Why Are Videos Trendsetters In Growth Strategy? 

Why Videos Are Inevitable In Your Growth Strategy

Why are Videos Trendsetters in Growth Strategy? 
Why are Videos Trendsetters in Growth Strategy? 

If there is one thing that marketers excel at, it is grabbing the audience’s attention, creating enduring connections, and increasing conversions. Whether through frequent posting or offering deals on the products/services in marketing campaigns.

As a marketer, if you have been implementing any of the strategies mentioned above to attract the audience without including videos, then you are doing it wrong.

Video content is on the rise. You cannot deny the fact that most viewers prefer visual content. Keep text posts in the forefront, experiment with video possibilities, and watch your analytics to monitor increased levels of engagement.

According to HubSpot, videos established themselves as one of the breakout trends in the marketing world. And this trend is only going to boom further.

But how do videos stand out, and how will they propel your brand growth? In this post, you will discover concrete explanations for why and how videos create the trends for your business expansion.

Videos Are The Evolution:

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Videos gain added views, consequently unlike static posts. Furthermore, videos add curiosity about your brand or product to the viewers.

Videos are here to stay as social media stories, Instagram reels, vlogs, vertical videos, AR&VR content, live videos and interactive videos, and in many other forms.

Undoubtedly, videos are the newest addition to your business promotional toolbox. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, you may be hesitant to incorporate videos in your growth strategy because they are time-consuming, and not anyone can make a video.

But that is not entirely true. Anyone can make a video online without core skills.

You may still have doubts—is it worth creating and using videos in growth strategy?

The answer is simple—Yes, it is worth it. Not because video has become a norm to use by every business, but because it is a profitable tool for your brand. 

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Here are the reasons why videos are a popular growth strategy.

Videos Bring Long-term Results:

Videos will not bring overnight results, but they bring stagnant results and growth to your brand. Sometimes your videos pop up on the explore page on Instagram and can trend for days or weeks.

This implies videos might not bring fast-paced results, but once it gets traction at the right time, the video shoots up and explodes like a rocket. That is why uploading at the right time is also crucial.

When your followers are more active using Instagram analytics and if you are starting with posts, experiment with posting different hours in a day because it ensures to attract new audiences.

Mobile Users Find Video Appealing:

A greater proportion of people utilize mobile devices for online shopping. People watch a lot of videos on these mobile devices, and over the past decade, mobile video views have climbed by approximately 200%. 

This means you get a larger audience for your brand, which converts to more customers.

Videos Help To Communicate:

Videos are a powerful tool for communication, especially when it comes to developing and implementing a growth strategy. Videos provide a visual representation of information, which makes it easier for people to understand and remember. You can create a video to showcase products and services in a more interactive and engaging way. This can help businesses to better communicate the benefits and value of their offerings to potential customers.

Videos Provide Capsule Sized Information:

In the era of Instagram reels and YouTube videos, where most marketing videos are only five minutes long, a brief piece of information from your brand has a higher chance of being viewed, making it a great marketing strategy.

Videos Evoke Personalized Storytelling:

With videos, you can communicate your brand message, hold viewers’ attention and amuse them all at once.

Thanks to intelligent video production creation, you can make a video online that is highly customized to each theme, form, and message.

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Videos Act As Repurposing Tool:

According to Pew Research, Facebook has nearly 1.7 billion users, including 69% of U.S. adults. Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide. And as per a study, Pinterest has over 431 active monthly users.

These statistics prove that repurposing content will only bring in more audiences from around the globe. You can repurpose your content on three leading video-dominant platforms and make the most of your marketing.

People jump over to the reels section first on Instagram. Facebook has a history of seeing videos being shared the most because they are easy to watch and digest. 

People on Pinterest nearly watch close to 1 billion videos a day, which is not much compared to Instagram and Facebook since there are different social media platforms, but it saw a huge rise in monthly users compared to the year 2021.

Videos Sell Fast Than Other Mediums:

Have you ever clicked on a long post only to leave it halfway through reading it, yet when you watch a video, you tend not to take a step back until the very end?

That is exactly what happens with other users as well. 

People will invest time in watching videos, as they include all other visual and auditory content. A video comprises either an intent, information, or a message in crisp with limitless images, infographics, and text. 

Other mediums cannot exhibit the same. This alone proves why video is taking over other mediums.

People would rather watch a long-form video than read, visualize and comprehend a long-form text all at once.

Video Spans Three Key Pillars:

For any marketer, the effectiveness of a marketing or growth campaign spans three key pillars:

  • Reach
  • Brand Impact
  • Sales Outcomes

Reach enables connectivity with audiences’ efficiency at scale. Brand affects awareness and favorability toward customers. Sales outcomes are associated with top-line growth and maximizing ROI.

Videos cover all three pillars and specialize in drawing the proper outcomes in the three pillar forms. For instance, YouTube grew by over 75% year over year, and well-informed brands are strengthening their marketing spread to maximize their marketing spending with these three key pillars.

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Videos Reach Wider Than TV:

In this digital era, there are people you cannot reach on TV. People find content online that makes them crave more of it. 

With brand content on the rise on online platforms, people have the content they are looking for.

In this video-viewing world, TV-only campaigns will not reach people who spend time online, so you need to go where these people are.

Videos Have Differentiating Factor:

Videos are the reasons people turn to social media platforms. Among video types, how-to videos are famous because how-to videos have the most engaging content that can answer needs. 

What can be a better job than showing what people want and answering their needs via videos?

Videos Are Authentic And Relevant:

Did you know that the Lego YouTube channel was crowned the most popular brand when it hit 11 billion views in 2020? Lego Brand consistently kept itself authentic by sharing highly engaging content which is highly relevant to its audience.

They did it by sharing a range of content, including tips from Lego designers, original episodes of Lego Star Wars, and DIY challenges that consistently attracted lakhs of views.

The End Note:

In an overloaded world of choice, you need to make a difference by being relevant and authentic. Video is the only approach to seize growth strategy. 

Videos are more than a branding tool; they are the complete package that achieves a growth campaign for a brand. If you are getting started, you can create video content for your brand with simple concepts, and people could use different perspectives on any subject you offer via videos.

It is just the beginning of the video revolution, and people have not seen the right amount of impact with videos, so there is still a chance for you to start with a bang!