Five Common Entry Points For Bats To Invade Your Glen Burnie Home

Five Common Entry Points for Bats to Invade Your Glen Burnie Home

Bats are intelligent creatures that play an important role in the ecosystem. However, they also become a nuisance once they invade your house. If you believe there are bats in your house, you must address the problem right away and come up with a Glen Burnie Bat Removal strategy. Bats are disease carriers and their droppings can pose health risks. In addition, they can cause costly damage to the insulation and electrical wiring of your home. Bats can enter your home through the following:

Vents and Drains

The vents in your attic and dryer exhaust ports are especially vulnerable. You want these to be properly screened to prevent bats from crawling through them. also, drain pipes offer a perfect environment for bats to hide. Installing prevention screens can help prevent a bat infestation. 

Open Windows

Bats can fly through window gaps or tears, particularly at night when they have increased activity. During the hot months, you may want to leave your windows a bit open at night. Unfortunately, this makes it easy for bats to enter your house.

Rotting Siding

Damaged or rotting sidings give openings for baths to explore. Over time, your home’s siding will deteriorate due to weather and pests, offering great entry points for bats. You need to address any problems on time before bats invade your home. 

Under the Fascia

Small gaps under the roofline’s fascia boards are not easy to spot; however, they can offer an ideal entry point for bats. Damage from tree branches, weather, and wind can make the fascia vulnerable to the entry of unwanted guests. But bats can squeeze through unexpected places due to their size and flexibility.

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Bats can make their way into your house through the chimney that may not have proper caps. A lot of homes are not designed to prevent bat entry. Baby bats can wiggle into small spaces and your home is especially vulnerable to a bat infestation if it has an attic and chimney. You should have a chimney cap installed to prevent wildlife from entering your house through your chimney.

If you are dealing with rats in your house, contact a removal service immediately before the population becomes unmanageable. A professional bat removal service uses various techniques such as exclusion and one-way doors for safely and effectively eliminating bats from your house. Technicians have extensive training and experience in bat removal and they use humane and effective removal methods.