Things To Know About Electric Bikes

Things To Know About Electric Bikes

Things To Know About Electric Bikes
Things To Know About Electric Bikes

HOVSCO’s HovAlpha electric fat tire bike stands out as an exceptional offering in its field. Equipped with a 750W motor and integrated Samsung/LG battery capacity of 960Wh, its cadence sensor ensures more natural power delivery with less jumpiness.

The bike offers pedal assistance of up to 28mph, which can be tailored via its app to conform with local regulations. Other features include 7-speed shifting capability and hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors. If you are looking for ebikes near me, visit HOVSCO.

The Frame

HovAlpha is an affordable fat tire electric bike designed for off-road adventuring, equipped with a powerful rear hub motor and an 80-mile range 960Wh battery that offers effortless adventures. Additionally, this ride comes complete with a front suspension fork and features like torque sensors typically reserved for more expensive Ebikes.

This fat tire electric bike offers comfort-oriented features like a 7-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and an LED display to show speed; distance traveled, and battery level information. One of the more budget-friendly fat tire electric bikes designed for everyday use and capable of supporting up to 450 pounds, can operate in Class 2 or 3 modes reaching 20mph or 28mph speeds, respectively.

The Motor

HOVSCO recently unveiled their HovAlpha e-bike, one of their newest additions to their expanding line of electric assist bikes. Equipped with some unique features that allow it to stand out in an otherwise standard fat tire electric bike market.

The electric motor provides this bike with power and is capable of traversing both Class 2 (up to 20mph) and Class 3 terrain with ease. Equipped with a torque sensor for better power delivery and responsive pedaling.

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This powerful motor is coupled with an innovative Samsung/LG battery concealed within its frame for an integrated look and provides up to 80 miles of range for an enjoyable trail experience.

The Battery

HovAlpha comes equipped with an impressive 48V and 20Ah Samsung/LG battery with 960Wh capacity that’s seamlessly integrated into its frame, giving an incredible riding range of 60 to 80 miles using pure electric power alone – or more when using pedal assist!

Bafang’s powerful rear hub motor provides excellent levels of torque for effortless riding over all types of terrain, including sand, snow, and rocks.

The motor comes equipped with an impressive torque sensor to deliver just the right amount of assistance for both fun and exercise. Furthermore, you can take control of your ride via its built-in smart display, which pairs with an app for extra features and information. Braking is provided by hydraulic disc brakes equipped with 180-millimeter rotors.

The Pedal Assist

HovAlpha stands out amongst fat tire e-bikes with its powerful 750W hub motor and torque sensor, designed to monitor pedaling force and provide power when necessary – an advanced feature usually reserved for higher-end models.

This battery is integrated into its frame and offers up to 80 miles of range in assisted mode. A large LCD display sits atop of handlebars to display speed, assist level, range, and more. Braking is handled via hydraulic discs equipped with 180 mm rotors.

The Lights

Hovsco was established in 2019, making them one of the more recent e-bike brands on the market and quickly building an impressive yet cost-effective electric bike range: fat tire e-bikes, city bikes, eMTB and foldable models for easy transport and storage.

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HovAlpha is an affordable fat-tire bike featuring a powerful hub motor with gears for optimal power output and an over 80-mile range on either pure electric mode or pedal assist mode with its 960Wh battery pack. In addition, this bicycle comes equipped with an integral front light to ensure safe rides.

This bike features an intuitive color display that clearly displays your speed, battery charge, assist level, distance traveled and other vital details. Plus, its mobile app makes sharing journeys with others a snap!