Bobby Lee - Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationships, Career, Net Worth & More

Bobby Lee – Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationships, Career, Net Worth & More

Bobby Lee
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Who is Bobby Lee?

Bobby Lee is an American actor, podcaster, and comedian who is best known for being a member of the ‘MADtv’ which aired from 2001 to 2009. He started to work for Comedy Story and decided to perform on one of their amateur nights. Since then he made a name for himself in the comedy industry.

Lee is also known for his roles in the movies ‘Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle’, ‘The Dictator’ and ‘Pineapple Express’. He co-starred in the series ‘Splitting Up Together’ alongside Oliver Hudson and Jenna Fisher between 2018 and 2019.

Lee’s comedic style is characterized by his boundless energy and expressive stage presence, fearlessly delving into taboo subjects with humor. He crafts his performances by weaving personal narratives and experiences, drawing from his unique perspective as a Korean-American. Additionally, Lee has been a sought-after guest on numerous podcasts, engaging in captivating and insightful conversations.

To summarize, Bobby Lee is an accomplished comedian and entertainer, acclaimed for his exceptional comedic abilities and valuable contributions to the entertainment landscape.

Early Life of Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee entered this world on September 18, 1971, in San Diego, California. His upbringing was marked by familial struggles related to substance abuse. Consequently, his childhood was tumultuous, and Lee turned to comedy as an escape from the challenging circumstances.

Being a Korean-American, Lee encountered unique obstacles stemming from cultural differences. Throughout his formative years, he often felt like an outsider due to both racial discrimination and difficulties assimilating into society. These personal experiences profoundly influenced his comedic style and subject matter.

During his teenage years, Lee discovered his talent for making people laugh and began performing stand-up comedy at local venues. Despite initial setbacks and rejections, he persisted and eventually caught the attention of talent scouts, which opened the doors to his breakthrough opportunity on the popular television show “MADtv.”

Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee

Lee’s tenure on “MADtv” from 2001 to 2009 marked a pivotal moment in his career. He showcased his skills through memorable character portrayals, such as the exuberant Asian gangster named “Tank” and the hyperactive child character named “Bae Sung.” This exposure on the show solidified his presence in the comedy sphere and paved the way for further ventures.

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In addition to his television work, Lee has also ventured into acting and writing. He has graced the silver screen in notable films like “Pineapple Express” and “The Dictator,” where he effectively demonstrated his comedic abilities. Furthermore, Lee has lent his voice to animated shows and has engaged in various writing projects.

Despite the adversities he faced during his early years, Bobby Lee’s unwavering passion for comedy and his relentless pursuit of success propelled him to become a highly regarded and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

The Career of Bobby Lee

Lee worked various jobs at cafes and restaurants before pursuing a career in comedy. In 1994, the coffee shop where he was working abruptly closed. “I just went next door to get a job,” he said, “which was The Comedy Store in San Diego” (also known as the La Jolla Comedy Store).

After a few months of working odd jobs at the club, he decided to try stand-up during one of their amateur nights. Within a year of doing regular comedy sets, he received offers to open for both Pauly Shore and Carlos Mencia. Lee went on to work regularly at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, a comedy club owned by Pauly Shore’s mother Mitzi.

Lee has said that his parents had hoped he would continue on with the family business and were less than supportive of his comedic pursuits at first. During a podcast interview conducted by fellow actor and comedian Joe Rogan on February 1, 2011, Lee stated that during the first few years, he did stand up, his parents barely spoke to him. However, after his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno his father called him, asked how much he had to pay to be on the show, and then apologized for not supporting his comedy career.

Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee

Lee has included his family in some of his work; his younger brother has appeared in several non-speaking roles on MADtv, and his entire family has appeared in a sketch on the show. Lee also pitched a sitcom to Comedy Central in 2007 about a Korean family which was to start his own family.

Lee hosted the 9th MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit Concert in 2013. In 2020, Lee began co-hosting the Bad Friends podcast with Andrew Santino.

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Lee joined the MADtv cast in 2001, becoming the show’s first and only Asian cast member. He has stated openly that he despised portraying the roles of Bae Sung and Connie Chung, as well as the “Average Asian” sketches. Lee continued with the cast until the show was canceled in 2009, and then returned briefly when MADtv was relaunched on The CW in 2016.

TigerBelly is a video podcast hosted by Bobby Lee and his ex-partner Khalyla Kuhn that began in 2015, featuring guests including technical engineer Gilbert Galon and producer George Kimmel. Kuhn grew interested in making her own podcasts after appearing as a guest on the DVDASA podcast.

Lee wrote and produced the show’s intro song, “Shadow Gook,” which was sung by Lee and Kuhn. The hosts discuss personal experiences as well as current events in popular culture, with a focus on Asian American problems such as the entertainment business, adolescence, sexuality, ethnicity, racism, and politics.

Here are the best highlights of Bobby Lee’s career: 

  • Pineapple Express (Movie, 2008) 
  • Paul (Movie, 2011) 
  • The Dictator (Movie, 2012) 

Personal Life of Bobby Lee

Lee began using methamphetamine and marijuana at the age of 12, and heroin by the age of 15, and went through three drug-rehab attempts before being sober at the age of 17. After receiving bad feedback from a producer, Lee relapsed on Vicodin and terminated her 12-year sobriety.

He got sober when MADtv producer Lauren Dombrowski fought for him after he was dismissed a second time from the show, a scenario Lee describes in the pilot episode of Comedy Central’s TV series This Is Not Happening. Lee acknowledged to guest Theo Von on TigerBelly episode 224 that he had relapsed following his father’s death from Parkinson’s disease in August 2019. He subsequently went to rehab and became sober again. Lee has stated that he is a recovering alcoholic.

Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee

Lee has been a long-time fan of Arsenal Football Club. Lee is also a computer game enthusiast, having enjoyed FIFA, Stardew Valley, The Elder Scrolls, Red Dead Redemption 2, and The Witcher series.

Steve Lee, Lee’s younger brother, is a musician and comedian. He co-hosts the Scissor Bros podcast with comedian Jeremiah Watkins and presents The Steebee Weebee podcast. Steve has also been on MADtv with Bobby, most notably in sketches with Kim Jong-il and Tank.

Physical Statistics of Bobby Lee

Height5’9″ (1.75 m)
Weight155 lb (70 kg)
Hair colorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Arm reach6’1″ (1.85 m)
Hand size8″ (20.3 cm)
Wingspan6’4″ (1.93 m)
Physical Stats of Bobby

Net Worth of Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee is an American actor, comedian, writer, and podcaster who has a net worth of $1 million. Bobby Lee became a household name when he was cast on the FOX sketch comedy series “MADtv,” which he starred on from 2001 to 2009.

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Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee

Interesting Facts about Bobby Lee

  • Bobby Lee was born and raised in San Diego, California.
  • He began his comedy career as a teenager, performing stand-up in local clubs.
  • Lee gained recognition on the sketch comedy show “MADtv” from 2001 to 2009.
  • He has appeared in popular films like “Pineapple Express” and “The Dictator.”
  • Known for his energetic and physical style of comedy.
  • Lee is a frequent guest on various podcasts.
  • He overcame initial rejections to establish a successful comedy career.
  • Lee tackles sensitive and taboo subjects with humor.
  • He has a devoted fan base and shares personal stories in his comedy.
  • Lee has also showcased his writing abilities on television and collaborative projects.

FAQs on Bobby Lee

When and where was Bobby Lee born?

Bobby Lee was born on September 18, 1971.

How did Bobby Lee start his career?

Bobby Lee began his career in the entertainment industry during his younger years.

Which show brought Bobby Lee recognition?

Bobby Lee gained recognition through his involvement in a well-known comedy program.

In which films has Bobby Lee appeared?

Bobby Lee has appeared in popular films, showcasing his talents on the big screen.

How would you describe Bobby Lee’s comedic style?

Bobby Lee’s comedic style is characterized by his unique approach and storytelling abilities.

Is Bobby Lee known for making guest appearances?

Yes, Bobby Lee has made guest appearances on various platforms.

Did Bobby Lee encounter any obstacles in his career?

Bobby Lee faced challenges on his path to success.

What topics does Bobby Lee’s comedy often explore?

Lee’s comedy covers a wide range of subjects and themes.

Does Lee have a loyal following?

Yes, Bobby Lee has a dedicated fan base that appreciates his work.

Has Bobby Lee demonstrated his creativity in other areas?

Yes, Bobby Lee has displayed his creativity through various projects and collaborations.


Bobby Lee is a highly regarded comedian, actor, and writer known for his enthusiastic and bold direction to comedy. Rising to reputation through his role on “MADtv,” he has captivated audiences with his unique style and memorable characters. With appearances in popular films and frequent guest spots on podcasts, Lee has expanded his influence beyond television.

He fearlessly tackles sensitive subjects with humor, drawing from his own experiences as a Korean-American. With a devoted fan base and a reputation for candid storytelling, Bobby Lee continues to leave a lasting impact on the comedy world and the entertainment industry as a whole.