Baseball Terms: What Players Need To Know (2023)

Baseball Terms: What Players Need to Know (2023)

Baseball Terms: What Players Need to Know (2023)
Baseball Terms: What Players Need to Know (2023)
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Do you know what it takes to be a great baseball player?

All of us who love watching and playing baseball dream of one day playing at the professional level. If you play at a competitive level, mastering all the different baseball terms that the pros use is a crucial skill.

We’re here to give you a professional baseball guide to all of the common baseball terms.

Home Run

This term is used to describe when a batter hits the ball, it leaves the field, and the batter is able to make it to home plate and score a run. This is often the most thrilling outcome of a game for players, fans, and spectators. It is a skill and presence on the field, and many strive to be home-run hitters.

Achieving a home run is usually only possible if the ball is hit well over the outfield fence and the batter is able to sprint around all the bases in time. A home run is considered a special event because it requires considerable skill and accuracy.


This illegal motion includes pausing or changing arm direction prior to delivering the ball. It can also happen when the pitcher fails to come to a complete stop prior to delivery.

If a balk is called, the runners automatically advance one base. This can occur if a runner is on 1st and the batter is on 3rd. A balk can also result in a runner from 3rd base crossing home plate. Learn more about what is balk in baseball and start playing.

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Force Out, Tag Play, and Double Play

A force-out tag play is when the defense attempts to get a runner out by tagging them before they reach a base. This typically happens when the runner has strayed too far away from the base, as the defense is already in possession of the ball.

A double play is when two offensive players are put out in succession by the same play. It is called “double” because two players are out in one play. This is typically done on a force-out tag play in which the defensive team throws the ball to two different players in two separate attempts to force the runner to be put out. 

Strikes, Balls, Outs, and Innings

When playing baseball, it is important to understand the terms strikes, balls, outs, and innings. Strikes signify the number of times a batter is called for swinging at a pitch that misses the strike zone.

Balls are called when a pitch is thrown outside the strike zone and unreachable by the batter. Outs are when a batter fails to get a hit from three strikes or when a runner is dismissed from the field. Innings refer to the sequence of plays made by both the offense and defense, each inning lasting until three outs are made. 

Get Started With These Baseball Terms Now And Become A Top Player

In conclusion, players should take the time to familiarize themselves with baseball terms so that they are confident in their game knowledge and can execute their play more efficiently. Baseball terms should be a key focus when preparing for the 2023 season so that every play is a success story. Utilize our guide to learn terms and stay up-to-date on the lingo and rules of the game!

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