Six Best Photography Accounts To Follow On Instagram 

Six Best Photography Accounts to Follow on Instagram 

Six Best Photography Accounts to Follow on Instagram 
Six Best Photography Accounts to Follow on Instagram 

You need not be a professional photographer to follow great photography accounts. Everyone likes a well-taken photo. Instagram has a great number of accounts that feature impeccable photography. And if you’re a new photographer, these accounts will serve as inspiration as well. While other businesses may have seen a dip in recent times, photography is on the rise. Whatever your niche is in photography, you can find your place and audience on Instagram. Some of the accounts on Instagram not only post amazing pictures but tips and tricks as well to help others in their journey. 

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However, here are some of the best photog raphy accounts on Instagram that you should follow, for pleasant photos on the timeline or for inspiration and information’s sake.

Steve McCurry (@stevemccurryofficial)

Steve McCurry is an American-born photographer. He’s also a travel documentarian and a journalist. He has worked at National Geographic for years, especially in the Asian region. With over 3.5 million followers on Instagram, he is one of the most respected travel photographers in the world. 

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He doesn’t only take amazing photos but also posts interesting content about them. He has visited a number of wildlife and national parks in the world. He posts historical and other facts about his photos. He is among the best nature photography accounts on Instagram.  

Dina Litovsky (@dina_litovsky)

Dina Litovsky is a Ukrainian-born, award-winning photographer. Her work was established in esteemed publications such as TIME, The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, and New Yorker. For her amazing documentary photography, she won Germany’s most prestigious award, Nannen Prize in 2020. Her work is praised for avoiding the obvious and sensational subject matter. 

Her photography is full of subtle and mundane content. Her newsletter is known as In The Flash- Adventures in the Unseen World Of Photography. She currently has 316k followers on Instagram. If you visit her profile, you will see lots of candid. She likes to capture moments that have a subtle touch of life in them.

Edie Sunday (@ediesunday)

If you’re into film photography, Edie Sunday is a must-follow. Her Instagram feed has a feeling of serenity that is very rare on the platform. The feeling that you get from beautiful imperfections oozing from her feed. This is why film photography is becoming so popular these days. 

The photos tell a complete story, a kind of happy accident that brought us all here. Edie’s content has cotton candy-like hues and lots of camera movements. Overall, her content is like taking a walk in a blissful dream. She has 88.3k followers on Instagram.

Monaris (@monaris_)

Paula Franui, known as Monaris can be hailed as one of the best street photographers on social media. At the moment, she has 376k followers on Instagram. She has a natural talent for engaging with the subjects of her photography and it is evident from her content. She has also mastered the art of taking pictures from a mirror or mirroring the image from a puddle. 

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This has allowed her to showcase her talent through multiple dimensions. This incredibly talented Puerto Rican photographer has learned how to manipulate light through mediums to get the best results. Her debut photography book came out in 2021 with the name Momentos.

Aran Goyoaga (@cannellevanile)

Based in Seattle, Washington, Aran Goyoaga is originally from Spain. She worked as a professional chef and later opted for food writing, styling, and photography. Her domain is foods that have a certain texture, make some shadows, and have an organic element to them. Her photography is in a way that doesn’t overshadow the main hero, food. 

For this, she prefers to choose a light background. Her favorite food type is capturing raw ingredients. According to her, having a craving for food and understanding what makes it interesting is essential for capturing a good food picture. She uses Canon5D for her published work.

Mark Seliger (@markseliger)

Mark Sliger is a photographer, director, and music lover. If you are looking for great photography on Instagram that comes with iconic captions, follow his account right away. His caption might be a bit long but they are always worth a read. The captions are about the magnificent portraits and are in a way that he is telling you about them in a relaxing coffee shop. 

He has his work published in publications like Vogue and Vanity Fair. His account is full of some amazing black-and-white portraits. Mark currently has 420k followers on Instagram.  


Photography is an amazing medium of communication. You can be a photographer or just simply someone who appreciates good photography. These amazing accounts and every picture posted on them are all telling a different story of people who are incredibly skilled and talented.

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