Lance Bass - Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationships, Career, Net Worth & More

Lance Bass – Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationships, Career, Net Worth & More

Lance Bass
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Who is Lance Bass?

The second celebrity born on May 4, 1975 is Lance Bass an American personality known for his participation with the famous boy band *NSYNC. Emerging in the late 1990s, *NSYNC including Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone brought pop culture with hits such as “Bye Bye Bye” and “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

Besides his music career, Bass has ventured into other parts of the entertainment industry. To his credit as an actor is the fact that he has appeared on television shows including “7 th Heaven” and “Kim Possible.” As a friendly guy, Bass has also ventured into hosting letting him be part of programs like ‘’Dancing with the Stars” and ”Access Hollywood.“

Besides his activities in the field of entertainment Lance Bass is a LGBTQ+-right activist and he came out as gay in 2006. He has been very active in awareness and acceptance among the community since then. Bass reveres versatility, and he remains an icon in the world of entertainment who is not limited to his musical roots but contributes toward social causes.

Early Life of Lance Bass

Born on May 4, Laurel Mississippi Lance Bass had a southern childhood. Interest in music started at the moment when he was nurtured into a conservative Christian environment. However, his high school life was spent actively engaged in the local arts activities where he revealed not only a brilliant vocal range but also such natural stage appearances.

In the late 1980s, Bass auditioned for *NSYNC in Florida and won one of a few spots. This turning point opened the door to a meteoric rise in fame with bandmates Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone.

Lance Bass
Lance Bass

Despite the tornado of worldwide triumph with *NSYNC, Bass had to manage some personal obstacles. This journey led him to self-discovery; he came out in 2006, publicly gay. This confession not only shed another light on his multi- dimensional nature but also made him an ally of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Music, early performances and the struggle of finding personal truth would pave way for Lance Bass’s career which allowed him to transcend boundaries as a celebrity influencing discourses on identity and acceptance.

The Career of Lance Bass

Born on May 4,1979 is Lance Bass who has been able to build a varied career that showcases success in music, acting roles as well hosting gigs and even advocacy all of which are hard to define. As an outgrowth of his humble upbringing in Laurel, Mississippi Bass’s childhood was guided by a conservative Christian moral framework. A passion for music first showed up in high school as he performed actively on local shows, possessing the innate ability to sing and perform well.

In the early 1990s, Bass grab a transformative opportunity as she auditioned for *NSYNC, which was based in Florida. The band, which included Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone reached expanded heights internationally becoming the most successful pop group in late 190os dominating charts across the globe with hits that made them a cult favorite among many.

Lance Bass
Lance Bass

Simultaneously, to stage his music career, Bass became an actor and managed a large impact on TV series including “7th Heaven” as well as animated projects like Kim Possible. The progress of hosting demonstrated the energy presence in shows like Dancing with Stars Access Hollywood and others captured over further entertainment audiences.

Lastly, Lance Bass came out in 2006 and told the public that he was a gay man. This revelation not only enhanced his public image but also made him an important champion for LGBTQ+ rights. In his entire career, Bass has always used media content to increase public awareness and bring acceptance creating positive discussion of diversity and inclusion.

Outside of the public eye, Lance Bass has joined business pursuits including ventures into technology and a restaurant. This demonstrates his desire to become involved in other projects but leave them with a beneficial outcome.

Personal Life of Lance Bass

Lance Bass, who was born on May 4,1979 has had a private life which is noted by certain events and genuine self-discovery. Born in a conservative Christian environment within Mississippi, Bass rose to prominence as part of *NSYNC towards the close of 1990’s.

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Bass publicly declared his sexual orientation in 2006; a crucial act that represented a new stage of development in the public persona and confirmed status as an LGBTQ+ rights advocate. In 2014, he marked a defining personal achievement when he married artist and actor Michael Turchin in an event that received much coverage especially due to his happy aspects of life.

Lance Bass
Lance Bass

However, far away from Bass’s public profile and happy family life, he has ventured into business investing in technology developments as well the restaurant sector. Such a multifaceted approach underlines the dedication of this person to many activities outside traditional fame.

Striking a balance on authenticity in his personal identity, real relationships and faithfulness to the good cause of change Lance Bass became an exceptional figure both inside Hollywood ecosystem as well LGBTQ + advocacy standing for illustrating fascinating pattern beside him family.

Physical Statistics of Lance Bass

Height 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters)
Weight 150 pounds (68 kg)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Shoe Size US 9
Build Slim
Distinguishing features Dimple in chin

Net Worth of Lance Bass

Lance Bass is rumored to be worth around $22 million. The buildup of his fortune has been driven by many sources, such as the amazingly successful music career earned with *NSYNC in late 1990s that had mind-blowing sales for albums and tours.

Other endeavours Bass has pursued in life other than music, have been acting on TV shows such as “7th Heaven” and Kim Possible”, hosting various Tv programs like Dancing with the stars and Access Hollywood among others. In particular, Bass has engaged in entrepreneurship whereby her investments have encompassed the technology as well as restaurant sector thereby increasing his net worth.

Secondly, Lance Bass’s involvement in the LGBTQ+ movement has cemented him as a prominent figure within not only entertainment but also social activism.

Interesting Facts about Lance Bass

  • Part of *NSYNC in late ’90s
  • Born May 4, 1979, in Laurel, Mississippi
  • Conservative Christian upbringing
  • Diversified into tech and restaurants
  • Came out as gay in 2006
  • LGBTQ+ rights advocate
  • Acted in shows like “7th Heaven”
  • Hosted “Dancing with the Stars” and “Access Hollywood”
  • Married Michael Turchin in 2014
  • Entrepreneur with tech investments
  • Philanthropic involvement
  • Early passion for performance in high school
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FAQs about Lance Bass

Q: Why is Lance Bass famous?

A: Lance Bass gained recognition as part of a popular boy band in the late ’90s.

Q: Lance Bass birthdate?

A: Lance Bass was born on May 4, 1979.

Q: Lance Bass’s hometown?

A: Lance Bass is from Laurel, Mississippi, with a conservative upbringing.

Q: Any business ventures for Lance Bass?

A: Yes, Lance Bass has explored tech and restaurants with his interests.

Q: Lance Bass coming out year?

A: Lance Bass publicly shared his identity in 2006.

Q: TV appearances of Lance Bass?

A: Lance Bass acted in “7th Heaven” and hosted shows like “Dancing with the Stars.”

Q: Who is Lance Bass married to?

A: Lance Bass wed Michael Turchin in 2014.

Q: Involvement in charity for Lance Bass?

A: Yes, Lance Bass supports various causes.

Q: Lance Bass and LGBTQ+ advocacy?

A: Lance Bass actively supports LGBTQ+ rights.

Q: What sparked Lance Bass’s interest in performing?

A: Lance Bass’s performance interest began in high school.


Lance Bass, born on May 4, 1979, has crafted a multifaceted legacy as an entertainer and advocate, traversing diverse realms without succumbing to the confines of stereotypes. Emerging from a Southern Christian background, his early years provided a backdrop for a journey that transcended conventional norms.

As a member of *NSYNC, Bass contributed to the boy band’s success in the late ’90s, etching his name in the annals of pop culture. Beyond the spotlight, his public acknowledgement of being gay in 2006 underscored his courage and positioned him as a voice for LGBTQ+ rights.

Navigating acting, hosting, and entrepreneurial pursuits, including tech and restaurants, Lance Bass exemplifies adaptability. His marriage to Michael Turchin in 2014 marked a personal milestone amid public visibility.

The narrative of Lance Bass remains intricate, blending musical influence, advocacy, and a commitment to various ventures. A testament to resilience, his journey encapsulates the harmonious interplay of personal authenticity and professional success, leaving a lasting impact on entertainment and societal dialogues. As he continues to evolve, Lance Bass symbolizes the convergence of identity, accomplishment, and meaningful societal contributions.