Tyrus - Wiki, Biography, Family, Career, Relationships, Net Worth & More

Tyrus – Wiki, Biography, Family, Career, Relationships, Net Worth & More

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Who is Tyrus?

Tyrus has multiple sides of his personality that make his influence strongly felt from the artistic world to the political scene and former background as an athlete. He was born on Feb 21, 1973, in Massachusetts, where he died as George Murdoch and chose the name Brodus Clay for his ring as a wrestler, since in his career he was recognized not only for his impressive stature but also his interesting personality.

Contrary to the way Tyrus is known on screen, he has proven to have other sides through his multiple interests. He shifted his career to acting which he pursued engaging in films and series, one of his most notable roles being as the bodyguard “Tyrees” in the highly regarded show “GLOW” (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling).

Nevertheless, Tyrus’s career covers the entire spectrum: from the wrestling ring to the commentators’ table, punditry and analysis make him one of the favorites of the U.S. public media. Obviously, he always appears on Fox News, as he deals with social, political and other issues the way he used to do before but with his usual sense of humor and forthrightness. The fact that Tyrus provides information in an interesting and intelligent manner makes him distinguishable. As a “landmark” figure who actively participates in the playing field as well as the media industry, he has built a large following and recognition.

On the whole, Tyrus is an engaging personality with combined entertaining aspect, intelligence feature and charismatic properties which remains long in the minds of any people and mediums of communication.

Early Life of Tyrus

Tyrus, who originally had the name George Murdoch and was born on February 21st, 1973 in Massachusetts, had to conquer his childhood issues albeit this difficult period in his life was also characterized by struggles and dreams. Having grown up in a single-mother family, he encountered hardship already at his young age, but the determination and ambition served to shape his character.

Although various problems were met by Ty, he still revealed the ability to play sport perfectly and he kept the passion for football which was the favorite and the favorite game throughout Tyrus generations. He did all these tirelessly and, to his credit, he was awarded scholarship in college at the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he hit technical heights and formed a winning spirit.


As a graduate, he veered into the pro wrestling world, which fascinated him due to its abilities to be a source of entertainment, and to offer a platform for competitions and narration. In the name of WWE Larger-than-life character “Brodus Clay”, He has gone on a journey through which he has reached the top level of the wrestling market and had people all over the world held with his bigger than life character.

Tyrus’s early formation of life made him a experienced person with tenancity and a high-reaching aspiration that would later influence all that he would do, especially the professional career he later engaged into as a wrestler, actor, and commentator.

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The Career of Tyrus

Tyrus, formerly known as George Murdoch, who was multi-sided and multifaceted, in combination with veteran wrestling, acting, and political comment, has left an indelible imprint on each industry that he touched.

His odyssey should start with professional wresting where he used the name Brodus Clay and went public in early 2000. Tyrus, being huge and charismatic, gained a massive audience both from fans and promoters. He worked for several companies, including WWE, in which he was cult team member for his “Funkasaurus” comic and very big character, which he represented by funky dance and larger-than-life persona. Whether it his career would see him lock horns with some of biggest names in the industry and firm up his status as a renowned wrestler in the squared circle.

Going from wrestling to acting Tyrus had proved to be good at both because he was featured in some of the small screen and silver screen appearances. He got his roles in movies like “Noone Lives” and “Last Call”, and on television, he was a prominent figure in “GLOW”, where he portrayed the character “Tyrus” a boisterous bodyguard acting with an expressionless face. The role was his debut into the world of acting thus showcasing his strong skills of being attracted to the audience with his on- screen persona and ability to adapt as a performer.


Besides being fully occupied with entertainment, Tyrus almost instantly became a major reference point in political commentary. He joined Fox News as a commentator to talk about many different topics including his one of a kind blend of wit, sincerity and practicality on their channel. Tyrus’s commentary usually emphasized on the controversial topics, and his revitalized style enraptured the audience and created the space for him to become a man of the reputation as a professional pundit.

By looking back at the whole spreader’s career, it is obvious that he is always prepared to face challenges and adapt his skills to new environments. He has excelled across several disciplines which is quite notable.

Personal Life of Tyrus

Being Tyrus, or the man born as George Murdoch on February 21, 1973, the one that stood out about him was his life’s experience that was filled with both professional success and personal struggles. Though a huge part of Tyrus’ public persona is related to his wrestling career, acting job and commentary style, he also has a number of personal issues.

Notwithstanding the achievements he has made in the arenas and media, Tyrus is honest enough to speak about his health battles and obesity issues, which he is actively pursuing a solution through weight loss and lifestyle changes. He has admitted not being ashamed of the need for fitness and self-care, drawing from his personal experience as an example to other people undergoing similar demands.

Apart from his career, Tyrus is a very private person when it comes to his privileged information. He rarely reveals those details even to the media. But he also has occasionally showed us some of his real life that is of him be away from the spotlight like his love for his kids and being a supportive father.

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However, relationship between Tyrus’s private life is a mixture of achievements and setbacks, what is being linked through his courage and determination in his public activities to his personal problems.

Physical Statistics of Tyrus

Height6 feet 7 inches (2.01 meters)
WeightApproximately 375 pounds (170 kilograms)
BuildMuscular and imposing
Body TypeHeavyweight
Hair ColorShaved bald (formerly dark brown)
Eye ColorBrown
Chest Size56 inches (142 centimeters)
Waist Size44 inches (112 centimeters)
Biceps Size20 inches (51 centimeters)
Physical Statistics of Tyrus

Net Worth of Tyrus

An artist who goes with the name Tyrus or George Murdoch or also Brodus Clay, has earned a great deal of wealth largely because of his constant career in wrestling, acting as well as politics. Though his exact dollars figures may vary due to multi-year earnings and investments, Tyrus’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere in the upper multi-million range.

What enabled him to become a millionaire was his income from his time competing as a pro wrestler, particularly his years with the WWE, where he became the memorable character of “Brodus Clay.” Moreover, his stints into acting projects, such as films and television series, and also his status as a political commentator on Fox Network can also contribute to increased money sources.

Through this means, business men, endorsements and investing as a whole, could be a factor in his wealth as a whole. Regarding this, Tyus has fluctuations with his income and expenditure of his business and he is widely known as a economical success in entertainment and media industries.

Interesting Facts about Tyrus

  • Early Career in Professional Football: Unlike many other wrestlers, Tyrus had no background in wrestling until he forayed into the arena by giving up his football career. He was fortunate enough to get a scholarship that enabled him to play football in college at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.
  • Wrestling Debut in WWE: Tyrus hit the WWE ring in 2006 under his ring name “G-Rilla,” and, in 2010, he opened “Brodus Clay” his next persona.
  • Funkasaurus Gimmick: Tyrus created his most impressive persona when he was Brodus Clay, the Funkasaurus. He evoked the glee of fans when he danced along nonchalantly and dressed strikingly colorful.
  • Transition to Acting: The transition from being a tour manager to acting did not scare him as he landed acting roles in movies and TV series, the most famous one being the character of “Tyrus” in the hit Netflix series “GLOW”.
  • Political Commentary: Tyrus is usually targeted for his aggressive political arm with a few public appearances onFox News taking his jokes and cutting edge stance on various socio-political issues,plus he has a short stature and is dark skinned.
  • Podcast Host: He owns and stars in the podcast called “Nuff Said with Tyrus” and he discusses all kinds of subjects that regarding politics, sports, and entertainment as well.
  • Author: Tyrus also wrote one of the autobiography for children, “The Adventures of Tyrus.” This book describes the life of a dinosaur Tyrus and his experiences through many obstacles that he overcomes finally realizing his goals.
  • Health and Fitness Advocate: The main topic of the video is active and fit lifestyle. Having gone through obesity, Tyrus talks about it and advocates for health and fitness. He is often on there telling others about what he does at the gym and what he believes can be done. He then also shares motivational messages on social media.
  • Military Service: Before getting the fame that he now enjoys from his wrestling contests, Tyrus served in the United States Army.
  • Charity Work: In addition to his experiences as a military vet, Tyrus has been responsible for numerous humanitarian efforts, including helping other military personnel and philanthropic efforts that related to health and fitness enhancement organizations.
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FAQs about Tyrus

What is Tyrus’s real name?

Tyrus’s real name is George Murdoch.

How tall is Tyrus?

Tyrus stands at 6 feet 7 inches tall (2.01 meters).

What is Tyrus famous for?

Tyrus gained fame as a professional wrestler in WWE, known for his personas such as “Brodus Clay” and “The Funkasaurus.” He’s also recognized for his acting roles and political commentary.

What movies or TV shows has Tyrus appeared in?

Tyrus has appeared in various films and television series, including “GLOW,” “No One Lives,” and “Last Call.”

Is Tyrus married?

Tyrus keeps his personal life private, and there’s limited information available about his marital status.

What is Tyrus’s podcast about?

Tyrus hosts a podcast called “Nuff Said with Tyrus,” where he discusses a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, and entertainment.

Has Tyrus written any books?

Yes, Tyrus authored a children’s book titled “The Adventures of Tyrus.”

Did Tyrus serve in the military?

Yes, before his wrestling career, Tyrus served in the United States Army.

What is Tyrus’s stance on health and fitness?

Tyrus has been open about his struggles with obesity and advocates for fitness and healthy living. He often shares workout tips and motivational messages on social media.

Where can I watch Tyrus’s political commentary?

Tyrus is a regular guest on Fox News, where he offers his insights on various socio-political issues. Additionally, clips of his commentary can be found on Fox News’ website and social media platforms.


Tyrus, Georges Murdoch’s birth name and former moniker, is one of the most rounded individuals whose full-ranging career has certainly made a huge impact in the world of professional wrestling, acting, as well as political commentary. Tyrus drew this line from early college football sessions to his days as a charismatic wrestler in the WWE. He has proved himself as an intelligent and a professional wrestler in recent times. He succeeded brilliantly in his comic characters “Brodus Clay”, “the Funkasaurus”, the crowd roared with laughter and later was acknowledged well in acting sphere.

Tyrus has popped up not only as an entertainer but as a notable host of different forums of a political commentary, where he provides intelligent and funny interpretations of the issue of day and social problems. His Fox New appearances have further blurred the line between just keeping it real and being able to deal with deal with facts in his act as a respected commentator.

Regardless of any personal issues, including the problems with obesity, Tyrus has kept an optimistic spirit, using his knowledge to encourage other people and to deliver the idea of health and wellness across vivid stories. He is either in the ring, in the set or behind the anchor role, and his contribution is impossible to challenge anywhere, as his legacy far exceeds the limits of fanfare and media.