YouTube Exodus – How to turn YouTube views into real traffic

YouTube is one of the marketing tools that everyone is familiar with, but rarely mastered even by experienced internet marketers. When it comes to YouTube, getting more views is very easy, but converting viewers into website visitors is very difficult. Creating the right content model for you and your video community is key to making the YouTube platform a reality.

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Don’t give it all

The number one rule for turning YouTube views into traffic is to not expose your farm in your videos. In an ideal world, you’d create a blog post or landing page where the video in question was just one of the focal points. For example, let’s say a video provides very specific tips on how to create articles more easily using a simple template or execution concept. Once we’ve reached the end of the video and the viewer fully understands how to use the method, the next step is to learn a simple way to get the most out of the same technique in her specific SEO placement.

The goal isn’t to create videos to tell people that they can find more information on your site, but that users should actually learn more about the video they’re watching when they follow the link. Its purpose is to inform the user of an info box that can be taken directly to the desired location. This way your view turns into traffic. You can also add a video to your landing page. This ensures that your site is a true and authoritative source of information on the topic and that Youtube to MP3 only a means of providing that information.

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I answer questions, but not YouTube.

YouTube has a great commenting system for users to interact with the creator of the video, but we recommend disabling comments. I strongly support free speech, but I also support turning questions into visits. At the end of the video, be willing to answer the user’s question, and comment on the same page with an informational link. Tell them you can ask questions in the section.

Alternatively, you can leave comments on your YouTube video open to let your viewers know that you’re only answering questions on your site. While this may take away the sense of community that a YouTube channel needs, it can increase the community appeal of a real website. You can still allow free speech.

You can make money online with YouTube videos and affiliate marketing, but did you know that you can’t make money on YouTube itself? Here are two secret sites I found. Video clicks are paid (no video optimization). Another video got more views in a week than half the number of YouTube videos in a month (again without video optimization or algorithms).

It all started when I was having trouble with the usual social giants, and got to the point where I was fed up with all the bureaucracy! Working hard to create my own quality content But my post is full of spam. I was tricked by bit coin and binary trading spammers! Yes, you know exactly what platform I mean.

Apart from providing access to their excellent alternative video platforms. It also provides access to new alternatives to mainstream media. This is when you’re tired of all the silly T’s and C’s and fact-checking and all the whining. The site you are about to visit has a very attractive audience, with the majority (70%+) coming from top tier countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).

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Get buyer traffic without hassle.

Getting traffic to your affiliate link is one thing. But converting those visitors into sales and engagement is another matter entirely. Honestly, people who want to get involved in affiliate marketing immediately follow mainstream media and big social media. Stop! Don’t waste your time and effort just to get blocked, banned or suspended.

If you’ve spent days or weeks researching and creating your own content, you’re just going crazy! No. By the way, this leaves a huge gap in your continuity. That’s why you’re still struggling. Consistency is very important if you want to drive traffic to your affiliate link. We don’t need social giants.

No silly T and C needed. Also, I’m sure you’re as tired of “fact checking” as I am. Fortunately, these days you can’t even joke without a “fact check.”

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