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Why People are Opting for the 2023 Toyota GR86?

The 2023 Toyota GR86 is possibly the car that has improved the most since its launch. Toyota has implemented several improvements that ensured this vehicle became an impressive car. People can check it out by visiting Meridian Toyota dealer or simply going through information first that shows why people opt for this automobile nowadays.

Reasons people opt for this car

From excellent performance to an affordable cost, this sports car will check all the boxes. A few major reasons for people buying this 2023 version comprises:

  • Improved powertrain
  • Sporty interior
  • Reasonable pricing of variants

To simplify, these are explained in detail below!

  1. Improved powertrain of GR86

The 2023 version of GR86 is equipped with a horizontally aspirated 4-cylinder engine. The outgoing models took 6.2 seconds to reach 0-60 mph; however, this new generation will only take 5.4 seconds for the same. Also, it will take 14 seconds for this car to complete a quarter-mile lap. Such improvement is possible due to its 2.4L engine that produces 228 ponies.

By default, this engine is mated with a manual 6-speed; however, if people want, they can get the optional automatic 6-speed too. This new engine feels more powerful and livelier according to drivers; also, it sounds thunderous that offers thrills on road along with its sharp handling.

Irrespective of this vehicle’s handling supremacy, the suspension system is quite excellent to use as a regular commuting transport. In short, its powertrain allows people to use this vehicle daily on the road or track without any hassle.

In addition, getting the automatic transmission model will aid people to enjoy a mileage of 21 mpg on city roads and 31 mpg on highways.

  1. Sporty and stylish interior
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There haven’t been many changes in the interior department of GR86. However, the interior design is sporty yet classy looking making it attractive in the eyes of potential buyers. It is one of the few sports cars that still offer a 4-seater option in this category. Even the rear seats of this vehicle are quite comfortable and roomy for adults to sit on.

The infotainment display of 8 inches is an improvement over the outgoing models’ 7-inch screen. Moreover, the gauge digital display can be reconfigured into modes like Track, Normal, or Sport. Some other standard features include Sirius XM radio (with a three-month free trial period), Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, etc.

If you want to have a look at its interior to have a better idea, then visit a Toyota dealer near Meridian.

  1. Price set for this car

The entry-level trim starts from $28k, while the Special Edition’s estimated price is $32.2k and Premium costs $33k approximately. You can opt for any of these versions of GR86 because each variant offers satisfying performance and more to the buyers.

Hence, if you are looking for a sports car that is affordably priced, offers more seating space, and performs well on roads and tracks, then opt for the 2023 GR86. These are the reasons why people are opting to purchase this vehicle instead of other available cars.