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Michael Richards
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Who is Michael Richards?

Michael Richards is a veteran American actor, screenwriter, and producer, famous because of the legendary role of his character Cosmo Kramer in the TV series “Seinfeld” from 1989 to 1998. On July 24, 1949, he was first born in Culver City, California. At that time, he was initially interested in drama and possible cinema. He started his studies at the California Institute of the Arts and later improved his acting skills in Washington Evergreen State College.

For impersonating the role of a serene, neurotic and highly energetic neighbor of Jerry Seinfeld, namely, Kramer, he was awarded wide-ranging recognition. The fact that he had his own unique style of physical comedy which was so specialized and his excellent timing were of utmost importance in making that particular character one of the most famous characters in the TV history. To appreciate Richards’ performance, he got three Primetime Emmy Awards that fete Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedic Series.

Even though Richards had made his way to the TV show, he still had to face difficulties following the revealing of a highly racist language in his on-stage performance which went viral, and brought him a lot of criticism and condemnation. This had a long-lasting impact on his professional life, and from then on, the rock star opted to veer away from movie and show business in favor of other fields. Yet, he had several guest appearances on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but he mostly tried to avoid the publicity circus.

Early Life of Michael Richards

The original Kramer aroused since he was born Michael Richards on July 24, 1949, in Culver City, California. His childhood was marked by the absence of a father who left the family when Michael was merely two years old, as Phyllis managed her job to be a medical records librarian. The influences of this diverse artistic and cultural landscape formed the major part of his early life. They embraced and sparked his talent that he quickly developed over the years.

The young Richards spent the entire 4 years at Thousand Oaks High School in California, during which he also was pursuing his passion for acting. Following graduation, he served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam Ware Eras, mainly in Germany as an orderly. Richards then entered a post-military life with the aim intentional to study drama. At an associate degree level he attended Los Angeles Valley college from which he later attained his Bachelor of Arts in drama from the California Institute of the Arts.

Michael Richards
Michael Richards

At a very young age Richards discovers his passion for drama that takes him to the experimental theatre scene where improvisational comedy and quirky, stunning performances make him better actor A little over seven years later this theatre background would determine his approach to television acting and this is what would propel him to fame as the oddball neighbour Cosmo Kramer on his show “Seinfeld”.

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The Career of Michael Richards

Michael Richards started his way in show business very serious, participating in improvisational comedy and joining such teams as The Groundlings in Los Angeles, a place noted for promoting comedians and actors who have become giants of world comedy. Although his particular physical comedy approach and robust reproduction of the characters stand out from the crowd, his talent is one of a kind.

At the end of seventies and early eighties, Richards brought himself to screen by playing smaller roles on many television series. His first major television experience was with the short-lived ABC variety show “Fridays (1980 – 1982)”, which was an attempt by ABC to replicate the huge success of the not-so-famous comedic TV series “Saturday Night Live” . It was here that Richards could demonstrate his acting abilities in several characters, as a primer for bigger roles.

In 1989, he achieved his initial mainstream success when he was cast as Cosmo Kramer in the NBC sitcom “Seinfeld,” created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. Kramer, with his different kind of unusual appearance, memorably long hair, exaggerated clothes, and ambivalent attitude, was a unique invention that became one of the stars in the history of American television. The award of three Primetime Awards Emmy to Richards as the Outstanding Supporting Actor in Curse Words earned him the respect of critics through the duration of show.

Michael Richards
Michael Richards

Never succeeding, after “Seinfeld” ended in 1998, Richards attempted to adopt what would be a deja vu situation by starring his own sitcom, “The Michael Richards Show” in 2000. Rare is the show that succeeds in this endeavor, but this one wasn’t so lucky, and the show was pulled from the air. From then on, he played roles of similar size and was eventually a guest star in some of the prime-time TV series.

However it performed a downfall on a career scale in 2006 after a campaign celebrated by the media occurred when during a performance of stand-up, he responded to the hecklers by using racial slurs. This episode caused all kinds of public anger, and it seriously spoil both his career and reputation.

Personal Life of Michael Richards

Out of the public eye- exposure is very low regarding Michael Richards, but the few snippets have caught the general public’s notice. He was initially wedded to Catherine (Cathleen) Lyons, another psychotherapist in 1974. In 1974, Leona and Johnny created their little family, from which they had one daughter, Sophia; however, the marriage did not last long, and they got divorced in 1992 after 18 years of sharing their lives. Next comes the union of Richards with his second wife, Beth Skipp, on the 2010, who they together since the year of 2002. They have a son as a common couple.

Especially outside his family life, meditative and spiritual expansion became uppermost for Richards, which was more pronounced after his notorious stand-up incident in 2006. He explicitly termed his actions writ, led to personal reflections and spiritual enlightenment that became a panacea for his post-script.

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Michael Richards
Michael Richards

At the moment, Richards has cut down on the time he spends under the media lens as he enjoys just having a more peaceful existence, with no celebrity-related drama. Being let go in his career, he still makes the occasional apprearances at “Seinfeld” reunions or fan gatherings, where he talks to the fans and takes pictures with them. It looks more like his life and manner being free from media reactions, trying to stay out of spotlight, undisturbed by media attention and focusing on his family and self-development.

Physical Statistics of Michael Richards

HeightApproximately 6’3″ (191 cm)
WeightEstimated around 165 lbs (75 kg)
Hair ColorBrown (usually seen as gray or white in later years)
Eye ColorBlue
Distinctive FeaturesTall frame, wild curly hair (characteristic especially during his time on “Seinfeld”)
Physical Statistic of Michael Richards

Net Worth of Michael Richards

Michael Richards’ net worth value estimated between $30,000,000 to $45,000,000. The money that he has amassed comes mostly from the “Seinfeld” show which is still garnering money from the royalties coming from the resale of the episode.

Throughout the 1989 to 1998 run of “Seinfeld,” he is the only regular cast member present with us from beginning to the show’s last shot. During the production of some of the Seinfeld episodes, Richards, along with his fellow cast members, received high salaries per episode, and their earnings rose to substantial amount to by the time season finale was approaching. Statistics show that it is possible that he earned approximately $600 thousand per episode by the last season, implying his clicky factor.

Interesting Facts about Michael Richards

  • Military Service: A U.S. Army veteran, Michael Richards, spent his formative years in Germany as the Vietnam War era commenced.
  • Theatrical Beginnings: He is academically trained because he studied drama for four years at the California Institute of Arts and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from this college.
  • Improv Background: Richards was in The Groundlings, an improv comedy group the people now call it ‘the most famous improvisational comedy troupe in Los Angeles’ where a lot of famous comedians have honed their skills.
  • Breakout Role: Kramer’s place on “Seinfeld” which was on being Kramer itself as that was improvised. Kramer’s role is highlighted by him being a character who does have his own types of behavior and style of physical comedies.
  • Emmy Awards: While Michael Richards was nominated for the Emmy Awards but won three Primetime Emmys as the Outstanding Supporting Actor in Comedy Series for his performance on “Seinfeld”.
  • Other Television Work: Richards would step in the role before and he appeared on “Fridays”, an act of sketch comedy show similar to “Saturday Night Live.”
  • Post-Seinfeld Struggles: Besides “Seinfeld”, he played the main role in “The Michael Richards Show”, which failed after the first episode.
  • Stand-up Controversy: In 2006 had the cost of ridicule Richards’s for a racially had been a show before as an audience which had significantly affected his career.
  • Personal Growth: The event saw Richards guest-star on several episodes of the show, specifically the storyline that was his real-life incident made it as a part of the fantasy “Seinfeld” reunion.
  • Away from the Spotlight: With time passing by, Michael Richards has stayed away from public, only occasionally appearing on screens, choosing his personal life over being involved in any television, film projects and so on.
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FAQs about Michael Richards

Who is Michael Richards?

The multi-talented Michael Richards is an American actor, comedian, writer.

The second question could be rephrased as “Who did Michael Richards become known for?”

Richards was known for his performance as Kramer on the “Seinfeld” series wherein his quirky amalgamation of physical comedy skills and odd personality traits came to be regarded as a cultural embellishment.

How much did Michael Richards win the Emmys?

It is hard to imagine an extensive career of an actor that was less rewarding than the triad of Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in “Seinfeld” that Michael Richards won.

What was he in the army?

Yes, technically he started his career as a medic in the U.S. Army serving in Germany which was during the era of the Vietnam War.

How the actor and comedian Michael Richards has unacceptable and insensitive racial slur accusations?

Richards in 2006, wittingly without hesitating, made use of a Laugh Factory stand-up act in LA to straighten the hecklers’ wrists with racial slurs, as a result, he became an object of publicity and media onslaught.

Even if Michael Richards has done others movies, does he still have an identity as a celebrity?

Absolutely, he has done some movies as well such as ‘UHF’, ‘Problem Child’, and ‘Airheads’ (all are 1989/1990/1994 respectively).

Was there really a sequel called “Show with Michael Richards” after the ending of “Seinfeld”?

Indeed, he was “The Michael Richards Show” star where he became a clumsy but amusingly funny private eye. The series was picked up but it did not last long – after a few episode came out, it was taken down from the schedule due to the audience’s dissatisfaction.

Please, add to your questions a starter: Michael Richards’ educational background is what?

The former Olympic gold medalist has had his initiation in the entertainment industry through his Bachelors of Drama Arts with a major in Acting Education from the California Institute of the Arts.

Let us explore Michael Richards’ sitcom show appearances after his Seinfeld.

Not only he hosted his own show, but also Richards featured in “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” where the season drew fun out of Richards’ true to life stand-up controversy.


Michael Richards is an actor who literally walked two opposite paths with regard to his career in television: he had years of heyday but also faced a big challenge. He became extremely popular as well as getting Cosmo Kramer part on “Seinfeld,” the role that rocketed his careers and highlighted his style of physical comedy and timing, and he was the genius of that he won three Emmy Awards for the performance and finally entered in to the pantheon of the iconic television characters. He delineated the role of Kramer who was a key player in the show and largely crossed over into the history of American comedy on television.