Seven Tips For Renovating Your Kids' Room

Seven tips for renovating your kids’ room

Seven tips for renovating your kids' room
Seven tips for renovating your kids' room

Who doesn’t want a happy kid? And one way to have happy kids is to give them a beautiful, fun, and magical personal space. 

Bedrooms are just as important to kids as adults! After all, you and the kids will spend much time there. Investing time to create a comfortable, practical, and fun room for your kids is worthwhile.

That sounds like a tricky one, isn’t it? You might have a princess to entertain who is obsessed with everything hot pink or a fiery superhero fan to please. You’re in for a challenge. Kids outgrow their passions and need in a jiffy! 

And the trick for cost-effective and long-lasting renovation is to strike a balance between the present must-haves and the future needs of kids. Remember, they have yet to grow into their personalities, and their rooms should have the potential to incorporate those changes without much ado! 

You are essentially looking to create a room your 5-year-old would love to go to, even as a 15-year-old! If you’re looking for tips to achieve that oh-so-perfect and scream-worthy space for your kids, you’re at the right place! 

Less is more! Always. 

Kids are clutter magnets and little hoarders! From the shells they collected on the beach to their drawings, it gets chaotic quickly! To add to it, kids need room to play! It would be best to de-clutter the room for open and organized space. Keep the furniture simple, functional, and, most importantly, to a minimum.

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Add Wall Art

No one likes boring walls. Especially the kids! A tip to revamp the walls is to buy stock images and decorate those bland walls into fun galleries for the kiddos. Choose modern and colorful frames for a happy place! You can also make mini collages complimenting the room’s theme or color palate.

Stock images are a great way to give life to the walls and can easily be switched when needed!

Also, image frames are a great way to add vibrant colors to the walls if you aren’t painting the room. 

Paint a Wall 

Painting a room is always the most convenient option for an upgrade and the easiest as well since you can do it all by yourself.  

But, if you’re not up for the whole room paint change, painting an accent wall will add much-needed color to the room. Accent walls open up the room and are a great place to hang those image frames you got! 

Or you can add geometric patterns, decals or scribble along the accent wall with your kiddo for a fun project. Make it the fun wall in the room, and let your kids’ imaginations run wild! 

Choosing the right wall is a must, though! It isn’t a rule set in stone, but the wall behind the bed is always a good option. You have endless choices for the color and the theme of the wall that you can coordinate with the sheets on the bed.   

Up for an adventure? Try recreating kids’ favorite paintings. Starry night, anyone? 

Storage is the Magic Word

Kids have a lot of things: seemingly endless boxes of toys, the tiniest legos, games, clothes, books, arts and crafts supplies, any leaf or a flower they liked in the garden, and the list goes on. With so much chaos around, it’s a tall order to keep the room tidy, isn’t it? 

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It’s a great idea to buy furniture with in-built storage space. Storage space under the bed, funky stools, or a bench with storage are a great help to keep things in their places. 

Bookshelves and sideboards in vibrant colors will add freshness to the décor and are a great way to store books and extra toys. 

Use those Corners

Kids spend a lot of home time in their rooms. They play, study, and sleep all in the same room. A great idea to keep things organized is to set play and work corners. It’s a great way to keep the kids organized and independent. Even without you, they will know where to find what!

Choose corners where kids can play and do their arts and crafts. You can decorate the wall behind or add a funky rug to freshen the corner. You can change a rug more easily than painting the whole wall! 

Since kids grow out of the play phase or get bored with the same setup, adding items that can easily be switched or revamped is best. Also, specify a corner for study and work. You can add a simple study table in a well-lit corner for a peaceful workspace. 

Plan for the calm too!

Kids need me time too! Dedicate one corner of the room for some calmer moments. You can create a cozy and well-lit reading den or a princess tent for dreamy storytime. 

Or you can choose a nook and create a secret getaway with well-placed cushions and lights. You can also add small and colorful bookshelves on the wall or the ground for easy access. 

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Make Room for Kids’ Choices

You can quickly turn the renovation project of the kids’ room into a positive bonding experience for the whole family. 

Ask your kids what they want in the room and try to incorporate their suggestions. This way, kids will feel connected to their new space and take ownership easily. And a sense of accomplishment is a bonus everyone wants the kids to have!


Revamping a room without spending a fortune can be tricky. Think practical and long-term. You have to be creative and decorate a room not only for the present but for the future too. Think practical. 

At the same time, it’s not always better to go big. You can tweak a few things to create the space your kids will love. Adding image frames, small decorative items, and color can breathe new life into your kids’ room. 

Above all, make the renovation fun and exciting and involve your kids in the project. Let creativity be your muse! Let us know if you have more tips to add to the list! We would love to hear your renovation story!

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