Catherine Reitman - Wiki, Biography, Family, Career, Relationships, Net Worth & More

Catherine Reitman – Wiki, Biography, Family, Career, Relationships, Net Worth & More

Catherine Reitman
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Who is Catherine Reitman?

Catherine Reitman is a person with a wealthy experience in the domain of entertainment. She hails from Los Angeles, California, and was born in 1981. Her father is a famous director named Ivan Reitman, who has left an influential mark in the film enterprise. Catherine Reitman has inscribed her own path and gained acclaim for her multifaceted talents.

One of her notable achievements is her involvement in a popular comedy series called “Workin’ Moms.” This series, which she played a vital role in creating, producing, and writing, circles around the spirit and challenges encountered by mothers in contemporary society. Her contributions to the show have garnered her acclaim and a loyal following.

Early Life of Catherine Reitman

Catherine Reitman’s early life is characterized by her upbringing in a city located in California, where she was born in the year 1981. She comes from a family with a strong connection to the world of entertainment, given her father’s involvement in filmmaking and her mother’s career as an actress. The exposure to the amusement industry was part and acreage of her formative years, significantly influencing her interests.

Catherine Reitman
Catherine Reitman

In the initial steps of her career, Catherine Reitman launched into acting, leveraging her family relationships and her talent to secure different roles in television and film. These early adventures played an essential role in building her foundation and setting the stage for her future actions. Ultimately, Catherine’s early life, marked by her family background and educational journey, has had a significant influence on her path in the world of entertainment.

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The Career of Catherine Reitman

Catherine Reitman’s career in the entertainment industry spans various roles and creative endeavours, making her a dynamic and influential figure. Born on April 28, 1981, in Los Angeles, California, her background is rooted in a family deeply entrenched in film and television. This background has profoundly shaped her journey.

Reitman initially ventured into acting, earning her stripes in a variety of television shows and films. These early roles helped establish her reputation as a skilled performer. Her appearances in well-known series like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Black-ish,” and the popular comedy “Superbad” provided valuable experience.

A defining moment in Catherine Reitman’s career came when she conceived the comedy series “Workin’ Moms.” In this project, she wore multiple hats, not just as the lead actress but also as the show’s creator, writer, and executive producer. “Workin’ Moms,” which made its debut in 2017, delves into the comical and often trying aspects of contemporary motherhood. The show garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated following, catapulting Reitman into the spotlight and showcasing her as a prominent industry figure.

Catherine Reitman
Catherine Reitman

Beyond her acting and creative roles, Reitman has expanded her horizons by stepping into directing and producing. Her versatility as a filmmaker underscores her ability to navigate seamlessly between on-screen and off-screen responsibilities. Her career underscores her dedication to exploring complex and relatable themes through storytelling.

Catherine Reitman’s journey in the entertainment industry has earned her accolades and recognition, solidifying her place as a gifted and influential Hollywood personality. Her work remains captivating and relevant to audiences, making her an inspirational figure for aspiring artists. Her career reflects her adaptability and commitment to the craft, reaffirming that her impact on the industry transcends her acting prowess.

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Personal Life of Catherine Reitman

Catherine Reitman’s personal life stays rather discreet, shielded from the spotlight’s curious eyes. Born in Los Angeles in 1981, her family’s deep-rooted ties to the amusement industry, thanks to her father, famed director Ivan Reitman, have left an everlasting mark on her personal and experienced journey.

In her private life, Catherine is married to Philip Sternberg, and together, they share the joys and challenges of parenthood and boosting two children. Her experiences as a mother have profoundly soft-soaped her creative work, notably in her series “Workin’ Moms,” which delves into the complexities of modern motherhood.

Physical Statistics of Catherine Reitman

Height 5’5″ (165 cm)
Weight 125 lbs (57 kg)
Bra Size 34B
Waist Size 25 inches (64 cm)
Hip Size 36 inches (91 cm)
Dress Size 4
Shoe Size 7
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue

Net Worth of Catherine Reitman

Her net worth is expected to be around $15 million.

Catherine Reitman
Catherine Reitman

Catherine Reitman has enjoyed a successful career in the entertainment field, primarily through her involvement in various television projects, including the creation of the acclaimed series “Workin’ Moms.” Her actress, writer, and producer work likely contributes to her financial stability.

Interesting Facts about Catherine Reitman

  • Hollywood legacy with a famous father
  • Versatile talent: actress, writer, producer, and director
  • Creator of “Workin’ Moms” series
  • Appeared in various TV shows and films
  • Graduated from USC
  • “Workin’ Moms” inspired by personal experiences
  • Critical acclaim for the series
  • Keeps personal life private
  • Mother of two
  • Recognized and influential in Hollywood

FAQs about Catherine Reitman

What is Catherine Reitman known for?

Where did Catherine Reitman get her start?

Reitman was born in Los Angeles, California, to director Ivan Reitman and actress Geneviève Robert.

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What is Catherine Reitman’s net worth?

Reitman’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Is Catherine Reitman married?

Reitman is married to Philip Sternberg, a Canadian actor and producer. They have two children together.

What are Catherine Reitman’s hobbies?

In her free time, Reitman enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, and playing sports. She is also a passionate advocate for working mothers.

What awards has Catherine Reitman won?

What is Catherine Reitman’s biggest challenge?

Reitman’s biggest challenge is balancing her work and family life.

What is Catherine Reitman’s most important message?

Reitman’s most important message is that it is possible to have it all.

What is Catherine Reitman’s most popular social media platform?

Reitman is most active on Instagram, where she has over 100,000 followers.

What is next for Catherine Reitman?

Reitman is currently working on the sixth season of Workin’ Moms. She is also developing several other projects, including a film adaptation of the series.


Catherine Reitman’s journey in the entertainment industry reflects a blend of Hollywood heritage and her own creative prowess. With a famous father, Ivan Reitman, a celebrated director, Catherine had a head start in her career. She’s not confined to one role but adeptly transitions between acting, writing, producing, and directing.

Her brainchild, “Workin’ Moms,” is a prime showcase of her storytelling ability. As its creator, writer, and star, Catherine explores the complexities of modern motherhood. The series earned her recognition and acclaim, further solidifying her place in the industry.

Her journey embodies a creative ascent, marked by dedication and the delicate handling of her personal life. Catherine Reitman’s work continues to captivate, and her influence in the entertainment realm remains profound.