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Julio Iglesias – Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationships, Career, Net Worth & More

Julio Iglesias
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Who is Julio Iglesias?

Julio José Iglesias de la Cueva, better known as Julio Iglesias, (born 23 September 1943) is a Spanish musician, songwriter, and former professional footballer. Iglesias is widely regarded as the most commercially successful Spanish singer in the world, as well as one of the top record sellers in music history, having sold over 100 million records in 14 languages worldwide.

During his career, he is reported to have played in over 5,000 performances for over 60 million people across five continents. Iglesias was honored in the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame in April 2013.

Iglesias was honored in 1983 for having recorded songs in most languages in the world, and again in 2013 for being the Latin music artist with the most records sold in history. He was named China’s most popular overseas musician in April 2013 in Beijing. Iglesias is the most successful foreign record seller in Brazil, France, Italy, and elsewhere, but in his own Spain, he has sold the most records in history, with 23 million.

Early Life of Julio Iglesias

Iglesias was born in Madrid to Julio Iglesias Sr., a medical doctor from Ourense who became one of the youngest gynecologists in the country, and María del Rosario de la Cueva y Perignat. His paternal grandparents, Manuela Puga Noguerol and Ulpiano Iglesias Sarria, were of Galician ancestry. His maternal grandparents were José de la Cueva y Orejuela (1887–1955) and Dolores de Perignat y Ruiz de Benavides, who was a native of Guayama, Puerto Rico.

The name “Iglesias” translates as “churches”. Iglesias says that he is of Jewish ancestry on his maternal side and that his mother’s family name, “de la Cueva”, meaning literally “of the cave” and referring to Jewish people in hiding, is a common Jewish name. He has proclaimed himself Jewish “from the waist up”.

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Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias

He has said of those years, “I had more courage and attitude than talent”. While he was in the hospital after the accident, a nurse named Eladio Magdaleno gave him a guitar so that he could recover the dexterity of his hands. In learning to play, he discovered his musical talent. After his rehabilitation, Iglesias studied for three months at Bell Educational Trust’s Language School in Cambridge, England. After that, he returned to obtain his law degree at the Complutense University of Madrid.

The Career of Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias, a renowned artist hailing from Spain, has built an extraordinary musical career that has spanned numerous decades. His journey began in Madrid on September 23, 1943, where he initially pursued a different professional path before unforeseen circumstances redirected his focus toward the realm of music. A remarkable recovery period ignited Iglesias’ passion for singing and songwriting, propelling him toward widespread recognition.

Throughout the 1970s, Iglesias captivated audiences worldwide with his captivating performances and poignant ballads. His velvety vocals and magnetic stage presence forged an unbreakable bond with listeners, leading to unparalleled success. Demonstrating versatility, he released albums in various languages including Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese, thereby appealing to a diverse spectrum of admirers.

Iglesias has left an indelible mark on the music industry, having sold an astounding 300 million records across the globe. This achievement cements his status as one of the most triumphant musicians of his era. His timeless melodies, including “Hey,” “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before,” and “Crazy,” continue to resonate deeply with fans across generations.

Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias

Beyond his musical accomplishments, Iglesias has ventured into acting and embraced philanthropic endeavors. His multifaceted talents have graced both the big and small screens, showcasing his versatility as an entertainer. Additionally, he has established the Julio Iglesias Foundation, which diligently supports vital causes within the realms of education and healthcare.

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Physical Statistics of Julio Iglesias

Height6’2″ (1.88 m)
Weight190 lb (86 kg)
BirthdateSeptember 23, 1975
BirthplaceMadrid, Spain
Physical Stats

Personal Life of Julio Iglesias

Iglesias married Isabel Preysler, a Filipina television host, on January 29, 1971. Preysler was a Filipina of Spanish heritage who belonged to the affluent and aristocratic Pérez de Tagle family. Chábeli (born 3 September 1971), a socialite; Julio Jr. (born 25 February 1973), a singer; and Enrique (born 8 May 1975), an internationally successful singer-songwriter, actor, and record producer, were the couple’s three children. Iglesias and his family were frequently pictured on the front pages of foreign newspapers and publications in the 1970s. In 1979, the marriage terminated in divorce.

The mansion on the private Indian Creek Island, whose interior design was made by Virginia Sipl, was placed on the market in 2006 for a quoted $28 million, making it one of the “Ten Most Expensive Homes in the South” in 2006 according to Forbes magazine.

After his divorce, Iglesias resided with 22-year-old Dutch model Miranda Rijnsburger, whom he married on August 26, 2010, at a modest church in Marbella, Spain. Miguel Alejandro Iglesias (born 7 September 1997), Rodrigo Iglesias (born 3 April 1999), twins Cristina and Victoria Iglesias (born 1 May 2001), and Guillermo Iglesias (born 5 May 2007) were their children.

Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias

Net Worth of Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias is a Spanish singer and composer worth $600 million. Julio Iglesias is an instrumentalist who has recorded 80 albums and sold nearly 300 million manuscripts worldwide in 14 languages. It is also more than 2,600 gold and platinum-certified. He rose to dominance in the 70s and 80s and has successfully resumed traveling for over 40 years.

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Interesting Facts about Julio Iglesias

  • Julio Iglesias had a successful career in a popular sport before his musical journey.
  • He achieved a significant victory in a renowned song festival, boosting his musical career.
  • Iglesias is famously private and rarely shares details about his personal life.
  • He has showcased his versatility by recording songs in multiple languages.
  • Julio Iglesias holds a remarkable world record for album sales across different languages.
  • A life-altering car accident in 1983 tested his resilience and led to a challenging recovery.
  • He has collaborated with esteemed artists, enriching his musical repertoire.
  • As a parent, Iglesias has a sizable family, including notable individuals in the entertainment industry.
  • Iglesias’ artistic ventures extend beyond music, with appearances in films.
  • Despite stepping away from live performances, his music remains cherished by a global fan base.

FAQs about Julio Iglesias

When was Julio born?

Julio’s birthdate is September 23, 1943.

What did Iglesias do before his music career?

Iglesias pursued a different profession, excelling in a popular sport.

What significant event boosted Iglesias’ musical journey?

Julio experienced a breakthrough after achieving success in a renowned festival.

In how many languages has Julio recorded music?

Julio has showcased his versatility by recording songs in a remarkable number of languages.

How many records has Julio sold worldwide?

Julio holds an impressive record for global record sales.

Has Julio explored acting as well?

Julio has ventured beyond music and made appearances in films.

Who is Iglesias’ famous offspring?

Iglesias is the proud parent of well-known individuals in the entertainment industry.

Has Julio received recognition for his music?

Julio has garnered prestigious awards and accolades for his musical contributions.

Is Julio currently active in performing?

Julio has transitioned from his touring career but continues to be celebrated for his extensive body of work.


Julio Iglesias is one of the most popular Latin singers of the 70s and 80s.

He gained worldwide recognition by singing in a number of languages in his trademark style.  He has won a Grammy for Best Performance in Latin Pop for his album ‘Un Hombre Solo’ and has been honored by a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

As of July 2023, Julio Iglesias’ net worth is approximately $600 Million.