9 Pieces Of Trucker Gear To Bring On The Road With You

9 Pieces of Trucker Gear To Bring on the Road With You

9 Pieces of Trucker Gear To Bring on the Road With You
9 Pieces of Trucker Gear To Bring on the Road With You
9 Pieces of Trucker Gear To Bring on the Road With You
9 Pieces of Trucker Gear To Bring on the Road With You

If you’re a trucker, you know your job has its ups and downs. One day you can be cruising down the highway to your next destination. The next, your vehicle can break down leaving you stranded.

To prevent this, it’s a good idea to have a few key trucker gear items on hand. Here are a few items to consider adding to your inventory so your job isn’t quite so stressful.

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1. GPS

GPS technology has revolutionized trucking and enabled drivers to be more efficient and productive. A GPS unit can be an invaluable tool when navigating unfamiliar roads, finding the shortest routes, and avoiding traffic delays. Having a GPS in the truck can provide drivers with the peace of mind they need when out on the road.

2. CB Radio

CB radios provide communication to other truckers. It gives an opportunity to:

  • make new connections
  • know the road restrictions
  • getting advice and support

Being properly equipped with the proper antenna and a compatible receiver allows for uninterrupted contact with other drivers and staying informed of changing road conditions.

3. Good Quality Tires

Good quality tires ensure you have a safe, smooth ride and that your trucker can withstand the rugged road conditions it may encounter. Having good quality tires on your truck means having the proper tread for better traction and stability, as well as the right size for maximum mileage and efficiency.

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4. Trucker Hats

Trucker hats are made of lightweight, breathable material, so they’re comfortable when you’re on open highways. They also feature adjustable snap and buckle closures so you can create the perfect fit. Trucker hats come in a variety of colors and styles so you can shop for trucker hats that best fit your style.

5. Portable Power Inverter

A portable power inverter helps truckers use their electronic devices such as:

  • laptops
  • cameras
  • mobile phones
  • GPS systems

The power inverter will convert the same type of DC power your vehicle battery runs off of into AC power, which is what you need to run your electronic devices.

6. Comfortable Bedding

Pillows, blankets, and sheets are must-have items. Choose lightweight, breathable materials such as cotton or micro-fleece. Quality sheets are resistant to wear and tear and are always a good investment.

7. Kitchen Supplies

Essential kitchen items such as a small stove, pots, pans, and utensils are necessary for any trucker who enjoys preparing meals while exploring the great outdoors. Furthermore, items like cutting boards, can openers, dish towels, and other small tools can help make meal preparation faster and more efficient.

8. First Aid Kit

A solo truck driver should always be prepared for an emergency or an unexpected situation and having a stocked first aid kit is an important part of that. The kit should include the basics like band-aids, adhesive tape, bandages, ointment, antibiotic wipes, and antiseptic solution.

9. Rain Gear

A good choice of rain gear for truckers should include a:

  • waterproof jacket
  • waterproof pants
  • boots
  • hat
  • gloves
  • hood
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These items will ensure you will stay dry from the rain and wind, even when traversing in the worst conditions.

Get All the Trucker Gear You Need

Are you a professional trucker? Then you need to check out a selection of trucker gear to keep your life on the road running smoothly. From apparel to beverage holders, find all the essentials. Don’t wait –– grab the trucker gear you need now and make life on the road that much easier!

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