Fabolous - Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationships, Career, Net Worth & More

Fabolous – Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationships, Career, Net Worth & More

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Who is Fabolous?

Fabolous, whose name is John David Jackson and he is an American rapper and hip-hop artist, was born on November 18, 1977, in Burro, New York. He started to be known in 1999, and has been a household name in the hip-hop community with his silky flow and clever words, featuring slighty odd yet childlike rhymes. Fabolous was one of those forces that propelled the East Coast music scene to get above the hegemony of the West in the mid-90s, and he played a crucial role in that process.

While his initial album “Ghetto Fabolous” was released in 2001, his career cemented with singles such as “Can’t Deny It” and “Young’n (Holla Back),” which proved to be the track that helped him navigate the music industry successfully as a mainstream hip-hop artist. He has put out a couple of hits albums -“Street Dreams” and “Real Talk” together with others which received great reviews for his lyrical technique and skill in storytelling.

Not just that, Fabolous is also remember for his hops street style sense with which urbon fashion lovers always seem like to be inspired by him. He has been in collaboration with various artists coming from different genres all over the years, which has made him remain worthy and vital more than ever in the rapidly changing music sphere. He uses a way of storytelling splashed with personal life experience in his songs and gives the music an authentic flavor which makes him a respected entity in the Hip Hop community.

Early Life of Fabolous

Fabolous, who is professionally known as John David Jackson, was born on November 18, 1977, in Brooklyn, New York, but due to the fact that he grew up in Bedford-Stuyvesant, he is proud to say that it is the reason for his path towards success. His upbringing in the tough yet fertile environment of Houston manifested itself as a great influence in molding his musical vision and his literary technique.

Fabolous, from early years, grew up being affected by the diversity of musical influences that he had a chance to witness, like for example hip-hop which appeared to dominate the horizon in his community. On the other hand, till high school didn’t make a efforts toward his career in music. He planned to commence a career as a high school sports star, but the pop appeal of the music industry and local rapper’s impact pushed him towards expressing himself as a rapper.


DJ Clue become the person who gave Fabolous the possibility to show off his talent since he saw Fabolous freestyling in a New York radio station’s studio. His talent captured Clue’s attention. This encounter fashioned him into a regular guest on DJ Clue mixtapes and also a featured artist of other artistes with long standing in the music industry.

Fosterings of these ties made him gain recognition in the hip-hop community and gave him leverage to releasing his debut album, “Ghetto Fabulous,” which instantly hit the mainstream with high ratings and sold over one million copies in 2001. This moment (the turning point) has seen the start of the fast growing and influential career that the rapper has in the music industry.

The Career of Fabolous

Fabolous’s career would soon flourish after the start of his freestyle video that he recorded with the aid of DJ Clue on the radio back in the 1990s. This meeting proved as a great gateway to his appearance on DJ son Clue’s mixtapes, which were milestone in building his initial reputation. Along with his collaborators, the duo has made history in the music industry in so many ways.

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One such instance was when Fabolous released his debut album “Ghetto Fabolous” which made it to the number four on the Billboard 200. Thanks to big hits like “Can’t Deny It” with Nate Dogg, this song was not only the album’s finest, but it became a kind of anthem that really made the early 2000s Hip-hop scene.

next came out with the last album so good he did. Fabolous has produced number of projects with great success. “Street Dreams” (2003) was followed by “Real Talk” in 2004. Each record became one of the establishment points of his passion for reality-based stories and party tracks, which touched the hearts of many. His ability to make the listeners hooked to his beats and stage his vocals excellently upon a glossy production was obvious during every release.


Fabolous acquired such a welcome fan base that he became quite fastidious about his music and has demonstrated his adaptability to changing trends in hip-hop throughout the years. In 2007 he released From Nothin’ to Somethin’, and in 2009 Loso’s Way that contained more important and descriptive developments, which climbed the Billboard 200 chart on the number one spot.

As well as studio albums, Fabolous garnered a lot of fame due to his various mixtape series, which included “The Soul Tape” and “Summertime Shootout”. These projects were praised because they brought his lyrical skills on display and their wearers could enjoy anecdotal depth as well as great authenticity in the lyrics which were a blend of soulful beats and sharp rhymes.

Personal Life of Fabolous

Fabolous having the name John David Jackson, has demonstrated his ability to resolve separations caused by the encountered controversies, and at the same time conserve unity in the family. He has long been in a relationship with Emily Bustamante, more commonly known as Emily B, a stylist and personality featured on the reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop: “They got here, they stayed and they made New York home.” The two beautiful children Jonah and Jonas born to the couple and Fabolous as Emily B’s ex-boyfriend is also the stepfather of Emily’s 15-year-old child, Taina.

Ups and downs, as Fabolous would put it, of his personal life have not deterred him from achieving the level of success he has reached at present. He has been involved in legal troubles such as a direct publicized domestic contest against Emily B in 2018 that included domestic violence charges. This matter was later “solved” when he entered a pre-trial intervention program to escape the looming possibility of being jailed.


Fabolous is also reputed for being the consistent attendee of all his fans’ meetings and his rapprochement with his own community (Brooklyn). He has taken part in different charity events and community programs as an endorsement of his dedication to being socially responsible and using his influence to foster change in society as a place where he was raised once. In that sense, family, regular drama, and involvement in the local community to some extent form himself off-stage features, and reflect at the same time both his own difficulties and gifts outside his music career.

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Physical Statistics of Fabolous

Height5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
WeightApproximately 174 lbs (79 kg)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Distinctive FeaturesOften seen wearing stylish hats and sunglasses
Physical Statistics of Fabolous

Net Worth of Fabolous

Fabulous, the American rapper/hip-hop artist, has an approximated wealth of about eight million dollars. It essentially comes with his success as a music industry entrepreneur that started at the beginning of this century. He has already been in the music industry for over twenty years – since 2003 he dropped his debut album “Ghetto Fabolous.” He has produced a number of excellent albums and hit singles that have helped make his wealth.

In addition to albums and digital streaming which constitute the primary sources of Fabolous’s income, there are many more sources. He has shot to stardom and made substantial wealth owing to his proceeds from touring, live performances, and collaborations with many other celebs. Boosting sales and advertising, and endorsements increase his money flows as their brand is similar to that of a fashionable and influential persona in the hip-hop-based society.

Aside from the music-related revenues, Fabolous studied further business opportunities such as designer fashion brands and television and films appearances, which made him richer. Showing himself in the entertainment industry ensured him to have steady income with no danger of losing his status through the patronage in rap and hip-hop world.

Interesting Facts about Fabolous

  • Stage Name Origin: Back in the days of Fabulous’ first shows, his name was spelled “Fabolous” rather than “Fabulous” just because it was a the flyer’s mistake for the show. He chose a short name and kept the unique spelling.
  • High School Athlete: From a young age that being more concerned about making it in the game of basketball than being part of the music components was what Fabolous had in mind. Along with him, the other rapper from their high school, Jadakiss, also attended the same school.
  • Discovered by Accident: Fabolous was discovered after one day’s time when he told his friend about going to a studio; the friend invited him to do that, and he ended up rapping live on air on DJ Clue’s radio show, which resulted in his signing to DJ Clue’s Desert Storm label.
  • Billboard Achievements: His first album, “Ghetto Fabolous”, which featured many subsequent albums, also charted on Billboard 200, with Loso’s Way making it to the top spot in 2009.
  • Fashion Icon: As is traceable, Fabolous is famous for having his own recognizable style and has been labeled as a fashion icon in the hip-hop world, affecting urban fashion trends and so much more, that he is usually noticed for his good sense of dressing at public functions.
  • Mixtape Success: Aside from his studio albums, the guy’s mixtapes, especially “The Soul Tape” and “Summertime Shootout” series, deserve the great credit of being definitely successful. They are highly appreciated by music critics for their originality and rich lyrical content.
  • Collaborations with R&B Artists: Fabolous is the most memo orable for working with R&B stars, and that is why his songs can be easily confused with rap music and soft melodies. Vocals pairs successfully with off the cuff instrumental on songs like “Tamia,” “Ashanti,” and “Ne-Yo”.
  • Acting Ventures: He has tried his hands in acting which earned him a role in Paramount Pictures hit movie ”Ice Age III” and “The Double Team”. He has also tried his hands in directing movies such as “Scary Movie 4” and the forthcoming ”Los Blancos”.
  • Philanthropy: Humbling himself, Fabolous is a man who comes down the street and is really involved in charities, especially Brooklyn, where he participated in food drives and educational initiatives to help the underprivileged communities in his own hometown.
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FAQs about Fabolous

Who is Fabolous?

Fabolous, born John David Jackson on November 18, 1977, is an American rapper and hip-hop artist known for his clever lyrics and smooth flow.

How did Fabolous get his start in music?

Fabolous was discovered by DJ Clue in the late 1990s after he was invited to rap live on Clue’s radio show. His impressive performance led to a record deal and his debut in the music industry.

What are some of Fabolous’s hit songs?

Some of his notable songs include “Can’t Deny It,” “Young’n (Holla Back),” “Breathe,” “Make Me Better,” and “Throw It in the Bag.”

Has Fabolous won any awards for his music?

While Fabolous has been nominated for several awards, including Grammy Awards, he has not won a Grammy. However, he has received other accolades in the music industry.

What is Fabolous known for besides music?

Beyond music, Fabolous is known for his sharp fashion sense and his involvement in various charitable activities, particularly in his hometown of Brooklyn.

Does Fabolous have any children?

Yes, Fabolous has two sons, Johan and Jonas, and is also a stepfather to his partner Emily B’s daughter, Taina.

What albums has Fabolous released?

Some of his albums include “Ghetto Fabolous,” “Street Dreams,” “Real Talk,” “From Nothin’ to Somethin’,” “Loso’s Way,” and more.

Has Fabolous appeared in any movies or TV shows?

Yes, Fabolous has made appearances in several films and television shows, including “Scary Movie 4” and on the reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”

What is Fabolous’s real name?

Fabolous’s real name is John David Jackson.

How has Fabolous contributed to his community?

Fabolous has been involved in numerous community service initiatives, including hosting charity basketball games and participating in food drives to help the less fortunate in his community.


Fabulous, known for the monicker John David Jackson in the real world, stands as one of the most respected rappers in the US and worldwide, being appreciated for his sparkling lyrical skills as well as his impeccable style of music that constantly mutates in order to fit the needs of each epoch.

The hype around him began even before his first official single, as he put his instant recognition to use to hit the charts with many songs intricately blending catchy hooks and complex rhymes, still capturing the spirit of NY urban culture. Along his journey, his style has been improving, showing his musical maturity in terms of his means of expression as well as his skills, as it can be detected in both his albums and mixtapes referred to as “The Soul Tape” and “Summertime Shootout” series, among many others.

He is also known for his outstanding dressing style, which is one of the factors that influence his records label. He is commonly seen in charity events that aim at improving the lives of the less privileged community members. His personal life, speaking of which, contains more than just its own challenges; it does, however, show that the character is resilient, and has prioritized his family. He then becomes the favorite of the audiences.

Last but not the least, through his music, lyrics, and fashion, Fabolous leaves behind a trope-laden legacy which is not only marked as an artistic power simply but also as a character influencing community figure and a style icon. The road to victory also demonstrates the indomitable nature of true artistic talent and the power it has to transcend the microphone’s playing and the world’s renown.