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Why Strategy Games are The Future of Team Building

Gaming has become an influential part of people’s lives around the world, irrespective of age. In recent times, we have been spoiled for choice, with the variety in the types of online games we can play. But among the many variations, the most significant and beneficial one among online games is strategy games.

Talking about the benefits, there are many ways in which online strategy games can actually help in the real world, from communication, to strategic thinking, the games can help you level up in the game of life! One of the most effective areas of benefit is the quality of team building. Playing the Best strategy games online can readily boost one’s quality of team performance and building. But how? Well, in the following discussion, we will dive into how strategy games can help you become a better teammate

What are online strategy games?

Strategy games, if a description is to be provided about them, will be such games that require

the players to build, formulate and design different effective strategies that would help them individually, as a whole, to outwit their opponents. When these games are played on a large scale, they are generally called MMO’s

Generally, strategy games, especially the ones that are played online, are the ones that require playing in teams. Therefore, automatically there will be the influence of one team member on the other, and each of the members has to cooperate to win the game or its missions. Thus, the quality of team building and sustenance becomes a huge part of online strategy games.

How do online strategy games enhance team building?

Among the numerous benefits that online strategy games offer players, enhancing the quality of

team building is one of them. And here are the ways in which online strategy games help in enhancing team building.

  • Requires the involvement of every team player

In online strategy games, formulating a strategy does not mean that the players will achieve the ultimate goal. Most of the time, the process of strategizing requires the minds of all the players in the team. Mostly, strategy coming from only one player might not work at all, or might take the team only to some extent.

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But, every online strategy game has numerous levels and missions which require formulating different strategies. Thus, it is quite evident that not one person or player alone can develop every type of strategy by themselves. Therefore, when every member comes together to use their ideas, opinions and skills to formulate the best strategy, it automatically enhances team building quality in every player.

  • Involves cooperation among players

The fundamental and inevitable positive consequence of being a part of any team is communication among the players. If not on the verbal level, there has to be communication on the non-verbal level. In the instances of online strategy games, the players need to formulate strategies that are effective and have the potential to bring the team towards the goals.

Therefore, communication requires cooperation. The players have to ensure that they communicate their opinions, ideas and plans regarding the strategy. It is necessary not just while formulating the strategies but also while implement them. Therefore, cooperation becomes an integral part and quality of the players in online strategy games. And in team building, cooperation is the most important component, thereby showing how online strategy games can enhance team bundling.

  • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of the players

Nobody is perfect, which means, every player must have some beneficial skills and, at the same time, must have certain drawbacks as well. The online strategy games help the players in the team to unravel and understand the skills and weaknesses of each other and, most importantly, about themselves as well. And this process holds the utmost importance in determining the success of the teams in the games.

When the players in a team are aware of the skills and weaknesses of each member of the team, it becomes easy to assign tasks in every mission or level that would secure them the best results and success in the game. It also helps in designing and implementing the strategies for the game accordingly. Therefore, knowing about the strengths and weaknesses of the team members helps in making the team as efficient as possible. Consequently, it highly enhances the quality of team building, both individually and on a holistic level.

  • Influence of rewards
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The most effective component of every online strategy game is the part where the players get rewards. Rewards can be in different forms. It can be a promotion to the next level, unlocking new missions, unlocking new equipment, weapons, avatar or customizing options. But the bottom line is the importance of implementing rewards. These rewards provide a drive to the players or complete a mission and play well. And playing well would mean formulating effective strategies through cooperation.

Therefore, from the indirect point of view, the rewards are the motivating forces that compel the players to cooperate with each other and, thus, boost the quality of team building among them. One of the most known online strategy games is the Block Lords strategy game which offers the players the perfect motivation through the rewards that compel each one of them to cooperate with each other to reach the mutilated hole in the game.

  • Learning about contributions and sacrifices

One of the many erroneous aspects of teamwork is the phenomenon where one member works less than the other, and other players have to compensate for this. But, in online strategy games, it is quite difficult to be successful in the missions and different levels if all the players are not completing their responsibilities or are not giving the efforts up to the mark as expected or required. Therefore, this teaches each player about contributing equally and as much as they are used to contributing.

On the other hand is another important quality, which is the quality of sacrifice. In the quality of team building, the team is always the priority. Thus, it might call for such situations which would require the player to look for the gain of the team at the cost of their own gains. Therefore, online strategy games teach the players to sacrifice as well, which is another integral part of team building.

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Best Strategy Games to look out for in 2023

Halcyon 6

The PC exclusive game is a narrative-driven strategy game, set in deep space. The player’s  command of a small crew on an illusive ancient space station, Halcyon 6 combines the compelling storytelling and rich worldbuilding of a good RPG with the turn-based combat mechanics of a well-built strategy game.

Even though the game isnt a pure strategy, it is definitely one to watch going into 2023, and beyond.


A genre defining title, set to release later this year, BLOCKLORDS is a MMO grand strategy game, built on blockchain technology – giving players complete ownership of their experiences! The game has seen immense funding from the spaces leading investors, some of BLOCKLORDS’s backers include Makers Fund, BITKRAFT Ventures and more. Check out someBLOCKLORDS gameplay here

Jagged Alliance 3

In Jagged Alliance 3, players are thrown in as citizens of a resource rich nation, that has its fair share of political issues. The President suddently goes missing and things take a turn for the worst. You are part of the President’s family, who have made an alliance with a group of mercenaries through the Adonis Corporation and as a result, you’re on a mission to take back whats rightfully yours. The Game is developed by Haemimont Games, and as of now there is no release date, but there is a legacy trailer, to get a glimpse of the action

pick and choose which mercenaries to use, and then, and go out on an expansive campaign to find the truth about the President!

Final Words

Online strategy games have been quite effective in boosting the quality of team building among the players. The above aspects of online strategy games make it evident that they can potentially influence people in team building most optimally. If you are looking to build your teamwork skills, check out a few of the games listed!