing plus size bras due to limited fabric stretch that doesn’t affect strength. Molded cups, for instance, may not be feasible in larger cup sizes due to these limitations.

Unfortunately, many bras manufacturers do not carry sizes beyond an H cup. Thankfully, some brands have expanded their selection to accommodate fuller busts.

It’s a lot more expensive

Bra manufacturing can be an expensive endeavor, involving approximately 60 different steps that must be done to craft one. Furthermore, it’s a delicate garment that needs special handling to ensure its optimal quality.

Manufacturers typically specialize in a particular size range, such as 32As or 36Cs; therefore, brands looking to expand beyond this must find another factory that can produce them.

Producing bras in larger sizes necessitates using different materials and components. Manufacturers must upgrade their underwire, hook-and-eye closures and shoulder straps, among other details, in order to achieve success.

It’s a lot more complicated

Producing plus size bras is much more complex than producing T-shirts, as five panels must be sewn together with relative ease; on the other hand, a bra requires many smaller pieces of fabric with unique shapes and requires far more materials than what’s used for a T-shirt.

There are a few reasons for this. Larger bras require more skill to design and craft, which usually translates to a higher price tag.

Another reason it’s more challenging for manufacturers to create large bras is that it requires stronger materials and construction. This includes things like thicker shoulder straps, hook-and-eye closures on the back and elastic bands made with stronger material than what you would find on smaller bras.

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Harrington notes that larger bras often necessitate more skill to properly care for the fabrics used, leading to a higher price tag as well.

It’s a lot more difficult

Producing plus size bras is much more complex than designing bras for smaller cup sizes due to the inability of women with small breasts to move them around inside of bra cups, making the task much more daunting than designing bras with larger breast mass.

Additionally, most manufacturers specialize in one specific model of bra. This makes it challenging for companies to develop and produce bras with a range of cup sizes without compromising quality.

No, there are still plenty of brands out there that specialize in producing bras for larger busts – there certainly are. However, their growth and expansion prospects tend to be much more limited than those faced by companies producing smaller sizes. That being said, there remain opportunities for expansion within the plus market that can be taken advantage of.

It’s a lot more risky

Bras are notoriously complex to design, making them particularly challenging for smaller brands to get right. After all, you need to account for various body types and shapes when creating one.

Women with larger busts require bras that provide more support than those for smaller cup sizes. This may include wider bands, more supportive straps, and molded cups which help shape the breasts without adding bulk.


If you’re a plus-sized woman searching for the ideal bra, competition is fierce. Thankfully, some lingerie brands have responded to demand by creating innovative, trend-forward designs in various styles. With any luck, you’ll find your ideal fit quickly and proudly show off your best bra!

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