Aldis Hodge - Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationships, Career, Net Worth & More

Aldis Hodge – Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationships, Career, Net Worth & More

Aldis Hodge
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Who is Aldis Hodge?

Aldis Hodge, born September 20, 1986, is a versatile American actor known for TV and film. His breakout role was Alec Hardison in “Leverage.” He gained recognition as MC Ren in “Straight Outta Compton” and continued with notable roles in “Hidden Figures” and “Clemency.” Upcoming, he’s set to play Hawkman in “Black Adam.” Hodge’s dedication and adaptability make him a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Early Life of Aldis Hodge

Aldis Hodge was born in 1986 in North Carolina. He is the son of a retired Marine Corps colonel and has two younger brothers who are also actors. Hodge began acting at a young age, appearing in school plays and local productions. He made his professional acting debut in 2002 on the Nickelodeon sitcom “All That.” He went on to appear in several other television shows, including “City of Angels,” “ER,” and “Boston Public.”

Aldis Hodge
Aldis Hodge

In 2006, Hodge made his feature film debut in the sports drama “Friday Night Lights.” He followed this up with supporting roles in films such as “Die Hard with a Vengeance” (2007) and “Red Dawn” (2012).

In 2013, Hodge landed his first major role in the TNT series “Leverage.” He played Alec Hardison, a hacker and con artist who helps a team of criminals steal from the rich and corrupt. “Leverage” ran for five seasons, and Hodge’s performance was widely praised.

The Career of Aldis Hodge

Aldis Hodge’s career trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing his extraordinary talent and adaptability across the realms of television and film.

He first gained widespread recognition through his portrayal of Alec Hardison in the TNT series “Leverage” (2008-2012). Hodge’s charismatic depiction of a tech-savvy con artist endeared him to fans and critics alike, firmly establishing him in the television landscape.

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In 2015, Hodge made a significant leap into the world of cinema with his role as MC Ren in “Straight Outta Compton.” This biographical drama chronicled the iconic rap group N.W.A., and Hodge’s performance was hailed for its authenticity and depth, earning him well-deserved acclaim.

Aldis Hodge
Aldis Hodge

His cinematic journey continued with impactful roles in films like “Hidden Figures” (2016), where he played Levi Jackson, and “Clemency” (2019), where he tackled the challenging character of a death row inmate. Hodge’s ability to convey complex emotions and narratives solidified his position as a versatile and respected actor in the film industry.

Looking ahead, Aldis Hodge’s career is poised for further elevation, with his portrayal of Hawkman in the much-anticipated DC superhero film “Black Adam” alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The casting has ignited fervent anticipation among fans, who eagerly await Hodge’s take on the iconic character.

What truly sets Aldis Hodge apart is his seamless transition between the mediums of television and film, underscored by his unwavering commitment to imbuing authenticity and depth into each of his roles. His dedication to his craft, coupled with his versatility, has firmly established him as an influential and respected figure in the world of entertainment. As his journey continues to ascend, Aldis Hodge’s career is a testament to the enduring power of talent and artistic exploration.

Personal Life of Aldis Hodge

Aldis Hodge, born on September 20, 1986, in North Carolina, is a talented actor who values his privacy when it comes to his personal life. While he is known for his notable career achievements, little is publicly known about his personal relationships and day-to-day life.

Coming from a family deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry, with his mother being a stage manager and his brother also an actor, Aldis Hodge’s upbringing was undoubtedly shaped by a creative and supportive environment.

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Beyond his acting career, Hodge has a fascinating passion for horology, the intricate craft of watchmaking. He has even demonstrated his craftsmanship by building watches, highlighting his meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. This unique hobby reflects a lesser-known facet of his life, one that adds to the complexity of his personality.

Aldis Hodge
Aldis Hodge

Moreover, Aldis Hodge has used his platform to advocate for social justice and equality. He has been vocal about important societal issues and actively participates in initiatives aimed at positive change within the entertainment industry.

In essence, while Aldis Hodge’s professional life is marked by notable achievements and versatile talent, his personal life remains largely shielded from the public eye, emphasizing his preference for privacy and a focus on meaningful advocacy work and unique hobbies outside of acting.

Physical Statistics of Aldis Hodge

Height 6′ 1″
Weight 185 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Build Athletic

Net Worth of Aldis Hodge

Aldis Hodge’s financial standing is estimated to be around $10 million. Hailing from Onslow County, North Carolina, Hodge initially pursued music, showcasing his talent with instruments like the violin and clarinet, a passion he still maintains. However, his family’s financial struggles, which included periods of homelessness, steered him towards an acting career in the mid-90s.

Moreover, Aldis Hodge ventured into commercials, music videos, and voiced characters in diverse projects, showcasing his versatility. In 2019, he embarked on a prominent role in the Showtime series “City on a Hill.”

Interesting Facts about Aldis Hodge

-Proficient in violin and clarinet, particularly skilled with the violin.
-Faced financial struggles and even experienced homelessness during his upbringing.
-Contributed his voice to projects, notably in “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.”
-Gained fame as Alec Hardison in “Leverage,” earning a devoted fan base.
-Hails from an entertainment-connected family, including a stage manager mother and actor brother.
-Enthusiastic horologist, with a penchant for crafting watches.
-Uses his platform for advocating social justice and participating in related initiatives.
-Has acted in a variety of genres, from “Straight Outta Compton” to “Clemency.”
-Set to portray Hawkman in the DC superhero film “Black Adam.”
-Enjoying a career spanning over two decades, showcasing versatility and dedication.

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FAQs about Aldis Hodge

Who’s Aldis Hodge?

Aldis Hodge is a renowned American actor celebrated for his work in TV and film.

Tell me about his background.

Born on September 20, 1986, in North Carolina, he grew up in an entertainment-connected family.

What’s his breakthrough role?

Aldis Hodge shot to fame as Alec Hardison in the TV series “Leverage.”

Any awards under his belt?

Indeed, he won acclaim and the Special Jury Award for Acting at the Sundance Film Festival for his role in “Clemency.”

What are his hobbies?

Apart from acting, Aldis Hodge is a passionate watchmaker and a skilled horologist. He’s also known for playing the violin.

Is he involved in social causes?

Yes, he’s an advocate for social justice and actively engages in initiatives aimed at positive change.

Tell me about his notable films.

His filmography includes hits like “Straight Outta Compton,” “Hidden Figures,” and “What Men Want.”

Any exciting upcoming projects?

Aldis Hodge is set to portray Hawkman in the DC superhero film “Black Adam.”

What’s his financial status?

As of my last update in September 2021, his estimated net worth was around $4 million.

How long has he been in the industry?

Aldis Hodge boasts a career spanning over two decades, highlighting his versatility and unwavering commitment as an actor.


In summary, Aldis Hodge is a remarkably versatile American actor whose profound impact resonates through both television and film. His extensive career, spanning well over two decades, showcases not only his exceptional talent but also his unwavering dedication to the art of acting.

Beyond his acting prowess, Aldis Hodge’s passions extend to horology, advocacy for social justice, and a resolute commitment to fostering positive change. His forthcoming role as Hawkman in “Black Adam” underscores his continued ascent in the entertainment industry. In conclusion, Aldis Hodge stands as a respected, multifaceted figure with a promising future in the realm of entertainment.