Poker Resources For Those Looking To Take Their Game To The Next Level

Poker Resources For Those Looking to Take Their Game to the Next Level

Poker Resources For Those Looking to Take Their Game to the Next Level
Poker Resources For Those Looking to Take Their Game to the Next Level Image Source: Science News

Poker has become a mainstream sport that is played by millions. In the U.S. alone over 60 million people play online poker. With so many people playing, becoming a successful poker player can be quite difficult. Poker is notoriously easy to learn and difficult to master. Becoming a good player requires a lot of dedication and time. While table experience is the best way to become a better player, doing some extensive “training” before you hit the felt can also be hugely beneficial and will help you take your game to the next level. Here are three resources you can make use of.

App – Poker Fighter

The poker app market has exploded in recent years as more players use mobile devices to play. The apps allow players to easily play multiple games on the move. Another advantage of poker apps is that they can provide other options that assist poker players. Poker Fighter is an online training app that allows players to play risk free games and get instant feedback from poker professionals. One such professional is Shai “GaborMarton” Zarr who made three final tables at the WSOP. By being able to play a game and get instant feedback on where you can improve, users of this app can easily upgrade their game to become more successful.

Book – Super System by Doyle Brunson

While many people are turning to the internet to improve their poker playing skills, there are many great books out there that provide detailed and insightful knowledge of the game.’s list of the best poker books puts Super System by “the Godfather of Poker” Doyle Brunson at number 1. The 1970’s book is one of the first ever on poker strategy and has inspired many top poker players. In the book, Brunsun explains the best times to make a move to win a hand. For example, while he says a player should always have a strong hand to bet, to call a raise it is best to do so only when you have a super strong hand. He also emphasizes the importance of an aspect of poker not normally covered: courage. He doesn’t just talk about the courage of going all in, but having the courage to let go of a hand even if a sizable amount has been bet. These skills led to Brunson becoming a two-time WSOP Main Event champion.

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Online Classes – MasterClass Daniel Negreanu

If you want to get inside the mind of one of the best poker players to have ever played the game, then Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass is for you. The MasterClass platform is a subscription learning platform where great minds and figures from different industries provide lessons and insights into their successIn an interview on, Negreanu outlined it was easier than ever to become a poker player due to the resources available. In Negreanu’s class, he goes beyond the basics and explains key concepts such as range. This involves predicting the range of hands an opponent might have and betting accordingly. He also teaches how to adjust your range depending on how an opponent plays. While this is an advanced strategy, for those who have been playing for a while and want to take their game to the next level, this advice will be invaluable.

If you are looking to become a better poker player we hope the above resources prove useful. For more casino and gaming articles do visit our Business section.

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