Jermaine Jackson - Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationships, Career, Net Worth & More

Jermaine Jackson – Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationships, Career, Net Worth & More

Jermaine Jackson
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Who is Jermaine Jackson?

Jermaine Jackson is an American singer, bass guitarist, and bandmate of The Jackson 5 which, apart from him, includes his younger brother Michael Jackson. Having been born on 11th December 1954 in Gary, Indiana, Jermaine commenced his music career at a young age alongside his siblings and his father, Joe Jackson. The Jackson 5 became very popular during the last 1960s and the early 1970s with their hits “I Want You Back” and “ABC”, where Jermaine was manifested as a singer with superb vocals and thrilling stage appearance.

In 1975, Jermaine opted for a solo career and albums like “Jermaine”, and “Let’s Get Serious” made him moderately successful, but his voice and charisma ensured that he had faithful fans around the world. Music apart, Jermaine has embarked in numerous projects such as acting and productions. He notably starred in the film “The Jacksons: The miniseries “A Jerk and Also a Dream,” based on biographical events narrating his family’s rise to fame.

Jermaine’s musical imprint in the industry is undeniable by creating the Motown sound and inspiring a number of generations of artists. Despite the controversies his family has generated and the challenges it faces, Jermaine is a celebrity who will forever be remembered as a revered figure in pop culture, his talent, resilience and contribution to music history being the hallmarks of his fame.

Early Life of Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson, who is Jermaine’s brother, was born on 11th December 1954 in Gary, Indiana, USA, and grew up with seven other siblings. The first years of his life formed the background of a deep music awareness fueled by his father, Joe Jackson. Jermaine, together with his siblings, started the Jackson Five which eventually led to concerts locally, and then worldwide, where they produced classics such as the “I Want You Back” and “ABC”.

Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine Jackson

However, Jermaine’s history was not devoid of financial issues and racial hurdles which were usually the norm for the African American individuals at that time. However, his preference in music never changed and this ultimately hinged on his pursuit of excellence.

Ever since his childhood days, Jermaine’s music journey had begun in such a way that it ensures him an enduring legacy and his role as one of R&B/pop group’s greatest what he contributed to the group. His narrative serves as the proof of his resourcefulness, talent and family spirit in the time of trouble.

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The Career of Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson’s career became one of the tales, threads that existed throughout the tapestry of the pop music history, which spanned the era of the innovations, the collaboration, and the artistic exploration. Together, Jermaine and his little brother, Michael, became the backbone of the Jackson 5, despite the fact that they were young and that the 60s were before the era of Motown’s most successful.

With the collective triumph of the Jackson 5 as his backdrop, he set forth on a solo journey, creating a unique musical personage that connected with people worldwide. When he released his first album, “Jermaine,” which captured his vast vocal range and unique musical craft, it cleared the way for a sound debut stage.

Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine Jackson

The 1980s as well as the 1990s saw the fearless experiments of Jermaine in the journey of versatile artist as he explored a variety of genres and collaborations thus affording him the title of a multi-faceted artist. From the contagious beats of ” Let’s Get Serious” to the sentimental ballads that caught the world’s emotions, Jermaine Jackson’s song collection portrayed diversity and authenticity.

The realm of the recording studios was not the only place where Jermaine let his creative spirit run free. He also acted in films and television shows, showcasing his charm and acting abilities to define his character. Perhaps most notably, his portrayal of his own life in “The Jacksons: Through the film title, “An American Dream,” he accentuated the continued impact of his family’s musical lineage.

His personal life and professional career may have at times been chaotic, however, this does not dilute the resolve of Jermain Crump to keep improving. It is a proof of his resilience and the passion he has for his job.

In the ensemble of music masters, the name of Jermaine Jackson shines brightly as a lighthouse of inspiration and innovation, the significance of his works for our cultural mosaic becoming a historical example of the greatness of creativity and the immortal legacy of the human soul.

Personal Life of Jermaine Jackson

The entanglement of public visibility and private complexity in Jermaine Jackson’s personal life is also noticeable. His past features his marital relationships, notably Hazel Gordy. Resulting in children before their legal breakup. Jermaine later tied the knot with Halima Rashid and they already have a child.

Jermaine had to go through the family issues connected with his rise to fame and his own problems of the fame that include public viewing and personal failures such as legal cases and finances. And yet, he has proven that he is resilient; his music and his family keep his steadfastness.

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Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine Jackson

However, living in turbulent times, Jermaine’s experience serves as a textbook example of the intricate design of a human life filled with happiness and sorrow. His fidelity to his commitment and to his family remains intact even through the most difficult of times, which makes him strong enough to withstand life’s vagaries.

Ultimately, Jermaine Jackson’s autobiography goes beyond simplistic depictions, detecting the invisible tensions manifest in the combination of celebrity, family and personal growth.

Physical Statistics of Jermaine Jackson

Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight170 pounds
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe Size10.5
Physical Statistics of Jermaine Jackson

Net Worth of Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson’s net worth is a matter of conjecture that depends mainly on the nature and diversity of his career in music and business. Being a part of The Jackson 5, he gathered a lot of means, however, fluctuations in finance have been caused by legalities and industry dynamics.

Statistics yield inexact data, yet the net worth of Jermaine is estimated between millions to tens of millions dollars. Royalty income, music concerts, and investments make the biggest portion of his wealth. And besides music, his income has been supplemented through television shows, endorsements, and other ventures.

Despite hurdles, Jermaine’s continued contribution to his economic endeavors is what enables him financially. Yet, even his precise net worth is hard to ascertain because of the multi-layered financial structure and some private assets.

Interesting Facts about Jermaine Jackson

  • Early Musical Talent: Jermaine Jackson displayed remarkable musical aptitude from a young age, notably as a member of The Jackson 5.
  • Jackson Family Legacy: Jermaine is part of the renowned Jackson family, alongside siblings Michael and Janet, among others, shaping the music industry’s landscape.
  • Global Recognition: Achieving international acclaim with The Jackson 5, Jermaine contributed to numerous chart-topping hits that remain iconic worldwide.
  • Solo Career: Jermaine transitioned into a successful solo career post-Jackson 5, releasing albums that showcased his unique voice and musical flair.
  • Versatility: Beyond music, Jermaine explored various artistic realms, including acting and producing, demonstrating his multifaceted talent.
  • Cultural Impact: Jermaine played a pivotal role in breaking racial barriers in the music industry and popularizing Motown music globally.
  • Ambassadorship: Serving as a cultural ambassador, Jermaine fostered goodwill and understanding through his artistic endeavors.
  • Philanthropy: Jermaine has been actively involved in charitable initiatives, utilizing his platform to raise awareness and support important causes.
  • Strong Family Bonds: Despite the challenges of fame, Jermaine maintains close ties with his family, prioritizing their values and relationships.
  • Enduring Influence: Jermaine’s contributions to music and culture continue to inspire generations, leaving a lasting legacy in the entertainment industry.
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FAQs about Jermaine Jackson

Q: When was Jermaine Jackson born?

A: Jermaine Jackson was born on December 11, 1954.

Q: What is Jermaine Jackson’s full name?

A: Jermaine Jackson’s full name is Jermaine La Jaune Jackson.

Q: How many siblings does Jermaine Jackson have?

A: Jermaine Jackson has eight siblings, including Michael, Janet, and others.

Q: What instrument does Jermaine Jackson play?

A: Jermaine Jackson is primarily known for playing the bass guitar.

Q: What was the name of Jermaine Jackson’s band before going solo?

A: Jermaine Jackson was a member of The Jackson 5 before pursuing a solo career.

Q: How many solo albums has Jermaine Jackson released?

A: Jermaine Jackson has released a total of 14 solo albums throughout his career.

Q: Has Jermaine Jackson won any awards?

A: Yes, Jermaine Jackson has won several awards, including Grammy Awards with The Jackson 5.

Q: What is Jermaine Jackson’s most famous solo hit?

A: One of Jermaine Jackson’s most famous solo hits is “Let’s Get Serious.”

Q: Is Jermaine Jackson still active in the music industry?

A: Yes, Jermaine Jackson continues to be active in the music industry, occasionally releasing new music and performing.

Q: Does Jermaine Jackson have children?

A: Yes, Jermaine Jackson has children from his previous marriages, including sons and daughters.


Jermaine Jackson’s contribution to music is amazing and multifaceted, as well. From the beginning of his career with The Jackson 5 to his solo career he has consistently showed his talent and the range of styles he can deliver. Through all the challenges that include public watching and family problems Jermaine still holds strong to his inner calling.

Beyond music Jermaine’s role as a philanthropist and cultural diplomat equally infuses his personality with compassion and oneness. Legacy of his work motivate new talents and reminds us of the lasting impact of music, no matter how the borders change.

Jermaine’s artistic legacy serves as an enrichment to the lives of music lovers throughout the world. The unwavering strength of his art and the passion behind it remain relevant and will continue to reverberate, thus ensuring that his legacy will still be alive even when time has passed. Jermaine Jackson’s tale proves the ability of the music and the human spirit to change life for the better and bring back faith, imagination, and love despite any difficulties.