Omari Hardwick - Wiki, Biography, Family, Career, Relationships, Net Worth & More

Omari Hardwick – Wiki, Biography, Family, Career, Relationships, Net Worth & More

Omari Hardwick
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Who is Omari Hardwick?

Omari Hardwick is an American artist celebrated for his dynamic contributions to the entertainment industry. Born on January 9, 1974, in Savannah, Georgia, Hardwick has established a remarkable reputation through his diverse talents.

He gained prominence for his portrayal of James “Ghost” St. Patrick in the acclaimed Starz series “Power” from 2014 to 2020. His exceptional acting skills in this role garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Before “Power,” Hardwick had made a significant impact in Hollywood, appearing in movies like “The A-Team” and “Kick-Ass,” showcasing his versatility across different genres. He’s also recognized for his work in independent cinema, with roles in films such as “Middle of Nowhere” and “Sorry to Bother You.”

Aside from acting, Omari Hardwick is a multifaceted artist, delving into poetry and spoken word performances. His unwavering commitment to his craft, combined with his magnetic presence on screen, solidifies his standing as a respected and talented figure in the industry. Omari Hardwick continues to captivate audiences and inspire aspiring artists worldwide with his artistic endeavors.

Early Life of Omari Hardwick

Omari Hardwick, born in Savannah, Georgia, on January 9, 1974, had a unique upbringing that profoundly influenced his life. Growing up in Decatur, Georgia, he developed a strong love for sports, especially football and basketball. Sadly, at the age of seven, his family faced a tragic loss with the passing of his father, which had a lasting impact on him.

Despite these challenges, Hardwick excelled academically and athletically at Marist School in Atlanta. During this period, he discovered his hidden talent for poetry and began exploring spoken word performances, a passion that later became a significant part of his artistic identity.

Omari Hardwick
Omari Hardwick

After high school, he pursued a football scholarship to the University of Georgia before transferring to the University of South Florida to earn a theater degree. These formative experiences, encompassing sports, academics, and the arts, laid the foundation for his journey from an aspiring talent to a celebrated actor and artist in the entertainment world. Omari Hardwick’s life story reflects resilience and an unwavering commitment to his craft, shaped by his early life experiences and passions.

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The Career of Omari Hardwick

Omari Hardwick’s career is a fascinating journey marked by his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to the entertainment industry. He has left an indelible mark on both television and film, establishing himself as a versatile and accomplished actor.

Hardwick’s breakthrough role came with his portrayal of James “Ghost” St. Patrick in the Starz series “Power,” which aired from 2014 to 2020. His depiction of a charismatic nightclub owner embroiled in criminal affairs not only resonated with audiences but also garnered critical acclaim. “Power” catapulted him into the limelight, and his portrayal of Ghost remains an iconic highlight of his career.

Prior to “Power,” Hardwick had already made significant strides in the industry. He graced the big screen in various films, including “The A-Team” (2010) and “Kick-Ass” (2010), showcasing his versatility in handling action-packed roles. Furthermore, he delved into the realm of independent cinema, featuring in projects such as “Middle of Nowhere” (2012) and “Sorry to Bother You” (2018), where he demonstrated his ability to excel in nuanced and artistic roles.

Omari Hardwick
Omari Hardwick

Beyond his acting prowess, Hardwick is also a gifted poet and spoken word artist. His poetry performances have graced numerous stages, infusing a unique depth into his craft as an actor.

Hardwick’s career extends to the theater, where he has received acclaim for his stage work, including roles in productions like August Wilson’s “Fences.” His dedication to his craft shines through in the diversity of roles he takes on and the passion he invests in each character.

It is likely that he continued to explore challenging and impactful roles, captivating audiences with his exceptional acting abilities. His journey from a promising talent to a revered and celebrated actor epitomizes his enduring passion for the art of storytelling and his ability to mesmerize viewers with his extraordinary talents.

Personal Life of Omari Hardwick

Omari Hardwick, renowned for his captivating performances on screen, guards his personal life with great discretion, keeping it shielded from the public eye. In 2012, he entered into a union with Jennifer Pfautch, and the couple has since welcomed two children into their lives. However, Omari has made a deliberate effort to maintain the privacy and intimacy of his family, rarely divulging details about them in interviews or on social media. This resolute commitment to shielding his loved ones from the scrutiny of the limelight underscores his profound devotion to family values.

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Beyond his personal life, Omari Hardwick possesses a deep-rooted passion for poetry and spoken word, which he seamlessly weaves into both his private and professional worlds. He frequently graces various events with his poetic performances, showcasing an artistic facet that transcends his acting career.

Omari Hardwick
Omari Hardwick

Furthermore, Hardwick actively engages in philanthropy, throwing his support behind causes centered on education and youth development. He utilizes his influential platform to raise awareness and contribute to charitable initiatives, signaling a sincere commitment to making a meaningful impact beyond the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

In essence, while Omari Hardwick’s personal life remains predominantly veiled from the public eye, his dedication to family, artistic expression, and philanthropic endeavors paints a multi-dimensional portrait of a man whose influence extends far beyond the roles he portrays on screen.

Physical Statistics of Omari Hardwick

Height 6′ 2″ (188 cm)
Weight 175-185 lbs (79-84 kg)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Chest 42 inches (107 cm)
Waist 32 inches (81 cm)
Biceps 16 inches (41 cm)
Shoe Size 11 US (44 EU)

Net Worth of Omari Hardwick

Omari Hardwick’s financial standing is a topic of curiosity for many, but specifics about his net worth often remain concealed from the public eye. Nonetheless, it’s widely estimated that Hardwick’s net worth ranged from $5 million to $6 million.

The primary source of his wealth undoubtedly stems from his flourishing acting career. Hardwick’s prominence skyrocketed with his role as James “Ghost” St. Patrick in the immensely popular TV series “Power,” which undoubtedly contributed significantly to his earnings.

Omari Hardwick
Omari Hardwick

Apart from his television success, Hardwick has ventured into the world of cinema, with roles in films like “The A-Team” and “Kick-Ass.” These endeavors, alongside potential income from endorsements and appearances, have undoubtedly bolstered his financial portfolio.

Interesting Facts about Omari Hardwick

  • Accomplished poet and spoken word artist
  • Initially pursued a football scholarship at the University of Georgia
  • Holds a degree in theater from the University of South Florida
  • Gained fame as James “Ghost” St. Patrick in “Power”
  • Keeps personal life private
  • Diverse film roles, from action to independent cinema
  • Supports education and youth development charities
  • Praised for his work in theater, including August Wilson’s plays
  • Devoted to fitness and shares workout tips
  • Received award nominations and critical acclaim for acting skills
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FAQs about Omari Hardwick

What is Omari Hardwick’s birthdate and place of birth?

Omari Hardwick was born on January 9, 1974, in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

What is Omari Hardwick’s most famous role?

He is best known for his role as James “Ghost” St. Patrick in the TV series “Power.”

Has Omari Hardwick won any awards for his acting?

Yes, he has received award nominations and critical acclaim for his performances.

Is Omari Hardwick involved in any philanthropic activities?

Yes, he actively supports charitable causes, particularly those related to education and youth development.

Did Omari Hardwick play sports in college?

Yes, he initially pursued a football scholarship at the University of Georgia.

What is Omari Hardwick’s educational background?

He holds a degree in theater from the University of South Florida.

Apart from acting, what other artistic talents does Omari have?

Omari is a talented poet and spoken word artist.

Is Omari Hardwick active on social media?

Yes, he engages with fans on social media and often shares fitness tips and insights into his life.

Has Omari Hardwick been involved in stage performances?

Yes, he has received acclaim for his work in theater, including roles in August Wilson’s plays.

Is Omari Hardwick known for his dedication to fitness?

Yes, he is known for his commitment to fitness and frequently shares workout routines and tips.


Omari Hardwick’s remarkable journey from his origins in Georgia to his current status as a prominent entertainment figure is a testament to his talent and unwavering dedication.

His pivotal role as James “Ghost” St. Patrick in “Power” catapulted him to stardom, earning him acclaim and recognition. Beyond this iconic character, Hardwick’s acting range is evident in his diverse filmography, spanning action-packed blockbusters and thought-provoking indie films.

What sets Hardwick apart is his hidden talent as a poet and spoken word artist, adding depth to his artistic repertoire. This facet of his creativity reveals a deeper passion for storytelling.

Hardwick’s commitment extends to philanthropic pursuits, particularly in education and youth development, exemplifying his desire to make a positive impact on society.

Despite his fame, Hardwick keeps his personal life guarded, emphasizing his respect for privacy. He also actively engages with his audience on social media, sharing insights into his fitness journey and daily life.

In essence, Omari Hardwick’s journey is one of artistic evolution and philanthropic devotion. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists and a reminder of the transformative power of dedication and talent in the entertainment industry.