10 Best AI Tools For Restaurant Operations

10 Best AI Tools for Restaurant Operations

10 Best AI Tools for Restaurant Operations
10 Best AI Tools for Restaurant Operations

Nowadays, the restaurant industry is always looking for new and creative ways to improve its processes, make customers happy, and increase its profits. AI has come into existence, now restaurants can use it as a myriad of tools that can surely transform the way they work. These AI-powered tools are created to make the management of restaurants better by optimizing various aspects such as inventory management and customer service. In this article, we’ll analyze the ten AI tools for restaurant operations, and the features, pros, and cons of each, and show how they can help restaurant owners and managers to make better decisions.



 Description: SevenRooms is a robot help reservation, seating, and guest management platform that improves the dining experience for both guests and restaurant staff. The system employs AI algorithms to sort out the table assignments, estimate the time that the customers will be waiting, and provide the guests with tailored interactions.


– The cutting-edge reservation management system is the name for the system of automatic reservation of train tickets.

– Immediate table arrangement and reservation are the two problems that are improved by a possible solution.

– Guest profiling and tailored suggestions are just two examples of how the emotion in a guest can be transported to the product.

– POS and integrating systems go together hand in hand in the sense that Maximo is set to smooth the transition into a one-stop-shop.


– The working efficiency of the operations is improved by the automation of the reservation and seating processes.

– The driver of the guest’s satisfaction the guests with the specific experiences is boosted.

– Child member’s spirit and intent uniquely support the management of the procedure.


– The first phase includes the technical setup and the integration of the computer system, which might need the help of technical experts.

– Small eateries may face difficulties in paying for such amenities due to the high costs.

Link: SevenRooms

Price: $499/month

Toast POS

Toast POS

Description: Toast POS is a platform that combines all the functions required for running a restaurant and uses AI to simplify the order taking, payment process, and inventory management. It presents the POS solutions of different customization for restaurants, cafes, and bars which are fitted to their specific needs.


– Order management and predictive analytics powered by AI are the major examples of true innovation for the future.

– Inventory tracking and the reporting of the ingredients are the main issues that could be dealt with when it comes to the food they are served.

– The rephrase of the given sentence is online ordering and delivery management.

– The art of managing employees and minimizing labor costs is what the given sentence is talking about.


– In the words of other students, improves order accuracy, and decreases the wait times.

– Facilitates the reduction of food expenses and the least wastage of them.

– The main function of the project is the enhancement of staff scheduling and payroll processes.


– The first time the laboratory is set up and the personnel are trained, it is going to be very time-consuming.

– Extra charges for the special features and services add-ons are also included.

Link: ToastPOS

Price: $69/month



Description: xtraCHEF is an AI-based invoice processing and cost management system for restaurants and food service businesses created especially for them. It is the accounts payable process that is automated, thus eliminating human errors, helping in the identification of the ways to decrease costs, and at the same time, actionable suggestions are provided to increase profitability.


– AI-assisted invoicing and data extraction are the main users of this technology.

– The tracking and management of the costs and budget are the ultimate features of the given sentence.

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– Taking care of the suppliers and the purchasing data analysis are the two key aspects of supply chain management.

 – The software can be integrated with accounting software which in turn allows for the smooth transfer of financial information for easy financial reporting.


– Implements automation of accounts payable tasks and the consequent lowering of the data entry work is removed.

– Reveals the errors and hence, the overcharging by the suppliers is prevented.

– Offers instantaneous glance into food expenses and spending patterns.


– Contains continuous evaluation to guarantee the correctness of data collection.

– The food truck business might not be the best option for restaurants with complicated procurement procedures.

Link: xtraCHEF

Price: $149/month

Presto AI

Presto AI

Description: Presto AI is a detailed AI-driven system that boosts various parts of restaurant management, such as ordering, payments, and interaction with guests. It makes use of machine learning algorithms to meet individual preferences and thus, enhances customer satisfaction while improving operational efficiency.


– The digital menus powered by AI and the ordering kiosks are the embodiments of the use of AI in the restaurant industry.

– The income from the integrated payment processing and mobile wallet integration has been reported from sources in this section.

– Maid existence of guest reviews and opinion assessments are the best ways to know what the guests have to say about the place they are visiting.

– Loyalty program management and mass media marketing campaigns are the two-fold approaches directed at a certain group of customers.


– The company thus achieves better order accuracy and lesser wait times.

– The improvement of guest satisfaction with personalized recommendations is the result of customer requests to provide a unique feature.

 – Customer retention is strengthened by the customer marketing activities that are tailored to the specific needs of the customers.


 – The first phase- the formation and designing of layout and conditions- might need a great deal of resources.

– Having compatibility problems with the current POS systems is a probability of occurrence.

Link: Preston

Price: Free



 Description: CrunchTime is a restaurant management system that uses AI to control the food and labor costs, inventory level optimization, and the overall profitability of the restaurant operator. It offers instant access to the main performance indicators and the data that can be used to make critical decisions.


– AI-based demand forecasting and inventory optimization are the two main things that AI-powered devices do.

– Labor scheduling and performance monitoring is the activity of planning a balanced distribution of working hours and the creation of efficient and efficient working techniques.

– Supplier management and procurement analytics are the ones that make things easy for the users.

– The system of compliance monitoring and food safety tracking is hooked up like a chain, making it simpler to control food safety.


– Cuts down the volume of food waste and minimizes the number of times when the inventory stocks are empty.

 – Controls the labor scheduling to the demand fluctuation changes.

– The establishment of the contract of maintenance of the text confirms the adherence to the regulatory requirements and industry standards.


– The implementation can be a long and challenging process, and it would mean that companies would have to invest in intensive training and onboarding.

– The interaction of Java with the already-existing systems might be a problem.

Link: CrunchTime

Price: starts from $1 

Light Speed

Light Speed

Description: It is a cloud-based restaurant management platform that uses the power of AI to simplify operations, increase revenue, and enhance guest experiences. Among the numerous benefits, it provides a variety of tools, such as POS integration, story management, and romance analytics.


– AI-driven sales forecasting and a menu of choice is what Fu is about.

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– The monitoring of the inventory and the determination of the recipe cost are the two of the main reasons for the study of the professional caterers.

– Guest engagement and loyalty program management is the art of keeping guests on good terms with each other and their loyalty programs, thereby ensuring a happy and satisfied customer base.

– The staff performance monitoring and training tools are the aspects that mark the beginning of the process of performance-oriented work.


– Allows the trends and opportunities for revenue growth to be found.

– Declutters the inventory management system and, in turn, pays for food costs.

– The increasing option that improves guest satisfaction with personalized experiences is personalization.


– The project may need extra hardware or software installments.

– The minimal modification of some features leaves the students with only participating in a few options of its kind.

Link: LightSpeed

Price: Starter $69/month

          Essential $189/month

          Premium $399/month



Description: Wisely is a smart AI-based guest management platform that aids restaurants in seating organization, increasing table turnover, and the improvement of guest experiences. It is a system that employs machine learning methods to foresee the behavior and likes of the guests and thus provides individualized communications.


– AI-implemented waitlist and reservation control are the tools used to make a better waiting list and reservations system.

– Table arrangement optimization and real-time seating updates are the next step in perfecting the way events are arranged and attended.

– Guest segmentation and the following of special guest marking campaigns are the perfect solutions to the problems of a hotel.

– Coordination with the POS systems to make the whole process smooth is the key to success in businesses.


– Decreases the length of the wait and increases the table turnover rates.

– Personalizes the guest experience, thereby, increasing the sense of satisfaction of the guests.

– Offers useful clues about the guests’ behavior and choices.


– Small restaurants are targeted, this is the reason why not all want to try to open more outlets.

– Connecting with the systems that are already being used may demand technical knowledge.

Link: Wisely

Price: $150/month



Description: Avero is an AI-based restaurant analytics platform that assists operators in improving their performance, boosting revenue, and driving expansion. It gives the statistics of sales trends, menu performance, and operational efficiency. This helps the decision-makers to make the decisions which are based on data.


– Forecasting of the sales and labor by AI-driven is an alternative name for it.

– Meneurge and item-level profitability analysis are the techniques that are used to make the changes in the menu and, at the same time, to analyze the profitability of the specific items.

– The monitoring of staff performance and the development of criteria for the distribution of incentives are the chief concerns of the staff performance tracking and incentive management system.

– Customizable dashboards and reporting tools can provide a personalized environment for the user and a detailed analysis for the company.


– Enhances the decision-making process with fresh and accurate data and insights available from the analytics.

– The process assists in discovering the chances for cost cuts and increasing the profits.

– The reason for enhancing operational efficiency and staff productivity is that it leads to an increase in the operational efficiency and staff productivity.


– The first attempt and configuration of the solar system could be a time-consuming process.

– Needs to keep going and be updated to make sure it is right. 

Link: Avero

Price: Starter Free

          Essentials $300/year

          Professional $600/year



Description: Yumpingo is an AI-based software that assists restaurants in gathering, analyzing, and taking action on customer feedback in real time. The method employs the algorithms of natural language processing (NLP) to get data from the guests’ reviews and surveys, and, therefore, the operators can enhance service quality and guest satisfaction.

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– The AI-enabled guest feedback collection and analysis is a system to ensure accurate and efficient gathering and examination of guests’ opinions and suggestions.

– The tool enables the users to observe the sentiment analysis and trends of the people in real-time.

– Operational performance tracking and benchmarking are essential components of the process of measuring and comparing the business’s performance.

– Interface the point of sale systems with the inventory management system for uninterrupted information collection.


– Helps to find the actions that subsequently will make the service quality better.

– Allows the operators to take the guest feedback in real-time which is useful to them to respond to the guests.

– It is efficient in detecting the trends and the gaps which can be improved.


 – The technology may need the staff to be trained to use it in the best way to efficiently carry out feedback initiatives.

– The system’s connection to the current systems may need technical know-how.

Link: Yumpingo

Price: Free Trial 



Description: Choco is an AI-based procurement platform that makes the ordering process in restaurants and food service businesses a lot easier. It employs machine learning algorithms to handle the purchasing decisions, cut down the expenses, and establish supplier relationships.


– AI-enabled demand forecasting and order optimization is the creation of a system that uses predictive analytics to forecast the demand and optimize the order.

– Supplier identification and establishing a good partnership are necessary.

– Inventory control and cost evaluation are the types of documentation that can be found in this answer.

– Merging with POS systems to achieve the perfect synchronization is an essential technology here.


– The boosted product satisfaction online is one in which only quality, fresh, and healthy food is delivered to customers at the mentioned time.

– Simplify buying procedures and lessen the amount of paperwork.

– gives an idea about the supplier’s performance and the trend of pricing.


– The chosen words are: “Low or no access to them in some areas”.

– The integration with the existing systems may have to be adapted to fit in with the system specifications, which will involve customization.

Link: Choco

Price: $39/month

FAQs About Best AI Tools for Restaurant Operations;

1. What are the ways that AI can enhance the customer experience at restaurants?

AI tools can assist restaurants in making customer experiences better by individualizing the interactions, making the service workflows easier, and predicting the needs of the guests.

2. Is it just the big restaurant chains; can the small ones also use it?

Although some AI tools are better for the bigger restaurant chains, many are created to meet the demands of small and medium-sized restaurants.

3. What are the primary factors that restaurants should take into account when adopting an AI solution for their activities?

When a restaurant is looking for an AI tool to use for its operations, it should consider the following: the ease of integration, the scalability, the cost-effectiveness, and the specific challenges they are going to solve with the tool. Moreover, it is vital to evaluate the extent of the help and training offered by the vendor to make sure the implementation and acceptance of the program are successful.


The restaurant business is currently going through a digital change, where AI is the leading factor in the improvement of operations and customer satisfaction. The ten AI tools that are underlined in this article are quite useful in finding the solutions for the several problems that restaurant owners and managers face, such as reservation management and inventory optimization, etc. Utilizing the ability of AI, restaurants can enhance their efficiency, cut down the costs, and finally, make their customers happy.

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